Descendants of the Sun Ep 5 Recap (and sudden farewells)

Shijin kisses Moyeon gently. She freezes and doesn’t respond, the wine bottle stilling precariously in her hands. He draws back and looks almost confused at his own impulsiveness before cupping her face tendering going in for another when..

she turns away. Shijin freezes as she awkwardly wishes him goodnight and departs with the wine bottle. Continue reading


Letters to Kdramas: Descendants of the Sun (and awesome male leads)

This letter will be super brief.

Dear Descendants of the Sun,

I get the hype. I wasn’t going to buy into it, but I love you. Please stay awesome until the end. And daaaamn Jin Gu, back at it again with that stoic frown. You gorgeous man.
I love shows that fully transport me into another world, and youare full-scale, gorgeously-shot military-medical-fantasy. So flipping wonderful. You’re a complete 180 from Heirs (except maaaybe in usage of OSTs), which delights me like crazy. No grabby males! I love what I’ve seen of all four leads, and I’m dying to see more. With Cheese having failed to show that pre-produced dramas are better for both viewers and actors, I’m hoping that you can serve as a counterexample. Stay awesome, show. Please stay awesome.
And a huge thank you to Kang Mooyeon for representing the inner self of every straight fangirl