Cheese in the Trap Ep 16 Finale Review (and the 7 things I hate about it)

And the finale is here at last, and for the first time ever I ended up skipping through a lot of it. It pained me to do so given how much I’d enjoyed Cheese but the last thing I wanted was to watch the same old conflicts play out in the same way (a love story is about the journey! But I’ve seen this journey a dozen times! In better ways and with better integration into the plot!). I wanted to skip the random melodrama and focus on the good parts. Only…there weren’t many good parts about this episode. To be frank the whole thing leaves me with a very bitter taste in my mouth. So I’m just going to list the seven things I hated about this finale and why even the few good parts were frustrating. Because all I had to say after watching this was…
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 15 Review (and Jung’s dad is a piece of work)

I am watching Cheese in the Trap right? Not a reverse gender version of Oh My Venus or the gazillion dramas that’ve gone before it, using the same damn plotlines over and over. The latter half of today’s episode was so formulaic I could scream at the injustice of it all, given how brilliantly Cheese started. And unfortunately, tomorrow’s episode promises to be more of the ‘same old’. Seol fighting for her life, chaebol parent disapproves of commoner daughter, Seol’s parents will blame Jung, Jung breaks up with Seol ‘for her own good’. And worse, tvN’s promised us a lovely timeskip for the ending. I can’t even. But let’s focus on the good? Because there were some redeeming parts of today’s episode. Inho is thankfully relegated back to his actual role as a supporting character!!
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Seo Kangjoon for Grazia and Ceci (and the other half of the Cheese mess)

And we’ve the other side of the coin with Seo Kangjoon, who’s being pulled deeper into netizen conspiracies about sponsors and the like. I’m keeping an open mind on all fronts but the two prevailing theories are that Seo Kangjoon just got the wrong end of the stick because the PD’s mental, or that he has a sponsor who pressured the PD and production company (mighty powerful sponsor then) to switching Haejin’s scenes for his, and essentially used Park Haejin’s name to get the drama out there, and then cut him off to propel Seo Kangjoon to fame. Whew! Park Haejin’s getting the lion’s share of public sympathy though so the sooner this gets clarified (especially with Seo Kangjoon just having been cast for another drama) the better it is for all parties.
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 14 Review (and this is the show I loved)

Shortest review ever.  I don’t even know why I’m not just leaving this as a comment on netizenbuzz instead but maybe it’s because I can’t use screencaps there. Show got better again, though we could still do with a less Inho (though I do love the boy to pieces).
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 13 Review (and deflating cheese?)

Seo Kangjoon is gorgeous, and Cheese seems to want to emphasize that fact, repeatedly. Which I’m totally oay with. The number of screenshots I’ve saved of his face are second to only my collection of Shin Segi. Just look at that perfection!
That being said, I must admit some confusion as to where the plotline is going. It was easy enough to ignore for the past few episodes because Seol and Jung still had a lot to solve, but now that their conflict’s over for the most part, it’s blatantly obvious that Inho and Seol split each episode. Today, in particular, felt more like a day in the life of Inho. It’s problematic as hell (because he isn’t the lead and the scriptwriter doesn’t seem to get that) but what’s surprising is how affecting it is. Continue reading


Cheese in the Trap Ep 12 Review (and the past is finally in the open)

Cheese in the Trap has never made better use of the unreliable narrator that it did in today’s episode. I was so disgusted with Jung by the end of Inho’s flashback that I wondered how on earth I was supposed to watch the rest of the show, unless they decided to pull a lead switcheroo on us. Thankfully, the last ten minutes of the episode saved the show, Jung’s character and his relationship with Seol.
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 11 Review (and down goes Young Gon)

Trust Cheese in the Trap to open strong after a two-week hiatus, Young Gon’s downfall was incredibly satisfying as was Seol’s part in it. I winced so hard when Inha sent that picture of her with Jung three weeks ago and it’s testament to the show’s great writing and it doesn’t feel out of the blue for Seol to barrage in and take charge of the situation. Yet, one villain down doesn’t mean that there’s no more conflict left for Cheese to explore. It’s even more about the relationships than ever, and Seol and Yoo Jung keep taking one step forward and two steps back.

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