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Backstreet Rookie Ep 11 Recap (and the cuteness is finally here)

We start off with Daehyun pulling Saetbyul close and muttering feverishly in his sleep. But he’s not whispering Yeonjoo’s name; he’s whispering Saetbyul’s.

Daehyun has a wild dream that he’s being locked up for food sanitation violations by Dalshik. Saetbyul shows up in his dream and he pleads with her to save him but she laughingly tells him to “do it the legal way” if he wants to get out.

Saetbyul has no idea what Daehyun’s dreaming of but sweetly says she’s not going anywhere. In fact, she’ll join him in bed right now. Wow, I really have grow to love Saetbyul. She puts some space between them on the bed, and hilarious shoves Daehyun onto his back. She cutely says she didn’t cross the line and watches Daehyun sleeps.

Daehyun wakes up the next day feeling terrible, and finds that Saetbyul’s drawn all over his face LOL. She’s left a note saying she’ll take care of the store and asks Daehyun to wash up. Daehyun grouses that he’ll wash up alright but she’s dead when he finds her.

Saetbyul returns to the store as an employee and beams, certain that she’s finally going to make Daehyun hers. Boonhee notices how happy she looks and compliments how pretty she is. Saetbyul returns the praise and after that compliment-fest, checks out the back of the store, only to find…a mess

She gets to work leaning up and rearranging displays. Jiwook, who’s feeling bad about how Saetbyul got kicked out of his apartment, calls her and gets roped into helping as well lol. He tries to talk to her about her living situation but she isn’t willing to tell him that she’s living with Daehyun and jokes that he should leave if he’s going to nag. She says it with a smile but poor Jiwook looks a little hurt by that.

Right on cue Daehyun arrives with ink on his face because the kind Saetbyul uses doesn’t come off easy lol.

Jiwook looks crestfallen at their bickering and even more so when he hears that Saetbyul wrote “I belong to Saetbyul” on Daehyun’s face. He just drops the box he’s holding and leaves at that, but the other two barely notice as Daehyun chases Saetbyul around the store. Jiwook sees how happy she looks and sighs.

The bickering ends with Daehyun notices Saetbyul’s new display. She’s arranged the noodles from mildest to spiciest instead of by manufacturing company (the way Daehyun did). Daeyhun compliments her for that and Saetbyul chews him out for running the store to the ground while she was gone. She gently chides him for being unable to separate his personal life and work. He nods, chastised and asks her to throw away something in a drawer for him. She opens the drawer to find…

It’s rare that we get to see Daehyun smile and this one’s well-deserved. Saetbyul’s delighted and asks Daehyun to put it on for her. He obliges and smiles at how happy she is. He stammers like he has to tell her something super important, and Saetbyul eagerly waits for a confession of love but it turns out he’s just signed her up for employee insurance. He’s excited that she’s the first employee he’s signed up, and, despite it not being a confession of love, Saetbyul’s happy because it’s the first time she’s had insurance.

They taste-test new snacks together and Saetbyul notices that Daehyun’s changed his phone wallpaper. She pointblank asks him if she was the cause of the demise of his relationship. Daehyun pauses but denies it.

Saetbyul smiles in relief and says she’s glad he’s eating after such a bad breakup. He says he’s feeling fine now, and she says that’s because he has a better woman beside him anyway. He pretends not to understand what she means and hunts everywhere for this better woman going as far as to act like there’s a ghost next to him and tries to feed the ghost and act cute. Saetbyul grouses that he doesn’t even remember “all the stuff” he did to her last night. Daehyun’s agog when she describes how he clung to her saying “don’t gooooo” but sighs that it’s most likely true given his dream. Saetbyul laughs upon hearing that she was in his dream but pouts when she hears she wasn’t the only one.

Right on cue, Dalshik shows up to taste-test food with them. He congratulates Saetbyul on becoming a full-time employee and the two seem to be on good terms after their last team-up to help Daehyun.

Meanwhile trouble brews at the headquarters, Yeonjoo’s come up with a plan to promote their convenience stores by having Jiwook part-time at the Gangnam branch for a full day. The manager who used to diss her now sucks up to her after her promotion and Daehyun’s friends and the other coworkers stared in disgust at the bootlicker.

Daehyun returns home from work to find a framed picture of Boonhee as the Insurance Queen of the month. He’s delighted for her and asks who her rich clients were so he can thank them. Boonhee and Yeongpil look awkward and try to change the subject but Daehyun insists that he needs to get them a present. He keeps suggesting wine and whiskey. Thankfully, Daesoon arrives and Boonhee and Yeongpil hope for a change in conversation. But nope, she sees the picture of her mom as Insurance Queen and immediately says Boonhee should scope out the rich family some more to get them to buy even more insurance policies.

Daesoon sees the plant Yeonjoo bought Daehyun and how it’s all withered. She tsks that Daehyun should take care of it and asks Boonhee to use Yeonjoo’s family as a way of getting more sales. This hits too close to home for everyone and they’re all glad when Daesoon leaves, stealing all the food in the house along with her.

After that strained dinner, Daehyun scopes out how Saetbyul is doing.

