She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 1-6 Review (and Siwon’s crazy eyes)

I love this blog, and I keep rabidly consuming K-dramas so why I can’t seem to combine the two more often is beyond me. It’s hard to believe I’m a week away from having gone two months with nada a post. For those extremly few who follow my blog faithfully, I beg your forgiveness and vow that I shall endeavour to post something at least once every two days. But what, you ask, got me back on posting? (Hint: it’s in the title)


I wish I had words enough to express how much I’m loving this show. I was pumped from the start way back in July/August upon hearing the casting and KMHM reunion. And the fact that Park Seojoon’s character’s name is JI SUNGJOON? Writer’s a shipper for sure. Ji Sung’s chuckling merrily somewhere. But let’s get back on track. Like Kill Me Heal Me, this is a very character-driven show. So here are my honest thoughts on our lead foursome.

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