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The Many Hanboks of Weolju (and which one’s your favourite?)

It’d be an injustice to recap Mystic Pop Up Bar without comment on Weolju’s gorgeous wardrobe. Whoever was in charge of the costume department outdid themselves. From floral fabrics, to a hilarious mishmash of chintzy ahjumma style tops with hanboks underneath, Weolju’s wardrobe reflects her flamboyance, outlandishness and her general idgaf attitude to what people think of her.  I love her.  So without further ado here’s a Weolju (and her wardrobe) appreciation post!

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Ji Sung posts first sneak peek at ‘Entertainer’ (and I’m in love as usual)

Longtime followers of my blog will know that I have it bad for Ji Sung. I mean, I enjoy  a pretty face (Lee Sangyoon, Ji Changwook etc) but this man is my I-Love-You. And his wife is my K-actress girl crush so spotting any news on these two makes me ridiculously happy. Ji Sung’s been sporadically updating his Instagram this past year after taking some well deserved time off to recuperate from the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping performance he gave in KMHM, as well as to mentally and emotionally recover from a role he has said will remain forever close to his heart. He recently posted two new pictures indicating that his return is nigh. One’s from a photoshoot where he looks as perfect as usual and the other is captioned ‘the enjoyable Entertainer’
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Puff Guo stuns for Bella Taiwan (and when is her next project?)

Puff Guo made my favourite list along with Aaron Yan after my first Taiwanese drama Just You. I loved her as Heechul’s WGM wife and as Du Kai Qi in the breezy, underrated Pleasantly Surprised and she’s definitely well-loved in Taiwan, which is I find it so surprisingly that it’s been almost 2 years since her last project. I can’t read Chinese and Taiwanese news doesn’t really make it onto the blogsphere so I’d be grateful if anyone could enlighten me. Onto the photoshoot though! Ms. Guo recently graced the cover of magazine Bella (her newest Facebook profile pic) and the shoot was too gorgeous not to post. Love that rose-gold hair colour on her. Hopefully we get to see her back onscreen soon!
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Seo Kangjoon for Grazia and Ceci (and the other half of the Cheese mess)

And we’ve the other side of the coin with Seo Kangjoon, who’s being pulled deeper into netizen conspiracies about sponsors and the like. I’m keeping an open mind on all fronts but the two prevailing theories are that Seo Kangjoon just got the wrong end of the stick because the PD’s mental, or that he has a sponsor who pressured the PD and production company (mighty powerful sponsor then) to switching Haejin’s scenes for his, and essentially used Park Haejin’s name to get the drama out there, and then cut him off to propel Seo Kangjoon to fame. Whew! Park Haejin’s getting the lion’s share of public sympathy though so the sooner this gets clarified (especially with Seo Kangjoon just having been cast for another drama) the better it is for all parties.
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Park Haejin for High Cut (and the whole Cheese mess)

The Cheese in the Trap controversy’s finally blown up, and you know it has to be pretty bad if a sweet-natured fellow like Park Haejin’s speaking out. Here’s hoping PD Lee Yoonjung issues some form of clarification and what had better be a very sincere apology, if she hopes to continue in her line of work (as it is I don’t think she’ll be getting hired anytime soon). But here’s Park Haejin for High Cut, shot back when he was being used to promote Cheese. Now that’s more Yoo Jung sunbae than we’ve seen in Cheese.
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Lee Hyun Woo gets close with a canine for KWAVE

Lee Hyunwoo’s latest project has unfortunately not been well-received by domestic audiences but I’m sure he’ll bounce back with a good movie or two. Perhaps the sequel to the Technicians? The actor graced the pages of KWAVE where he discussed his friendship with Park Bogum (aka Bogummy! :D) mentioning that the two attend the same university. He also discussed his new manly image, wisely saying that, to him, being manly doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘rough and tough’ type but that you’re mature, warm and kind. Those are seriously good words to live by.
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Park Bogum for Singles, Ceci, Instyle and more!

Bogummy’s been on my radar since I Remember You which is pretty late in the game but his best performance in my opinion. He recently completed the interview circuit after the crazy success of Reply 1988 sound super down-to-earth about his success and just such a wonderful person in general that I decided that this blog needed some of him. So here are his pictorials since May 2015. Prepare for eye-candy galore!

Nylon Korea May 2015 with Kim Go Eun (I believe they were promoting Coin Locker Girl)
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Suzy models for Didier Dubot (and looks utterly stunning)

She’ll be back on the small screen soon with Kim Woobin in Arbitarily Fond, but before that jewellry brand Didier Dubot released her newest pictorial with them. And she’s working that camera like the pro she is, looking breathtaking while simply staring into space whereas the rest of us mere mortals look like trolls. Really though, she looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing how much she’s improved as an actress (please have improved!) A brief clip of the photoshoot’s at the end and holy crap does she look amazing.


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Shin Segi and Cha Dohyun sit down for an interview with Elle

This came out a few months ago while I was basking in my newly found freedom after a rather annoying year of university. What with another drama unexpectedly stealing my heart (this makes 4 in the last year!) I scoured the web for all things Seo Inguk, Jang Nara (just finished marathoning Fated to Love You), Park Bogum – and once I was done there – Jisung.
I revisited this video and couldn’t help but marvel once more at how much the interview felt like a calmer Shin Segi and Dohyun simply chatting amongst themselves, which was definitely what Elle was going for. Smart of them. Jisung’s given two words per question and asked to pick the one he identifies/likes the most for each. Both the left and right sides of him answer at different times and often interrupt/disagree with the other’s choice. Those comments/actions will be bolded in my translation below. Simple though the style of questioning may be, the words used as surprisingly complex ranging from “result vs process?” to the more socially relevant “safety vs liberty” and his answers don’t disappointed, delivered in his mild-mannered yet playful air that serves to remind me all over again as to why I’m a fan.
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