2016 SBS Drama Awards Recap and Translation

Onto the final two drama ceremonies of the year! The red carpet MCs were Boom and Jung Chaeyon of IOI fame, while the MCs on stage were Lee Hwi Jae, Minah from Girls’ Day, and Jang Geunsuk.

[Note: I will be focusing on translating the interviews and speeches for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim for the most part, because I adore that show and I’m out of time at the moment. UPDATE: Yoo Yeonsuk and Seo Hyunjin’s table interview has been translated. I’ve also covered Moon Lovers and some Jealousy Incarnate interviews. If there’s someone whose speech you want me to translate, shoot me a comment below! Also I can’t catch the name of every staff/PD/person they thank so I’ll just list them by their titles 🙂 ]
Sadly, there wasn’t much of a focus on red carpet interviews. Some stars merely said a few sentences. Park Sungwoong hoped Jo Jungseok would sin the Daesang. Namgoong Min gave a shout out to his Beautiful Gongshim co-star (and MC of the night) Minah saying that he’ll be looking forward to their MCing. Seohyun and Jun Hyosung danced about on the red carpet. Yoo Seungho gave a smolder on the red carpet and Lee Minho shot finger hearts everywhere.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 19 Recap (and no more guilt)

In Ah introduces herself as the prosecutor in charge of Gyuman’s case. Moosuk demands answers from Tak Youngjin who smirks and says that they were the ones who wanted him to switch prosecutors. Nam Il Ho’s surprisingly slow as he continues to ask Youngjin just what the meaning of this is. In Ah answers.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 18 Recap (and the beginning of the end)

We begin at the trial with Jinwoo stammering that Dongho didn’t kill Oh Jungah. Seokgyu gives him a long searching look while Jinwoo stares blankly about him. He announces that the court is adjourned and Jinwoo comes back to reality, leaning against his desk while In Ah cries and Dongho stares.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 17 Recap (and from past to present)

(Apologies for missing the ep 16 recap last week, I was swamped with coursework 😦 )
We begin with Donghogoing through paperwork in his office when he gets a call. Sangho informs him of Seok Joo Il’s critical condition.

He drops everything and rushes out. A second after his door swings shut, Joo Il’s would-be killer slinks in with the murder weapon and plants it in Dongho’s office (oh shit). Continue reading


Remember: Son’s War Ep 14 Recap (and a question of loyalty)

In Ah hugs Jinwoo and weeps while he just stands there looking confused, unsure of whether to hug her back. (What I thought was awareness of the situation returning, yesterday, was just his awkwardness). He stays at his former house, still wondering what’s going on, while In Ah returns to the office and asks Lawyer Yeon for the truth.
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