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Backstreet Rookie Ep 7 Recap (and wow this got good)

We start of with Saetbyul’s bombshell to Daehyun that she’ll be quitting the store. Daehyun looks lost for words for a second, then grabs Saetbyul’s hand as she turns to leave.

She  says it’s nothing sudden, and she meant to quit but didn’t want him to get the wrong impression. Daehyun asks where she’s going to work now but Saetbyul sweetly tells him that’s none of his concern now. She asks if he can leave and Daehyun refuses, asking if it’s because he got mad at her and promises raise after raise but she shoves him out regardless. A worried Daeyhun wonders what to do. And thus begins episode 7! Continue reading “Backstreet Rookie Ep 7 Recap (and wow this got good)”

Backstreet Rookie · Convenience Store Saetbyul · Recaps

Backstreet Rookie Ep 6 Recap (and everyone gets hurt)

We return to the aftermath of the three iljin girls whacking Saetbyul on the head. They flee, thinking they’ve killed her, not knowing they were caught on CCTV. Daehyun’s returning to the store right then and hears their conversation. He immediately recognizes them as the girl terrorizing Yeonjoo and whom Saetbyul laid out on the bathroom floor that night. Fearing for Saetbyul’s life, he runs to the store and finds her unconscious.

She revives immediately and freaks out to see his face so close to her own. She says she’s fine for 0.3 seconds until she falls to the ground clutching her stomach in pain. Daehyun panicks and calls an ambulance and thus begins episode 6! What a wild start! Continue reading “Backstreet Rookie Ep 6 Recap (and everyone gets hurt)”

Backstreet Rookie · Convenience Store Saetbyul · Recaps

Backstreet Rookie Ep 5 Recap (and Daehyun keeps lying)

We start out with Daehyun’s huge uh-oh moment.

Daehyun stammers that of course she’s not interrupting anything and yells at Saetbyul to get off, literally tossing her on the floor again. But Saetbyul gets the urgency of the situation and isn’t too pissed about it.

He tells Yeonjoo that this looks bad of course, but that’s not what she thinks. Yeonjoo sweetly says that she trusts Daehyun and guesses that he was congratulating her. Saetbyul rapidly agrees that they were just joking around. Both look really nervous. I almost feel bad for Yeonjoo. Daehyun tells her to get back to work and makes to leave on a date with Yeonjoo but Yeonjoo invites Saetbyul for dinner. Daehyun’s really worried about this and tries to say that she has work but Dalshik chooses right then to come in and, of course, he gets relegated to taking care of the store. And thus begins episode 5! Continue reading “Backstreet Rookie Ep 5 Recap (and Daehyun keeps lying)”

Backstreet Rookie · Convenience Store Saetbyul · Recaps

Backstreet Rookie Ep 4 Recap (and Daehyun wises up)

We start off with the aftermath of Yeonjoo calling Daehyun, and Daehyun not noticing Saetbyul and shoving her to the ground. Upon realizing it’s her, he does the worst thing imaginable by accusing her of attacking Yeonjoo. Saetbyul asks Yeonjoo to correct his misunderstanding but Yeonjoo pretends to be suuuppper hurt (oh boy, now that’s unnecessarily vindictive)

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Backstreet Rookie · Convenience Store Saetbyul · Recaps

Backstreet Rookie Ep 3 Recap (and I’m getting disappointed)

We start off with what has to be a dream. I mean WHAT IS THAT HAIR?

Saetbyul and Daehyun face off in a dance-off. She marvels at how good he is at dancing and he tells her that that’s how he became manager of the store (Pfftt). One the dancing comes to an end, he grabs her in a classic seductive ending pose, and she promptly plants a kiss on him. Continue reading “Backstreet Rookie Ep 3 Recap (and I’m getting disappointed)”

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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 12 Recap (and tears and smiles galore!)

This is it! The finale’s here at last! Is a happy ending in store for our favourite trio? Let’s find out!

We open to Kangbae in an abandoned warehouse. He appears to have been unconscious but not tied up because once he comes to himself, he finds Weolju’s ssangapju bottle smash to pieces in front of him. He sinks to his knees and starts to sob, clutching the broken pieces. (Now that’s an ominous way to start)

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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 11 Recap (and so much CUTENESS)

Here it is! The moment we’ve been waiting for! I’m so excited!!!

Weolju confronts Manager Gui, asking who he is. He looks surprised, and asks what’s gotten into her, or whether she ate something strange. But Weolju quietly walks past him, close to tears, and pours herself some water to steady her nerves. Manager Gui says she’s scaring him, but she gives up and says it’s nothing. He jokes this sure was anticlimatic, but some part of him seems to be aware that Weolju knows.

He stutters that she didn’t get any groceries and they’re out of everything so he’ll go grab some so they can open today.

After he leaves, Weolju starts to cry. Awwwww!!!

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The Many Hanboks of Weolju (and which one’s your favourite?)

It’d be an injustice to recap Mystic Pop Up Bar without comment on Weolju’s gorgeous wardrobe. Whoever was in charge of the costume department outdid themselves. From floral fabrics, to a hilarious mishmash of chintzy ahjumma style tops with hanboks underneath, Weolju’s wardrobe reflects her flamboyance, outlandishness and her general idgaf attitude to what people think of her.  I love her.  So without further ado here’s a Weolju (and her wardrobe) appreciation post!

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Backstreet Rookie Ep 2 Recap (and dancing shenanigans)

We cut back to Daehyun hearing about Saetbyul and her friends raiding the store. He tells Yeonjoo he has to get going because of “the part-timer girl”. She pouts saying they barely got started exercising and he mutters that he’s sweated enough for today. As he leaves, Yeonjoo’s face falls. She mutters that of course the part-timer has to be a girl.

Daehyun runs back to the store to see Saetbyul and her friends having a really good time. 

He confronts her, and she tries to play cute asking why he’s here so early. He says he here to fire her and she conveniently passe out drunk at that point and thus begins episode 2! Continue reading “Backstreet Rookie Ep 2 Recap (and dancing shenanigans)”

Backstreet Rookie · Convenience Store Saetbyul · Recaps

Backstreet Rookie Ep 1 Recap (and what a wild beginning)

We start off with our hero CHOI DAEHYUN, merrily walking on his way with a bouquet of flower when he stars at a street sewer. His eyes grow wide in shock and he pulls off the grate immediately. Turns out there’s a cat trapped in there. He sticks himself down the grate to save the little  kitten as car honk around him and bewildered school girls look on. He’s covered in sewer filth and stinks but panics when he looks at the time and runs off, almost forgetting his bouquet.

At the same time, our heroin JUNG SAETBYUL runs past him. Their elbows slightly bump into each other and they stare at each other in slow motion, but go on their respective ways.

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