First thoughts on Pinocchio

Managing to pull myself away from Liar Game’s engrossing beauty, I decided to explore Pinocchio’s urban fantasy world. It was almost a preparation of sorts for Liar Game’s inevitable finale next week and my way of adjustment to a post-Liar Game dramaverse. I rarely fall hard for dramas, most fall into realms I’ve categorized as: overrated, sudden death by plot (*coughcoughTrotLovers*), or contrived. And I’m glad to say that Pinocchio is (as of yet) none of those. This year in dramas has been a pleasant surprise, from the beautiful Miss Korea that brought me back into K-dramas to the magnificent Liar Game that cemented my stay.


Pinocchio’s first episodes brings up the same sense of injustice that characterized the start of I Hear Your Voice (which was by the same screenwriter) and I’m looking forward to seeing how our lead’s fateful connection plays out, seeing that this isn’t IHYV where one saved the other, but where pieces of Choi Inha (CIH) are a painful reminder of the injustice Choi DalPo (formerly Ki HaMyung) endured. The characters pop straight into your screen, with LJS building off his younger counterpart seamlessly, and PSH turning a surprisingly less bland performance than I’d have thought. Her naivete is a bit grating at the moment (unlike NDJ which just makes me want to give her a hug) but as it’s explained away as part of her small-town upbringing and the Pinocchio syndrome that will characterize┬áthis drama, I’m looking forward to watching her mature.



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