Remember : Son’s War Ep 19 Recap (and no more guilt)

In Ah introduces herself as the prosecutor in charge of Gyuman’s case. Moosuk demands answers from Tak Youngjin who smirks and says that they were the ones who wanted him to switch prosecutors. Nam Il Ho’s surprisingly slow as he continues to ask Youngjin just what the meaning of this is. In Ah answers.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 18 Recap (and the beginning of the end)

We begin at the trial with Jinwoo stammering that Dongho didn’t kill Oh Jungah. Seokgyu gives him a long searching look while Jinwoo stares blankly about him. He announces that the court is adjourned and Jinwoo comes back to reality, leaning against his desk while In Ah cries and Dongho stares.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 17 Recap (and from past to present)

(Apologies for missing the ep 16 recap last week, I was swamped with coursework đŸ˜¦ )
We begin with Donghogoing through paperwork in his office when he gets a call. Sangho informs him of Seok Joo Il’s critical condition.

He drops everything and rushes out. A second after his door swings shut, Joo Il’s would-be killer slinks in with the murder weapon and plants it in Dongho’s office (oh shit). Continue reading


Remember: Son’s War Ep 14 Recap (and a question of loyalty)

In Ah hugs Jinwoo and weeps while he just stands there looking confused, unsure of whether to hug her back. (What I thought was awareness of the situation returning, yesterday, was just his awkwardness). He stays at his former house, still wondering what’s going on, while In Ah returns to the office and asks Lawyer Yeon for the truth.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 13 Recap (and nothing more to hide)

In Ah stares wordlessly as Nam Gyuman enters. He notes the detailed web on the wall and compliments her on the fine ‘decorations’

He muses that he was put off by the fact that he could see Jinwoo’s practice from his company, and had finally realized the reason for that. In Ah confirms that he is Jinwoo’s only goal. Gyuman wonders if they really think that a video like that (where he was beating up ex-detective Kwak) can hurt him. In Ah scornfully says that it’s indeed nothing compared to his video confession of Oh Jungah’s murder. Gyuman raises a hand to strike her. Continue reading