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Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)

Song Sun, hurriedly exits her apartment, cheerfully telling Dr. Cheong Sang Won that she’ll see him in a bit. Muttering to herself that she’s running late, she strides down the corridor. The camera then cuts to one of the apartment doors that closes slowly and ominously.

We then see SS being interviewed for a magazine. She quotes a psychologist named Paul Ekman, who stated that a smile was the easiest way to charm a person. SS comments on the flip side saying that then even a smile can be useful in committing a crime. We cut to someone typing “Remember me, teacher?” on a computer in some darkened room. As Song Sun goes on offering advice to the show’s host on how to discern a person’s intentions when approaching, and when they might be malicious, we alternate back to this man who threatens to kill Song Sun, stating that she ruined his life. Well that’s nice and frightening. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)”

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Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)

This recap will be formatted a bit differently than usual seeing how clear-cut this case was. Rather than the case, the focus was really on the relationships between the characters and what that meant for the future.

We start off with two drunk men searching for a quiet place who find two corpses in some sort of underground parking lot. Frost, YSA, Assistant Cha and NTB are called on the case. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)”

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First Thoughts on Doctor Frost

Well this is a show I could get into very, very easily. Doctor Frost’s first episode is a teensy bit underwhelming as we’re teased with far more than we get, but it remains firmly on my watchlist. I’ll definitely be recapping this one though the recaps might be a bit late what with all I have on my plate. The first episode largely focuses on our characters, through the lens of their first case that is.

The premise is intriguing in and of itself, a newly appointed psychology professor (with a side job as a bartender) consults with the police on solving a variety of cases, along with his spunky assistant.
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His deductions are prized as Doctor Frost (named so due to his prematurely snow white hair) is a master at reading people. Umm…so was this whom they hired when HWJ left the university? This similarity between characters is made all the more amusing by the fact that Lee Sang Yoon and Sang Chang Eui are best friends. But that’s where the resemblance ends, Doctor Frost, unlike the wonderful HWJ, is apparently incapable of feeling emotion in any way. That works well for him in some ways as he views every situation objectively, and rationally. On the other hand, it does make him quite oblivious to how proper interpersonal reactions go. That is, he cares rather little for when the proper time is to reveal or say something, and coldly proceeds with his own agenda. Or the police’s rather, Frost doesn’t seem to have an agenda of his own. Yet.

It’s hella difficult to play a character like for the simple reason that it’s hard for him to come off as human, or be relatable in every manner. This isn’t your average I’m-pretending-to-not-care-about-the-world-when-all-I-need-is-a-pretty-woman-to-need-my-help sort of scenario. The fellow literally feels nothing. Happiness, sorrow, absolutely nothing. As such, Song Chang Eui really has his work cut out for him in this role as he can’t even show the slightest hint of a smile. (It’s a shame though, seeing what a lovely smile he has!) He simply clinically observes, and comments, without a care in the world. But there’s more behind that constantly ticking mind as we see early on in the show.

Dr. SONG SUN, whom we still don’t know much of, is blatantly against Dr. Frost’s (also called Dr. Baek) appointment, saying that he enjoys playing with others’ emotions and is a murderer. Wait what? (Ha Woo Jin, is that you?) Continue reading “First Thoughts on Doctor Frost”