Kim Go Eun and Park Bogum for G9 (and dramaverses collide!)

G9 probably made every ‘Cheese’ and Reply 1988′ fans’ day with this CF. Park Bogum’s star is so high these days I can’t believe it was barely a year ago when he was the cute cellist/conductor on ‘Naeil’s Cantabile’ (of which he was the only good thing about). Kim Goeun’s star is just as high, especially after ‘Cheese’. I wonder how she must have felt about the whole scene swapping, and having to reshoot the same scenes with different men. She’s doing the best with what’s she’s been given though, and despite how messily it’s been playing out (onscreen and off) I think we can all agree that she’s one of the best things about Cheese. Check out the CF below!
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