Remember: Son's War

Remember : Son’s War Ep 8 Recap (and a Healer-esque Jinwoo)

(This drama is shaping up to be a bit Healer-like isn’t it? That first scene of In Ah finding Jinwoo going incognito threw me straight back to Jung Hoo and Young Shin) [Screencap error fixed, I will never understand photobucket]

In Ah exits the hidden chamber just as Dongho enters the office. He’s mildly amused at findind her here of all places and asks her where Jinwoo is. He’s aware that she cares for Jinwoo and sympathetic to his plight but warns her being here doesn’t looking good, with her being a prosecutor. In Ah disagrees with his assessment, she’s here precisely because she’s a prosectuor, to find those who framed Jinwoo. Dongho has an interest in Jinwoo being found as well seeing as he hasn’t forgotten about his contract. In Ah’s voice turns to steel as she warns Dongho that she isn’t falling for that again.
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Remember: Son's War

Recapping Remember (and Cheese in the Trap switcheroo)

I’m enjoying Cheese in the Trap but two things have forced me to cut off recapping earlier than expected: a change in class hours, and Yoo Seungho. I’ll be recapping Remember: Son’s War from now on, in addition to one of the following two dramas: One More Happy Ending and Madame Antoine. Two’s the limit this semester (I wish I could do more!) I’m super sorry for the switch but I will be getting the recaps out as fast as ever (9-11pm EST)and I hope that I’ll see many readers over there! Spread the Yoo Seungho & Park Minyoung love!