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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 7 Recap (and gambling doesn’t pay)

We start off with Kangbae frantically searching for Weolju and Manager Gui, now that the rent tent bar is gone. He looks distressed, but I’m sure that’ll get sorted out pretty soon because the two are currently attempting to placate Queen Yeomna into letting them set up their bar again. She think she’s been too light on them, and sentences them to community service for the Baby Dream Kidnapping Incident. She won’t take the baby back from the parents but the case won’t count towards Weolju’s quota. Weolju’a about to get pissed but Manager Gui holds her back and agrees to the punishment.

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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 6 Recap (and Manager Gui’s definitely the prince)

Kangbae’s having quite the dream, imagining that him and Yeorin in a very girly red dress won the couple dance battle. In the dream, the announcer hands Kangbae a green jade ring, near identical to the one the prince meant to give Weolju. Dream-Yeorin preens upon sight of the ring and indicates to Kangbae to put it on for her. He goes on one knee and skips it on looking super excited, only to look at her hand again and find….his manager (MANAGER MA) not Yeorin. Meanwhile the crowd (feat. Jindong) chants for them to kiss. Kangbae’s horrified and starts out of sleep and thus begins episode 6!

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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 5 Recap (and who on earth is the prince)

Kangbae wakes up to Weolju chopping away and making him porridge. She’s gotten him medicine and everything, but Kangbae’s too moved to eat it. He says it’s the first time anyone cooked for him. Weolju looks sad for a second but grouses that he has to hurry up and eat so he can hurry up and work. Kangbae wolfs down the porridge at that, complimenting the food. Weolju soaks up the praise and asks Kangbae for his favourite food, to which he says ‘dumplings’. They argue over the merits of dumplings and fresh versus frozen and thus starts episode 5! Continue reading “Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 5 Recap (and who on earth is the prince)”

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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 4 Recap (and who is the prince?)

The case of the day gets a little more personal in this episode as we take a look at one of the coworkers Kangbae’s closest to CHOI JINDONG .

We pick up where we left off with Yeorin stopping an irrational customer from slapping Kangbae. She coolly cracks her neck, saying that if he wants to get physical he can do so with her. The customer quickly leaves. Yeorin turns to Kangbae asking him what he’s doing here and tries to take him to security, not believing his pleas that he works at the mart. Continue reading “Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 4 Recap (and who is the prince?)”

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January 2016 Recaps (and Cheese in the Trap)

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 😀 I hope the year will be full of much joy and love in all your lives! And dramas, of course!

Now that Oh My Venus is coming to an end (where does time go?) this week, I’ve been looking into dramas to recap. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look far. I will be recapping the following:

Cheese in the Trap (Mon-Tues 16 episodes) starting tomorrow
One More Happy Ending (Wed-Thurs 16 episodes) with the lovely Jang Nara starting on the 20th
Madame Antoine (Fri-Sat 16 episodes) starring Han Yeseul and Sungjoon starting on the 22nd.

I will be recapping the first four episodes of Cheese in the Trap to get an idea of things and how manageable it is with my Mon-Tues university schedule. After that, I’ll definitely release news on whether I’ll be continuing with recapping it from ep 5 onwards.

The other two dramas seem easier to recap because my Wed-Thurs-Fri schedule is wonderful. One will have to be dropped regardless because, recapping every day of the week sounds difficult.

Recaps will be out on the same day the episode airs between 10pm – 11pm EST

All in all, there will be double recaps tomorrow! Look forward to Oh My Venus’s finale and the first two Cheese in the Trap episodes! 😀

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She Was Pretty Ep 11 Recap in Screencaps (and here comes the angst)

[Note: Announcing ‘A Recap in Screencaps’

I love recapping and reviewing dramas and heaven knows I’ve vowed far too many times to make constant posting a priority of mine, but university, life and my inability to tear myself away from watching dramas long enough to recap them, always interfere with this. Enter ‘A Recap in Screencaps’. I’ll post screencaps that summarize key parts/ type up the dialogue in play format and fill in the gaps with words. It makes a quick, comprehensible read (and you won’t have to sift through my wall of text!) and is pretty quick for me to put together! Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll definitely be able to do this for more dramas! 🙂 ]

Turns out that Sungjoon had already seen Hari’s name on an Employee of the month poster hence his very stilted tone during that phone call. He catches her just as she leaves.  Continue reading “She Was Pretty Ep 11 Recap in Screencaps (and here comes the angst)”

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Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)

Song Sun, hurriedly exits her apartment, cheerfully telling Dr. Cheong Sang Won that she’ll see him in a bit. Muttering to herself that she’s running late, she strides down the corridor. The camera then cuts to one of the apartment doors that closes slowly and ominously.

We then see SS being interviewed for a magazine. She quotes a psychologist named Paul Ekman, who stated that a smile was the easiest way to charm a person. SS comments on the flip side saying that then even a smile can be useful in committing a crime. We cut to someone typing “Remember me, teacher?” on a computer in some darkened room. As Song Sun goes on offering advice to the show’s host on how to discern a person’s intentions when approaching, and when they might be malicious, we alternate back to this man who threatens to kill Song Sun, stating that she ruined his life. Well that’s nice and frightening. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)”

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Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)

This recap will be formatted a bit differently than usual seeing how clear-cut this case was. Rather than the case, the focus was really on the relationships between the characters and what that meant for the future.

We start off with two drunk men searching for a quiet place who find two corpses in some sort of underground parking lot. Frost, YSA, Assistant Cha and NTB are called on the case. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)”

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Doctor Frost Ep 2 Recap (and the most entertaining piggyback ride I’ve seen in a while)

YSA appears a grand total of three times in the opening poster, wearing rather bright clothing compared to the faceless others behind Frost. I’m honestly not trying to jump to conclusions here, but I wonder what meaning there may be in her prominence among the sea of nameless and faceless people that Frost cares so little about. She certainly does stand out in the show in terms of character. And especially after this episode, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to get a loveline. Wikipedia lists the show as a thriller, so I’m not sure whether to let ships sail just yet, as we could be seriously disappointed. But then again, Liar Game’s also listed as one, and we definitely had some smoldering chemistry (*fans self*) there, so fingers crossed?
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