Remember : Son’s War Ep 11 Recap (and like father like son)

(I know I said I didn’t have time, and frankly I’m not sure I do, but I couldn’t resist checking out the episode and the first few minutes convinced me to recap.  The wonderful hard-working subbers at Viki are still subbing One More Happy Ending and I’ll be getting out a recap as soon as they’re done! Because my Korean gets my through variety shows and ~40% of drama dialogue but I usually need help with first episodes :P]

Jinwoo stands in front of the urn containing his father’s ashes and vows that he will prove Jaehyuk’s innocence, asking him to watch over him.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 10 Recap (and I’m too numb to think)

Prosecutor Choi Jinkyung catches up with Dongho as he leaves the courtroom, saying that things ended faster than she expected. Dongho plays the collapse up to Jinwoo’s nervousness but tells her not to underestimate him as he’s been fighting these past four years. The wording gives her pause and she asks him if he wants Jinwoo to win this trial. She tells him to hurry up and choose a side instead of wandering between them or all his effort will have been for naught.  Meanwhile, In Ah, Lawyer Song and Yoon stand worriedly over Jinwoo’s hospital bed.

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Remember : Son’s War Ep 9 Recap (and forks in roads less taken)

In Ah gets brained by the real killer prior to revealing that she’s at Saerim-dong 33 and falls unconscious. Jinwoo’s not too far at Saerim-dong 17 but has no idea where she is in order to proceed. Dongho gets off in the neighbourhood and fails to notice Jinwoo, taking a different fork in the road. (This feels strangely symbolic)
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 8 Recap (and a Healer-esque Jinwoo)

(This drama is shaping up to be a bit Healer-like isn’t it? That first scene of In Ah finding Jinwoo going incognito threw me straight back to Jung Hoo and Young Shin) [Screencap error fixed, I will never understand photobucket]

In Ah exits the hidden chamber just as Dongho enters the office. He’s mildly amused at findind her here of all places and asks her where Jinwoo is. He’s aware that she cares for Jinwoo and sympathetic to his plight but warns her being here doesn’t looking good, with her being a prosecutor. In Ah disagrees with his assessment, she’s here precisely because she’s a prosectuor, to find those who framed Jinwoo. Dongho has an interest in Jinwoo being found as well seeing as he hasn’t forgotten about his contract. In Ah’s voice turns to steel as she warns Dongho that she isn’t falling for that again.
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Recapping Remember (and Cheese in the Trap switcheroo)

I’m enjoying Cheese in the Trap but two things have forced me to cut off recapping earlier than expected: a change in class hours, and Yoo Seungho. I’ll be recapping Remember: Son’s War from now on, in addition to one of the following two dramas: One More Happy Ending and Madame Antoine. Two’s the limit this semester (I wish I could do more!) I’m super sorry for the switch but I will be getting the recaps out as fast as ever (9-11pm EST)and I hope that I’ll see many readers over there! Spread the Yoo Seungho & Park Minyoung love!


Remember: Son’s War Ep 1 Review (and that was brilliant)

Alternately chilling and wrathful, Remember looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride. It reminded me a bit of a mashup of Pride and Prejudice, I Hear Your Voice (the K-drama) and I Remember You, which is fan-freaking-tastic because those the latter two are among my favourite dramas of all time. All our leads are introduced in this episode, which is pretty surprising as most shows usually take a few episodes to introduce everyone, which means that this show’s either going to be very tight ot will succumb to an inevitable drag later. But we’ve a brilliant host of characters so far and I am so pumped to see where this is going to go.  Continue reading


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