Descendants of the Sun Ep 15 Recap (and miracles and tragedy)

Shijin smiles while listening to something on his phone when Moyeon shows up, announcing that he is cleared for discharge.

She rolls her eyes before answering that he often does. She wheels him outside, while musing at how beautiful the sky was in Urk. He asks if she wants to go back together, and scowls when she asks why, saying he’d better not return with someone else. She asks what he was listening to and he grins that it’s a favourite of his, offering her his headphones. Continue reading


Descendants of the Sun Ep 13 Recap (and life after Urk)

The doctors are greeted enthusiastically on their first day back at Haesung Hospital by everyone save Director Han Seokwon.

Sanghyun tries to suck up to Seokwon but is ignored in favour of Chihoon whom the director berates for not showing up on the first flight home. Chihoon, who’s over his crisis as a doctor, is back to his cheeky self.  Continue reading


Descendants of the Sun Ep 12 Recap (and the journey home)

Shijin drives off to Argus’s lair looking determined as hell, while Jin Gu fears that something bad’s happened. Myeongju opens her eyes to find Daeyoung standing by her beside. She smiles wanly and rises, assuring him that she’ll be fine now. He quietly says it’s a relief. Myeongju notices then that he’s outfitted in nondescript black gear and asks why he’s dressed that way.
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Descendants of the Sun Ep 11 Recap (and what it means to love)

Moyeon and Myeongju sigh at the number of diamonds they dug out of Jin Youngsu’s stomach. Moyeon humourously debates on taking one given that only the two of them know the exact number and Myeongju grins at that. Moyeon asks if she’s afraid of being diagnosed with the M3 illness and Myeongju reminds her that her only fear was being separated from Daeyoung. That’s precisely when the man himself comes storming into the operating room and pulls Myeongju into a hug.

She wonders if he’s insane for an instant before realizing the truth. Shijin exchanges glances with Moyeon.
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Descendants of the Sun Ep 9 Recap (and changes in relationships)

Moyeon’s strolling about the camp when she freezes at hearing her own voice on the loudspeakers.

She dashes off in horror and embarrassment while the hospital staff giggle and the patients wonder at what’s going on, with a sobbing woman’s voice being broadcasted in the Medicube. Shijin grins at Mooyeon’s sobbing pleas to come save her.  Continue reading


Descendants of the Sun Ep 8 Recap (and an ever-growing bond)

Moyeon doesn’t respond after Shijin confesses that he’s serious. He waits for a few moments before ruefully sighing and getting to his feet. He asks her to rest a bit; he’d walk her back but he has to report back for a briefing.

She says he has to make one. He doesn’t ask, but talks her there and listens to the brief while watching her stare at the phone and hesitate repeatedly. Continue reading