Missing Noir M

Missing Noir M Series Review (and that can’t be it!)

Don’t let the clunky odd title deter  you. Missing Noir M is a gem of a show and possibly the best police procedural OCN’s put out yet. I watched Bad Guys for the grit and madness and blood. I watched Missing Noir M for the smarts. This show was honestly brilliant, from the cases to the bad guys to our lead three investigators (four if you count the coroner). Cases often come in sets of two episodes each and honestly, each episode packs quite the wallop in terms of emotional intensity. Kang Haneul (who seriously needs a lead role soon) takes an electrifying turn as a criminal in the first two episodes.
And the remainder of the supporting cast, both English and Korean, is just as good as the main cast, which is one of the things I love about OCN because other networks just don’t bother making sure that happens (*coughcoughHeirs*). Onto the characters!
Kim Kangwoo plays Gil Soohyun (GSH) aka. James Gil, a former FBI agent and child prodigy who attended Harvard at 14 and worked at NASA by the time he hit 19. In other words, he’s SexySmarts. The best part? He’s not a snob/ afraid to show his emotions. (I’m honestly tired of clever detectives who feel that their high IQs entitle them to to be dicks. I don’t care if they make more interesting TV, they also make me want to break my TV.)
Park Heeson plays Oh Daeyoung (ODY), a detective with over 20 years of experience who is assigned as GSH’s parter. He has pretty good intuition and works well with GSH though they do tend to argue over certain matters. He’s StreetSmarts.
And the final member of our key trio is Jo Boah as Jin Seojoon (JSJ) who’s a brilliant hacker and without whom our boys would be lost. She’s TechSmarts. Finally, we’ve the medical examiner who aids them on their cases, so DocSmart. All in all, the perfect team.
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