She’s still delighted about becoming a permanent employee and her new badge. Daehyun smiles at her infectious joy. Saetbyul sees him and waves him in to trade shifts. Out of curiosity, Daehyun asks her how she knew to apply for the job. Did she apply knowing that he worked here or was it genuinely by accident.

Saetbyul thinks back to when she first noticed the store and saw Daehyun as its manager. After that she would always find a way to pass the store just to see him. In the present, she uses the same excuse Daehyun did when she asked him why he quit his job, and says that a mountain spirit appeared to her in a dream to tell her to apply. She asks him how long he’s been keeping her permanent employee nametag from her.

Daehyun thinks back to when he decided to hire her full-time, which was right after she was crowned sales queen, right before that disastrous interview. His mom was all for it, but Daehyun wanted to wait a bit to spread it out. This way she’d be excited at becoming an employee, and then even more so to be hired full-time. In the present, Daehyun uses that same mountain spirit excuse and Saetbyul laughs that he’s not going to tell her then and skips off. Daehyun laughs that if he’d known how happy she’d be….

Trouble still finds its way into the Choi family because the trip to China that Yeongpil wanted to go on so badly was reduced to $780. His friends call him, saying they’re booking their tickets, but in a surprising show of maturity, Yeongpil says he’s not going. He thinks back to the whole disaster with Yeonjoo’s mother and how hard his wife works and decides not to go.

Right then, he gets a text from Daehyun saying he ordered 2 expensive bottles of wine to thank the rich family for supporting Boonhee. Yeongpil steels himself and heads to the store to tell Daehyun the truth. Daehyun doesn’t take it well at all.

He’s about to barge right into Yeonjoo’s place when his dad stops him. Yeongpil says Boonhee knew everything and still went ahead with it. He quit his chauffeur job due to pride but Boonhee swallowed her pride to live.

Daehyun looks devastated. He opts to call his mom and tries to assure that he’s fine, but can’t hide the fact that he’s crying. Boonhee tears up as well but neither mention the incident and resolve to move on.

Meanwhile Dalshik and his Aphrodite continue to rack up gigantic phone bills with all their calls. Dalshik impressed Geumbi with his ‘wit and intelligence’ and she’s certain that he’s very ‘educated’ but in reality he’s reading quotes off…UGH I’m so tired of this. He’s reading quotes of a page with Jamaican flags on every square foot, so it sounds like he’s using Jamaican proverbs to score with Geumbi [I HATE THIS SO MUCH WHY IS THIS NECESSARY SHOW???? WHY????] Anyway, they resolve to meet the next day, which promises to be absolutely terrible.

Saetbyul drops by in the middle of Daehyun’s shift with some fruit she’s cut up for him (awwww). Daehyun has something for her too. He’s ordered uniforms for the store only Saetbyul gleefully points out that they’ll be wearing the same shirts so they’re couple tees.

Daehyun tells her they’re uniforms and not to get any funny ideas but Saetbyul’s already gotten them lol. She happily salutes and for a second Daehyun looks reluctantly smitten.

Then, he corrects her salute because he was in the army and can’t let it go lol. Saetbyul  grouses but likes having Daehyun so close to her while he corrects the salute. He clearly feels it too because he looks awkward for a second before drawing away. Saetbyul asks him why he’s being so nice to her and Daehyun says “because you’re a special perso-“ and cuts himself off to amend it.

Saetbyul’s delighted regardless. Walking away, Daehyun mutters to himself that she is a special person who brings him watermelon and tries to convince himself that being a special employee and being a special person is the same thing. [Just who are you trying to convince Daehyun lol]

The next day, Jiwook’s given the offer regarding the whole convenience store thing and says he wants to do it elsewhere, and of course it has to be at Daehyun’s store. Yeonjoo and Seungjoon are not pleased to hear about this or that Jiwook and Saetbyul are friends. Seungjoon tries to pressure Jiwook’s manager into changing the location but Yeonjoo says it’s fine, this way they get better content to promote the store.

Seungjoon asks if she’s sure and Yeonjoo says this is her first big gig after being promoted and she wants to do right by it. [I really hope it goes terribly just to spite you[.

At the store, Saetbyul asks if she can take a picture with Daehyun in their uniforms and Daehyun happily agrees. Lol he seems to be in a good mood. 

Saetbyul sucks at taking selfies so Daehyun takes the phone and uses his longer arms for the picture. Saetbyul leans in and they look super cute snapping pictures, which is of course when Yeonjoo comes in [this lady and her damn timing].

Yeonjoo formally introduces herself as though Daehyun doesn’t know her name and says she has something to discuss with Daehyun. He agrees formally as well but right as Yeonjoo’s about to speak, Saetbyul pettily loudly sighs that she needs to throw out all the expired goods. She pouts once she’s turned away.

Yeonjoo tries to speak again but Daehyun cuts her off at the same time, telling Saetbyul to throw out all the stuff at the bottom lol. Meanwhile, the dick manager and Daehyun’s watch everything go down with pleasure. The manager’s certain that Daehyun’s abusing his power over Saetbyul, which couldn’t be further from the truth,

Daehyun agrees that Yeonjoo’s offer sounds good but says it’s not a decision he can make on his own. He needs to consult his co-manager Saetbyul first. Awww, Saetbyul’s so happy to hear that. Yeonjoo leaves in a huff.

