Oh My Venus Ep 9 Recap (and camping with the boys)

We start off a couple hours prior to Youngho’s collapse. He sits in his father’s office as the paperwork for the transferal of the company to Youngho’s name is drawn up. His father comments on Youngho’s full recovery and by comments I mean that he simply brings it up and says “Good work”. [High praise coming from him I suppose. Would it kill him to be happier about it?] His father then warns Youngho of all the eyes that are on him now and to watch his every action as he takes the position that his mother also held before him. Youngho agrees to everything and the papers are signed. A bit of emotion peeks through his father’s stone visage as he says that he can finally face his wife in heaven .Youngho doesn’t say anything but looks stricken.
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Oh My Venus Ep 8 Recap (and can I hug him too?)

We flashback to about 30 minutes earlier when Youngho sets off for a meeting with his new legal representative on his own. Too bad Chief Min already predicted Youngho would do so and has his fleet of cars assembled in fornt of Youngho’s garage. Youngho peevishly agrees to let Chief Min chauffeur him but insists that they take his car. These two are so cut honestly. During the drive Min reassures him that they’re only taking preventative legal measures in case word gets out. Youngho nods but is too busy rereading Jooeun’s texts from the previous night where she thanks him for all he’s done. He then sends her the messages we saw yesterday and she replies as she did then. He texts her once more to say that there’s something he has to tell her and to call her right after she’s done at work. This is the text Jooeun misses. Things play out as they did last episode with Jooeun hyperventilating and leaving, and Youngho following. She thinks back to all he said, about being as secretive as Batman, about having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and about how sharing a suite room with him was like traveling to outer space. Youngho tells her to calm down and tries to check her pulse but she shoves his hand away, saying that he really was out of her league. Soojin’s followed and tries to see what’s happening when Chief Min politely leads her away. I like him even more now.  Continue reading


Oh My Venus Ep 6 Recap (and swoony glances galore!)

Jooeun grumbles about the length of Youngho’s absence saying that he should just go and live with Anna Sue. She argues that she has pretty features too. We see some belly fat as she works out, proving she’s only lost face fat and that she’s still going to have some training to do. The rest of the scene plays out as we saw it yesterday. Youngho’s just delighted by her dimples.
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Oh My Venus Ep 5 Recap (and innuendo-filled jujitsu lessons)

Mr. Poinsettia leans in creepily, mentioning that he even brought the plant she liked so much. He indicates the plant on her table and Jooeun remembers asking Hyunwoo whether she’d put it. She pleads for her life, but Youngho dashes in just as Poinsettia’s about to get physical. He roughs up the weakling in 5 seconds flat and looks at a trembling Jooeun, asking if she’s alright and telling her to call the police. [This man, people. THIS MAN]

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Oh My Venus Ep 4 Recap (and why can’t So Jisub be my yoga instructor?)

We’ve flashback upon flashback in the first ten minutes of this show as a few gaps are filled in. We return to Jooeun before she exists Youngho’s car where he breaks the unwelcome news that she has hypothyroidism. Jooeun doesn’t bother with physicals and has no idea what he’s talking about until he explains that she can’t get stressed or overwork herself. It’s why she fainted on the plane and again today. Continue reading


Oh My Venus Ep 3 Recap (and I’m getting real tired of Wooshik)

Jooeun bursts through the doors of the hotel Youngho, Joonsung and Jiwoong are staying at, remembering her epic fall the last time she was there and remembering what her friend said on losing weight because you’re lonely or sad or both. The scene plays out as it did at the end of last week’s episode with Youngho saying that she has indeed found John Kim.
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