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Backstreet Rookie Ep 8 Recap (and Yeonjoo hits bottom)

We start out with a super freaked out Daehyun realizing that Saetbyul’s in his house.

Daehyun’s mom comes out and tells him she’ll be sleeping here tonight. Daehyun raises a huge stink about it telling his mom to make her leave or he’ll leave. Boonhee tells him to leave. Saetbyul smiles and Daehyun wails at the injustice of it all lol. And thus begins episode 8!

Meanwhile, a somber Yeonjoo’s drinking with Seungjoo, who asks her why she was so distracted during the musical. Yeonjoo tells him that Daehyun was there and that he’d invited her and the seat next to him was meant to be hers. Seungjoon asks if she regrets not going with him and she says she doesn’t know. She’s just feels like she can’t do anything these days and keeps losing confidence in herself. Seungjoon, rat that he is, uses this as an excuse to tell her that Daehyun is the issue.

Yeonjoo seems affected by this though.

In a few hours, Daehyun heads out to work, still grousing at Saetbyul living at his place. His main reason for being upset: there’s only one bathroom and he can’t shower LOL. Boonhee tells him to just shower at work. Daehyun relieves his dad at the store and his dad uses Daehyun being late as an excuse to wrangle $150 out of him for his I-want-to-cheat-on-my-tired-wife trip. Daehyun reluctantly hands him the money but fails to mention that Saetbyul’s now at their place.

Yeonpil’s about to get a can of beer when he sees Saetbyul (who’s come down for a glass of water) dressed in white, and panicks thinking she’s a ghost. He passes out and Saetbyul wonders what she should do. Boonhee notices and tells her to just leave Yeongpil on the floor, this way she can finally get some sleep and avoid his snoring. Saetbyul’s all wtf, but does it anyway.

Once in bed, she texts Eunbyul asking her to please let her know where on earth she is. Eunbyul doesn’t respond.

A new day dawns, and Daehyun is able to procure tickets for the same musical (Phantom of the Opera) for that night. Poor guy’s trying so hard to have a 1001st day date with Yeonjoo. He pays an exorbitant amount for them and calls Yeonjoo to ask if she can come tonight. Yeonjoo isn’t overly enthusiastic but agrees.

Saetbyul threatens Eunbyul’s best friend Oh Hyeonji asking her where Eunbyul but the girl lies that she has no idea (because Eunbyul promised to let her be her manager if she didn’t tell Saetbyul anything). Saetbyul’s more upset and lost than ever.

Eunbyul, on the other hand, seems to be a having a good time. She’s introduced to the other 3 members of the girl group she’s supposed to be debuting with and they seem to be nice so far. She’s elated that her dreams’ll come true soon, but I suspect that iljin past is going to bite her in the butt real soon.

Saetbyul’s about to leave Daehyun’s home, thanking Boonhee for her hospitality but Boonhee insists that she stay until she has a place to stay. Saetbyul doesn’t want her to go to any trouble but Boonhee merrily insists that this is her home and she decides who stays in it. She’s even made Saetbyul a magnificent breakfast that Saetbyul appreciatively eats. Boonhee and Yeongpil clean out a spare bedroom for Saetbyul, with Yeonpil grousing the whole time about his aching back. Boonhee has to run out to quickly make some money (the sale doesn’t end up working out bc the lady just wanted a free meal, Boonhee sadly has to pay for the conniving woman’s food). Instead of cleaning out the room as Boonhee requested, Yeongpil sleeps, dreaming of Jangmi and vowing his love for her and his desire to see her (blegh) and that’s exactly how a furious Boonhee finds him. She whacks the crap out of him and kicks him out, telling him to get to work (honestly serves him right).

Daehyun switches shifts with his dad and says he’ll be late to his shift tonight (due to his date with Yeonjoo). His dad demands extra pay (to add to his i-wanna-cheat-on-my-wife-trip) and Daehyun has to agree. He asks his dad if anyone’s home and Yeongpil assures him that no one’s home and he can finally take a shower.

Only Saetbyul just got home and wants a shower herself. Not knowing this, Daehyun’s happily gets ready to jump in the bath…when…  

Saetbyul freaks out at seeing Daehyun in his boxers, and he freaks out that Saetbyul ‘s seeing him in his boxers. He yells that was way too close and asks her to just go home already. He asks why she’s just whiling her time away at his place and Saetbyul looks hurt and shoves past him.

Turns out Saetbyul went to the real estate agency that scammed her but couldn’t find the guy who took her money. Awww. 

