Lee Hyun Woo gets close with a canine for KWAVE

Lee Hyunwoo’s latest project has unfortunately not been well-received by domestic audiences but I’m sure he’ll bounce back with a good movie or two. Perhaps the sequel to the Technicians? The actor graced the pages of KWAVE where he discussed his friendship with Park Bogum (aka Bogummy! :D) mentioning that the two attend the same university. He also discussed his new manly image, wisely saying that, to him, being manly doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘rough and tough’ type but that you’re mature, warm and kind. Those are seriously good words to live by.
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Park Bogum for Singles, Ceci, Instyle and more!

Bogummy’s been on my radar since I Remember You which is pretty late in the game but his best performance in my opinion. He recently completed the interview circuit after the crazy success of Reply 1988 sound super down-to-earth about his success and just such a wonderful person in general that I decided that this blog needed some of him. So here are his pictorials since May 2015. Prepare for eye-candy galore!

Nylon Korea May 2015 with Kim Go Eun (I believe they were promoting Coin Locker Girl)
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