About that last recap (and BIG announcements!)

So I owe everyone who frequents this blog an explanation. You’re all probably wondering why on earth I’m so inconsistent. 

First, I go on hiatus for three years. Next, I start recapping a show consistently and suddenly vanish before the last episode airs. All in all, not a good look.  (I’m sorry!!)

But I have reasons, I promise.

I got hired! At my dream workplace no less! I now work for Soompi!

Being paid to talk about kdramas is just about one of the best things that’s happened to me this year. Apologies for the delay in getting this news out because I’ve also started another journey. 

I’m officially an articling student at a law firm, and will be a fully-fledged lawyer in June. Now, I should be a little  more excited about this part because that’s what puts the bread on the table but work is work, and I just use it to fund my real passion: writing. 

Now, this might come as no surprise those of you who visit this blog and are kind enough to comment on my recaps, but I LOVE writing. I’ve always loved reading, so being bitten by the writing bug was a matter of course. 

And I’ve been bitten alright. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of to appease the writing gods. I’ve run from them. I’ve tried to embrace them and write (I was 18, the result was trash), and I’ve tried writing as little as possible everyday while fearing that I’m not good enough. And I’m done with that. I’m ready to chase after this, and for the first time, I’m putting myself out there. 

I’m Shalini Abeysekara, and I want to become a writer. 

I’m going to keep discuss all things K-dramas on this site whenever possible and I’ll be redirecting to soompi where appropriate. I’ll also be discussing my life as a lawyer, and my writing progress, so stay tuned for that if you’re a writing enthusiast, or have been considering attempting a novel!

I promise I won’t go on hiatus again so please don’t leave me! The fun’s just about to begin!

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