That night, Daehyun and Yeonjoo watches the musical, both for the second time in a room. Daehyun tries really hard to make this a good experience for Yeonjoo and is very solicitous of her, especially because she looks really unhappy. He asks if she’s okay but she assures him that she’s fine and grateful for his effort. After the musical, Daehyun surprises her with a voucher that he stood in line for ages to get, that allows you to get a picture with the musical’s director. Yeonjoo panicks knowing that the director will recognize her and tries to refuse but ends up having to use one of the phantom of the opera masks to hide her face as she takes the picture.

Seungjoon walks by right then and witnesses the most awkward picture of all time.

Yeonjoo furious at having to experience such embarrassment, but of course she doesn’t communicate this with Daehyun so he has no idea why she’s snapping at him. She excuses herself saying she has a headache and wants to go home. Daehyun’s sad to see her go because he had more planned but she snipes at him.

Literally, that’s actually what she says. She then flags a taxi and runs off, leaving a devastated Daehyun. Yeonjoo thinks back to Seungjoon saying that a relationship where you have to work hard isn’t worth the effort. She thinks he’s right. [um, what relationship advice school has this guy gone to because every relationship requires work. If you’re just going to walk away when things get hard, then don’t get in a relationship at all because all you’re going to do is hurt your partner if you quit when things get rough. ]

A sad Daehyun returns to the store to find his sister (Daesoon) there instead of his dad. Apparently his dad’s been gone for quite some time. But more concerning than that, she tells him is that Saetbyul was scammed and evicted. Daehyun’s aghast upon realizing why Saetbyul’s staying with them, and races out of the store because he saw the real estate scammer while on the way!

Saetbyul’s pops by then to grab her parcel from the store and hears that Daehyun’s chasing after Manbok (the scammer). She hops on her back and chases after him. They meet up just in time to see Manbok speed away in a scooter, so Daehyun and Saetbyul double up on her scooter to chase after him.

During the chase, Daehyun asks her why she didn’t tell him, even though he’s appointed himself her guardian. Saetbyul says he was only her guardian because she was his employee. Daehyun says he heard she was evicted the night she quit, so she was still his employee and he was still her guardian. He asks her to hold on tight to him and she happily grabs his waist, saying she’s only doing it because he asked lol.

She asks why he’s helping her, is it because she’s getting in the way of his love life? He has he has his honour the way she has her loyalty.

Unfortunately, they lose Manbok when he escapes through a building and a gate slammed between them, preventing them from going after him. Saetbyul is distraguth. Daehyun asks if she wants him to walk her home but she slumps off. Schoolgirls walk by and she’s reminded of Eunbyul. She texts her saying she’ll forgive everything and to just come back, but there’s no response.

Yeonjoo drinks with Seungjoon, who holds her hand. She wonders what she’s doing.

He strokes her hair and makes out with her. Oh wow that’s some kissing. 

Daehyun calls Yeonjoo then, but well…she’s otherwise occupied. Saetbyul enlists Jiwook’s (CUTIE!) help in finding Eunbyul. She’s clearly distraught and Jiwook gently promises to use all his resources and help her. I want them to end up together!!

Meanwhile, cracks are starting to show in Eunbyul’s dream. The other 3 girls head out to vocal training ( to which Eunbyul has not been asked to attend) and leave her to do the dishes, laundry and iron clothes. Eunbyul seems to understand what’s happening but says it doesn’t matter.

Daehyun enlists his dad and his dad’s friends’ help in tracking down Manbok. After hearing that a lady Manbok was interested in quit her job right after he scammed everyone, they all go on stakeout to catch Manbok. Yeongpil and his friends are quickly found out when police show up saying they’re being suspicious, but Daehyun remains uncaught.

Saetbyul shows up at his stakeout point having heard Manbok could show up there and is surprised and moved to see Daehyun there.

He says he’s generally a suuuper nice person so girls just fall for him alll the time and Saetbyul retorts that his girlfriend refused to go the musical with him. Daehyun doesn’t know how to correct her especially given what happened on their date date but grouses away.

A couple then shows up, thinking they’re alone, and starts hardcore making out. Daehyun and Saetbyul go googly-eyed.

Once the couple sees him, Daehyun tells them to keep as they were and Saetbyul wishes them the best. They practically race out of there lol. Saetbyul drives her bike, with Daehyun in the back. He awkwardly holds onto his seat, not knowing how to hold on to her. He tries touching her shoulders but feels awkward. Saetbyul noticesh is awkwardness but says nothing.

