She Was Pretty Ep 10 Review (and the truth’s out)

This episode was all about the truth. All but the biggest secret has been revealed. But the question is, does that secret even matter anymore?

Hyejin really shines in this episode. She gets one hell of a knock but bounces straight back up.

Seeing Hari meeting with Sungjoon behind her back is bad enough but hear him call her “Hyejin” is the final nail in the coffin. It’s both interesting as sad that the first person she calls is Shinhyuk. Because she’s just so comfortable around him, and because the person whom she’d normally talk to about everything is the one who’s just hurt her so badly. She cares about Hari and knows her well enough to wait for her to tell the truth herself. Friendship, to Hyejin is worth fighting for, regardless of whether the man she likes is involved. I mentioned in an earlier review than Hyejin is without artifice and this episode really, really showed that, especially in her interactions with Shinhyuk. She’s open, warm and genuine in her gratitude that he’s around, and her worry that he got hurt, because of her or not. Hilariously, the shoe’s on the other foot with Sungjoon. I cheered so hard when she nonchalantly admitted that she liked Sungjoon and was certain that he liked her as well. Which is why watching her flail about around Sungjoon was utterly hilarious. Because as over-the-top as it may seem, it’s actually quite realistic. I’ve seen perfectly rational, confident, sane individuals go utterly mental once the object of their affections enters the room. And thankfully, in Hyejin’s case, it goes both ways.

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She Was Pretty Ep 9 Recap & Review (and tangled feelings are finally sorted through)

We flashback to the start of Hyejin’s transformation. She gets her tamed tamed for a whopping $700 in total, buys some clothes that are neither brand-name nor expensive (merely prettier than a baggy t-shirt and jeans, though she looks cute in both) and adamantly plants herself on the make-up chair for a transformation. She walks into the office and picks up the phone as we saw last week.

The Most team stares slack-jawed at Hyejin’s transformation. Shinhyuk in particular can’t take his eyes off her. Fashion director Cha and the other ladies congratulate her on her return and the guy Seul was after (whose name I can never seem to remember besides the fact that he’s Park Yoochun’s brother in real life) runs up and hugs her to Seul’s ire. Hyejin’s all cheery as usual. Seul tentatively compliments her on her new look before turning away and muttering that she was worried Hyejin lost her job because of her. At least she’s getting a bit less selfish?

Shinhhyuk, as it turns out, is actually horrified at her transformation and whines about how much he loved her freckles and red cheeks (this man is so perfect!) and she’s all torn between annoyance and confusion which is adorable to see.

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She Was Pretty Ep 7-8 Review (a Shinhyuk appreciation post with thorough Sungjoon analysis)

I absolutely loved watching Sungjoon bond with Hyejin in ep 7. Not because she’s his first love, or is drop-dead gorgeous or any other well-worn drama trope, but simply because she’s a crazy awesome, crazy fun sort of person and they’ve similar minds and interests. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see him root through cow dung, but the simple fact that he did it shows that Sungjoon is not without conscience. He’s actually quite the sweetheart, not one of those Byronic, eternally brooding, egoists that populate romcoms.  Continue reading


She Was Pretty Ep 1-6 Review (and Siwon’s crazy eyes)

I love this blog, and I keep rabidly consuming K-dramas so why I can’t seem to combine the two more often is beyond me. It’s hard to believe I’m a week away from having gone two months with nada a post. For those extremly few who follow my blog faithfully, I beg your forgiveness and vow that I shall endeavour to post something at least once every two days. But what, you ask, got me back on posting? (Hint: it’s in the title)


I wish I had words enough to express how much I’m loving this show. I was pumped from the start way back in July/August upon hearing the casting and KMHM reunion. And the fact that Park Seojoon’s character’s name is JI SUNGJOON? Writer’s a shipper for sure. Ji Sung’s chuckling merrily somewhere. But let’s get back on track. Like Kill Me Heal Me, this is a very character-driven show. So here are my honest thoughts on our lead foursome.

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