Seo Kangjoon for Grazia and Ceci (and the other half of the Cheese mess)

And we’ve the other side of the coin with Seo Kangjoon, who’s being pulled deeper into netizen conspiracies about sponsors and the like. I’m keeping an open mind on all fronts but the two prevailing theories are that Seo Kangjoon just got the wrong end of the stick because the PD’s mental, or that he has a sponsor who pressured the PD and production company (mighty powerful sponsor then) to switching Haejin’s scenes for his, and essentially used Park Haejin’s name to get the drama out there, and then cut him off to propel Seo Kangjoon to fame. Whew! Park Haejin’s getting the lion’s share of public sympathy though so the sooner this gets clarified (especially with Seo Kangjoon just having been cast for another drama) the better it is for all parties.
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