Mr. Queen Reviews and life as a lawyer + Soompi writer

First off, I’ll never get used to this new wordpress. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to go back to the old template and it’s driving me nuts!

But that aside, things have been hectic and life has sped forward with an intensity that is equally troubling as it is tiring. Life as a articling student (soon-to-be lawyers in 3.5 months!!!), manuscript-writer, and Soompi features writer is…something else. So naturally, this blog has been slightly neglected (but not forgotten!). Hello again!

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MBC Drama Awards 2015 (and JISUNG, Hwang Jungeum and Park Seojoon!)

Heaven know why but I”m more nervous than Jisung as to the outcome of tonight’s drama awards. Having been snubbed for the grand prize at the Baeksangs, I’m praying this’ll be the night he is properly honoured for his talents. I did download the complete ceremony but MBC’s being slow with updating the clips so some videos are missingย ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime I’ll post translations of all the speeches.
The hosts for the nightย Shin Dongyup and actress Lee Sungkyung (who did an opening song and dance for the ceremony) did start off by telling winners to try and make their speeches as brief as possible due to this being a live broadcast and not wanting to run over time, which I thought was a pretty poor move to make that chances are that you’ll forget someone if you speed through things but there you go! Continue reading “MBC Drama Awards 2015 (and JISUNG, Hwang Jungeum and Park Seojoon!)”