She blushes happily when Daehyun calls her ‘Co-Store Manager Saetbyul’. Awww

But she’s down a little bit later. Daehyun makes her coffee and asks why she’s sad. Saetbyul honestly tells him that she was excited to hear that Daehyun valued her input but in hindsight it feels like Daehyun was using Saetbyul to hurt Yeonjoo when he actually wants to accept the offer. Daehyun says he really didn’t mean it that way and tries to call Yeonjoo to say no to the offer. Saetbyul stops him, realizing he really did mean that the decision was hers.  He says Jiwook’s coming to the store because of her so it’s naturally her decision.

Saetbyul’s worried but Daehyun assures her that he’s well over Yeonjoo thanks to someone. Saetbyul wonders if it’s her. Daehyun doesn’t answer but thanks her.

Saetbyul couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile, Geumbi and Dalshik respectively primp up for their dates. They agree that Dalshik should wear a blue rose for her to recognize him and she should wear a red rose. Oh boy. 

Dalshik and Geumbi have chosen a crosswalk of all places to meet. We have a quick bit of homophobia where Dalshik sees a man with a red rose and panicks and runs away from him [You’d think being discriminated against would teach you not to discriminate, but then again Dalshik is racist too so idk wtf is happening]. He sees Geumbi and both grumble at the sight of the other and hide their roses when crossing the street.

But upon reaching the other side, they turn around and realizing that only the two of them are left.

After the next light, they cross the road again just to be sure. Geumbi pleads with Dalshik to tell her she’s wrong. Dalshik is flabbergasted. They throw their roses in each other’s face. Geumbi turns to go but almost gets run over by a motorcycle. Dalshik saves her and we get a classic romantic pose.

But of course she punches the lights out of him and bird poops on him. Dalshik wails wondering why it has to be her.

That evening, Daehyun’s family, wastrel sister included, drop by the store. Saetbyul cheerfully mentions the upcoming shoot at the store. Daehyun’s family’s excited but their faces fal lwhen they hear that Yeonjoo’s in charge of it. Daesoon, who has no idea about the breakup, wants to meet Yeonjoo. Daehyun repeatedly tells her not to come but I have a feeling she will anyway.

Jiwook visits Eunbyul at the agency. The group she’s debuting with [Fancy Girls, what a name lol] has their showcase coming up. Eunbyul’s glad to see him but tells him to keep the showcase a secret from Saetbyul.

Afterwards, he calls Saetbyul to let her know. Saetbyul grouses that they’ve been slaving cleaning the store because he’s showing up. He tells her he has more good news on Eunbyul and he’ll tell her if she’s good to him. Saetbyul hangs up and says she’d rather be good to Daehyun. But she’s having fun cleaning with Daehyun and her positive attitude brightens his mood, soon they’re happily cleaning away without rest.

Filming day comes and Seungjoon and Yeonjoo show up with their entire teams behind them in suits. Daehyun and Saetbyul rush out of the store in uniforms looking comparatively like the underdogs. Seungjoon’s brusque with Daehyun, treating him like a stranger. Saetbyul quickly evens those odds by thanking Seungjoon for allowing her to become a permanent employee at the store. Seungjoon asks how he helped and Saetbyul happily lets him have it.

Yeonjoo looks at Seungjoon with surprise. Right then, Jiwook shows up and puts on the same uniform. He tells Daehyun he has a mission today as well, a personal one, and asks if Daehyun can help with it. Daehyun isn’t sure he can but cheers him on.

Jiwook runs out in the uniform and tells Saetbyul they’re wearing couple tees. Saetbyul said the same thing to Daehyun but grouses hearing it from Jiwook.

Jiwook tells her about Eunbyul’s showcase and Saetbyul’s excited that she could be debuting soon. She bickers about with Jiwook calling him Eunbyul’s guardian angel. Daehyun films their interactions but looks troubled at how well they get along.

Jiwook notes that Daehyun and Yeonjoo are awkward and Saetbyul gleefully informs him that they broke up. Jiwook’s horrified that they broke up and even more horrified at how happy Saetbyul is about it.

Saetbyul races off to tell Daehyun the big news about her sister, and the bringer of said good news, Jiwook, is left behind. Poor sad puppy.

Daehyun’s really happy for Saetbyul and they decide on a celebratory party after filming ends. They even seal that promise with a fit bump, shoulder bump and hip bump lol

Jiwook and Yeonjoo watch this looking upset.

Daehyun’s asked to move something and Jiwook joins him.

He says then no one would’ve felt uncomfortable today. Daehyun insists that he’s not uncomfortable but Jiwook says it looks like he’s using Saetbyul to get back at Yeonjoo and that makes Jiwook uncomfortable.

He tells Daehyun that if he’s not going to date Saetbyul seriously, then he shouldn’t do anything that might confuse. Daehyun asks why he’s saying all this and Jiwook confesses that he likes Saetbyul. Daehyun freezes in surprise and of course Saetbyul shows up then saying filming’s about to start.




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