Mr. Queen Reviews and life as a lawyer + Soompi writer

First off, I’ll never get used to this new wordpress. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to go back to the old template and it’s driving me nuts!

But that aside, things have been hectic and life has sped forward with an intensity that is equally troubling as it is tiring. Life as a articling student (soon-to-be lawyers in 3.5 months!!!), manuscript-writer, and Soompi features writer is…something else. So naturally, this blog has been slightly neglected (but not forgotten!). Hello again!

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Ji Sung posts loving tribute to wife Lee Boyoung (and couple goals!)

It’s no secret that Ji Sung loves his wifey (see his 2013 acceptance speech at the KBS Drama awards, his 2014 interviews, his 2015 interviews and his appearance on ‘Three Meals a Day’ as proof) but this latest tribute to her on the anniversary of her debut has me going awww and wondering where I can find one of him.  Continue reading “Ji Sung posts loving tribute to wife Lee Boyoung (and couple goals!)”


No more recaps for Entertainer (and much sobbing)

To think just last week, I was so excited about recapping Entertainer and so certain that summer school wouldn’t interfere with it. Yeah, I was wrong. Turns out I have class every Wed and Thurs from 5-10 meaning any chance of writing a recap is long gone because it takes me four hours to write one and I don’t have enough time to pull it off before class begins *insert angry face*. I’ll do my best to review the show or something because I really do love Ji Sung and there’s something really heartwarming about the show, but looks like recaps are a no-no. Ugh, university, what did I ever do to you?


Future Descendants of the Sun Recaps? (and KBS’s copyright rules)

Note: There will be no DOTS recap today because university has me by the throat 😦

As followers of my little blog will know, I’ve been recapping Descendants of the Sun for the past two weeks. However, NEW, the production company behind the show, has revealed that it will be taking legal action to those “who illegally use ‘Descendants of the Sun’ without prior consent for their own business, group, personal advertisement, promotion, etc.” 

I honestly am not sure if I fall in this category, given that I just recap for fun but don’t want to risk my tiny corner of the Internet being taken down. Could someone enlighten me on this? Should I – scratch that – Can I keep writing DOTS recaps?


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Newly addicted to Bromance! (and I am so in love)

There have been shows I liked within the past two dramas years, but only a few stand out as ones whose DVDs I’d like to be buried with. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that you can tell what these shows are going to be from the start. They’re different from the ones that you like because the actor/actress is gorgeous, or because the plot make perfect logical sense. There’s something more to these shows, despite how strange the plot may be or how unattractive the lead male is by all rational reasoning. It’s why I love Kill Me Heal Me over the much more tightly plotted Healer. It’s why I love Liar Game but am pretty meh about You Who Came from the Stars (despite how fun Jun Jihyun was) and why I adore Nodame Cantabile but can’t get through a lot of Jdoramas. So far these three have been my I-Love-Yous in terms of shows, but a new one just joined its ranks.vlcsnap-2016-03-06-23h05m01s019.png Continue reading “Newly addicted to Bromance! (and I am so in love)”

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Cheese in the Trap Ep 5 Review (and falling for Yoo Jung)

The episode I was waiting for finally came around and cleared up all but one question that’s been haunting the past four episodes (what happened to Inho’s hand?). I’m delighted by the amount of time we spent in Yoo Jung’s head today because it finally allows you get a feel for who he is (without other’s filters getting in the way) and he’s a squishy teddy bear. Okay, maybe not a teddy bear. A lion?
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 4 Review (and I’m on the wrong ship)

From the look of things, Yoo Jung and Seol are definitely to be out central couple. So why on earth is it that I’m enjoying Inho and Seol’s interactions much more? There are far too many moments in the episode that just don’t sit right, and I’m sure that’s an intentional choice on the writer’s part as we’re meant to see that Yoo Jung has this strange dual nature, for reasons we have 12 more episodes to riddle out. Besides, this couple does have a few storms to weather (include a terrifying, money-hungry shopaholic) in order to full understand each other and grow together. But for now, let’s go over why Yoo Jung and Seol aren’t meshing (in her eyes and ours) well as a couple. Continue reading “Cheese in the Trap Ep 4 Review (and I’m on the wrong ship)”


Letters to Kdramas: Cheese in the Trap (and hello drama-crack)

Dear Cheese in the Trap,

I would like to inform you that I have been irrevocably trapped but am more than willing to be your cheese. Or Park Haejin’s cheese. You’re cracktastic in the best ways possible and I am hooked on what you keep dangling. Who cares about university? I may not have the time to recap you, but you are ripe for analysis, so I’ll happily pen reviews, even if only to have an excuse to write about how much I’m in love.

And Park Haejin? I’ll be your cheese any day.