At the store during his shift, he searches up how to catch swindlers. In her new room, Saetbyul sees an old newspaper article of Daehyun helping an elderly person and smiles.

Saetbyul gets a call saying the headquarters means to give her a monetary award for her his sales performance, so she heads over. Of course, she runs into Yeonjoo who coolly congratulates her.

At the ceremony, Seungjoon presents the award, part of which includes tickets to that same damn musical. Saetbyul wonders if it’s good and Seungjoon says he saw it with Yeonjoo and it’s pretty good. Saetbyul frowns, thinking back to Boonhee tells her how badly Daehyun wanted to see it with Yeonjoo and how she had work that day. She glares at Yeonjoo realizing what must have happened and goes after her.

Saetbyul asks Yeonjoo if she remembers what she said at the hospital about Daehyun being a pure and kid guy with no strings attached. Yeonjoo’s all ‘so what?’ and Saetbyul guts to the chase. She asks if Yeonjoo ditched Daehyun

Yeonjoo says she had her reasons and it’s none of Saetbyul’s business. She tries to turn away but Saetbyul says Yeonjoo was right. She likes Daehyun and she believed Yeonjoo’s words that Saetbyul was the issue in their relationship so she stayed away.

Yeonjoo reiterates that what happens between herself and Daehyun is none of Saetbyul’s business but Saetbyul disagrees.

Yeonjoo asks what she’s going do and Saetbyul scoffs, asking what Yeonjoo thinks she’s going to do. Yeonjoo knows very well what Saetbyul is capable of and storms off. Unfortunately, a crowd witnesses his conversation, Seungjoon among them, and he fires Saetbyul on the spot.

But Saetbyul’s words hit hard. During a meeting, Yeonjoo flashes back to every single time Daehyun popped by, and his smiling cheerful face. She thinks of everything he’s done for her, the gentle way he reprimands her, how much he tries for her and she runs out of the meeting.

[I’m gonna say she’s too late]. She says to herself that this won’t happen again and runs to him. Seungjoon tries to stop her but she tells him to get out of the way. She runs to the store where Dalshik is (who’s pretty happy because his number 1 support – aka Geumbi but he doesn’t know that – sent him $1000. He sent her his number and is eagerly waiting a text/call lol). Dalshik tells her Daehyun’s probably at home and gives her his address.

Yeonjoo races there as Boonhee comes home. Boonhee cheerfully recognizes her and welcomes her into the family until Yeonjoo’s mother. However, a storm is brewing because when Dalshik goes into the back he finds Daehyun sleeping there. He tells Daehyun that he sent Yeonjoo to his place though.

Daehyun panicks realizing that Yeonjoo’s going to find out that Saetbyul lives at his place. He calls her and calls his mom but no one picks up [I swear that’s a hallmark of his show. No one picks up their phones!]. He runs all the way home, as Saetbyul scooters all the way home. He gets there in time and tries to get Yeonjoo out so he can talk to her, and that’s right when Saetbyul comes in.

Yeonjoo glares at her, Saetbyul glares back and Daehyun just wants to die already.


Wow, Yeonjoo hit bottom today. Every relationship goes through its ups and down, but Daehyun tries hard despite it all. That’s what you do for your partner. Yeonjoo, on the other hand, doesn’t try at all, doesn’t communicate and expects Daehyun to know what she wants. And then she gets angry when he tries super hard but can’t read her mind. Sorry, but that’s not how the real world works.

The issue here is simple: Yeonjoo’s tired of living a double life and having to make excuses to Daehyun to go work and make excuses at work and home to see Daehyun. But here’s the thing. She doesn’t have to. No one is forcing her to live his double life but her own snobbishness and insecurity. She’s too insecure to be open that Daehyun’s her boyfriend and she isn’t honest about her drive for her work with Daehyun. And then she blames him for her insecurity. It’s just bullshit and poor Daehyun suffers no matter what he does. It’s sad to see how much stress his guy lives with and honestly, I can’t wait for her to leave his life so the poor guy can finally have a break.

On the other hand, Daehyun really shone in this episode. That selfless nature we’ve seen from episode 1 came to the forefront as he tirelessly sought to help Saetbyul. Speaking of Saetbyul, wow she really stepped up her game. I love her maturity in stepping away and I love her wisdom when she put Yeonjoo in her place. At this point, Yeonjoo has proven herself unworthy of Daehyun in every single way. It took 2 years for her to visit his house for heaven’s sake! I’m excited to watch this relationship go down, and curious to see how this show’ll pull Daehyun-Saetbyul off!


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