Ready to help with K-drama/film downloads!

I keep being reminded of how difficult it is to download some dramas, especially after a year or two has passed since their airing. I started torrenting my shows about six months ago after get fed-up with the wifi speed in my bedroom (all that buffering!) and never looked back. It’s great to see things in HD and being able to rewind minus the lag is a gift beyond compare. That being said, some shows are ridiculously hard to download. There’s a slow but steady increase in the amount of people watching Kdramas and movies these days and it wouldn’t do for them to miss out on some of the classics, should they wish to download them, so I’ll try and help out.

As of now, this is the entirety of my ‘collection’. Some are on my external hard drive, some on my computer. I consistently seed anything with less than 30 seeds. If there are any that you really want to download, but can’t find anywhere/can’t find seeds for, just shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll send you my tutorial on how to use a torrent client (if you’re new to torrenting) or send you the torrent file and seed it for you. It’s ridiculously easy once you start, and chances are that you’ll never go back (unless you really miss the timed comments on viki!) Keep in mind that these files are big. One episode is usually a little over or under 1 GB, so make sure you have the memory (investing in an external hard drive, like I did, is pretty good too!)
Note: some Taiwanese dramas are included here as well ^^ They’re marked with an asterisk

Ready for download (with subs):

365: Repeat the Year (all 12 episodes)
Arang and the Magistrate (all 20 episodes)
Defendant (all 18 episodes)
Doctor John (all 16 episodes)
Faith (all 24 episodes)
Forest of Secrets (all 16 episodes)
Goblin (all 16 episodes
Healer (all 20 episodes)
I Hear Your Voice (all 18 episodes)
Joseon X-Files (all 12 episodes. I could only find them in ~640p though)
Her Private Life (all 16 episodes)
Liar Game ( all 12 episodes)
Kill Me Heal Me (all 20 episodes)
Miss Korea (until ep 10, still trying to download the remainder)
Missing Noir M (until ep 8)
*Pleasantly Surprised (all 22 episodes)
Secret also called Secret Love (all 16 episodes JI SUNG!! <3)
Sungkyungkwan Scandal (all 20 episodes MOON JAESHIN!!)
Tunnel (all 16 episodes)
Whisper (all episodes)

The following are Korean movies, as of yet I’ve seen just three (I know! You’d think I’d have explored them further)

My PS Partner (I honestly have a Ji Sung fetish but no regrets. Thanks to him, I got to enjoy a pretty fun movie)
Along with the Gods 1 & 2

And the following are random Korean talk shows and other programs with my bias actors and actresses in them. There are so subs, but I could provide a transcript if necessary.

Healing Camp with Lee Bo Young 3rd of March 2014 (wherein the sassy lady speaks of her beautiful husband and how they met, fell in love and so on <3)
MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay 4th of January 2015 (I downloaded this purely for Ji Sung and his perfection and how much he gushes about his pregnant wife and his child ‘Kwak Bo Bae’. That is SUCH a cute nickname! I recommend reading up on where he got that from!)
MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay 15th of March 2015 (Downloaded this purely for Ji Sung again. It’s of him at the fan-meeting and wrap up party soon after the drama ended. Includes the perfect Hwang Jungeum)
Road of Hope in Indonesia with Lee Sang Yoon (I love Lee Sang Yoon but what ended up grasping me by the heartstrings here, was the plight of those shown in the broadcast. I watch this whenever I’m busy throwing a pity party, to show me that I’m far luckier than I think, and that there’s absolutely no excuse for my idiocy.)

This list will likely be updated as I try to amass more and more of my favourite shows (God’s Quiz! <3). The Japanese version for this is to the left of the tab for this post.  I hope it’ll be of some help to everyone!

9 thoughts on “Ready to help with K-drama/film downloads!

  1. Okay, this does it! I downloaded BitTorrent months ago but haven’t figured out how to use it. Seeing your list of Ji Sung related downloads has filled me with envy. I vow to learn torrenting this week! Don’t apologize for Ji Sung obsession. I watched “The Great Seer” for him. Nuff said.

    1. Hopefully torrenting went well! If not I could make you a tutorial and send it over! Now that exams are over I must get around to watching The Great Seer. If I could slog through Kim Sooro for the man, the Great Seer shouldn’t be too difficult 😛 Sending a virtual Hi-5 over our love for Ji Sung! *raises hand*

  2. I got it up and running! Of course to see if it was working, I had to download something relatively short, so My PS Partner my very first torrent. 🙂 Oh my, I can’t believe someone else besides me has watched Kim Sooro! That show totally cracked me up. Here and there it was almost as campy as a 1950s technicolor epic. There could be a great two hour edit of it, if you just kept the really, really dramatic bits, like any scene where Baek Jang Ok waves a sword, the sacred egg glows mysteriously (hee hee) or Ji Sung delivers idealistic lines about ironware (with a straight face).

    I enjoyed the Great Seer as soon as I realized it was okay to skip the first 8 episodes and any scene that doesn’t have Ji Sung in it. And then, around episode 15, the other parts of the story started to get interesting as well, so by ep 20 I think I was barely skipping anything. It’s campy but entertaining. I’ve considered writing a combo post on JS’s two sageuks. Hi-5 back! How much I hope he wins a Baeksang! I’ll set you an email OT to get set up with a KMHM torrent. Interviews!

    I look like a normal person, it’s just that when Ji Sung is mentioned…

    1. Yay! That’s awesome news! Now I’m pretty eager to see it. If only it wasn’t taking so long to download! The casting is pretty great though. Ji Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Song Chang Eui together is brilliant enough but add Lee Yoon Ji and I’m sold. Oh Kim Sooro…Ji Sung really did the heavylifting with that one. Sometimes I wondered what he honestly thought of the lines he was spouting. I just like him all the more for pulling off those lines with such good humor. And send me an e-mail for sure! I’ve been subbing some of those interviews so I can get that to you as well! 😀

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