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Backstreet Rookie Ep 6 Recap (and everyone gets hurt)

We return to the aftermath of the three iljin girls whacking Saetbyul on the head. They flee, thinking they’ve killed her, not knowing they were caught on CCTV. Daehyun’s returning to the store right then and hears their conversation. He immediately recognizes them as the girl terrorizing Yeonjoo and whom Saetbyul laid out on the bathroom floor that night. Fearing for Saetbyul’s life, he runs to the store and finds her unconscious.

She revives immediately and freaks out to see his face so close to her own. She says she’s fine for 0.3 seconds until she falls to the ground clutching her stomach in pain. Daehyun panicks and calls an ambulance and thus begins episode 6! What a wild start!

Turns out Saetbyul has appendicitis and Daehyun’s bewildered at how Saetbyul was hit in the head up ended up appendicitis. Saetbyul doesn’t want to get surgery but Daehyun tells her she doesn’t exactly have a choice plus she’s in a lot of pain. He calls his mother to watch over her while he looks over the CCTV footage with the female officer that’s been consistently present throughout this show, to nail down the iljins who hit Saetbyul.

Afterwards, he’s about to head to the hospital when Yeonjoo’s face (his screensaver) reminds him of the piggyback he witness with Seungjoon. In Saetbyul’s hospital room, Daehyun then has the weirdest funniest dream.

He dreams, he’s texting Yeonjoo apologizing and saying he never wanted to give Saetbyul the piggyback ride, only dream Saetbyul wakes up and says she has to use the bathroom and demands a piggyback ride. Dream Daehyun refuses.

Dream Saetbyul insists and suddenly forces herself on top of him. He panicks and tries to get her off when the hospital room door opens and Yeonjoo walks in.

Dream Saetbyul then accuses him of forcing a piggyback ride on her and walks away.

Dream Daehyun stammers to Dream Yeonjoo that this isn’t what she looks like but she says she understands him, and that she brought someone to give him a piggyback ride. She promptly shoots him. Daehyun’s soul starts to come out of his body and he desperately tries to put himself back in his body (now this is good comedy!)

Right then, the Grim Reaper shows up all garbed in black and leers at Dream Daehyun says he’ll give him all the piggybacks he wants. He carts Daehyun on his back and takes him to the afterlife.

Daehyun screams and wakes up lol Saetbyul’s staring at him like he’s an idiot and wonders why he’s all shaken up when she’s the one who got out of surgery. After clearing his head, Daehyun says he’s informed the police and will pay her hospital bills as well so she should rest up. Saetbyul’s pretty elated haha.

Daehyun’s much less elated when he walks into his store to find his sister (who was supposed to be in charge) stealing food from the store along with her husband (cameo by Lee Bumsoo!). That combined with Yeonjoo not responded to his texts depresses him quite a bit. He returns to find Saetbyul begging to leave the hospital. He doesn’t know it’s because she’s just found out that Eunbyul’s going to be skipping school again to head to a second round of auditions but he’s tired of everything and tells her to do whatever she wants.

Meanwhile (sigh) Dalshik cuts loose at an arcade machine and beats the previous record set by Geumbi. They cross paths but don’t notice each other, as Geunbi furiously tries to regain her crown by beating Dalshik’s new record. Eunjo sighs that if she put in this effort to study, she’d have been accepted at Seoul National University (I agree).

Dalshik returns to man the store and is treated to a regular bout of racism by Daehyun’s mom who slaps at him twisting his hair. He gets some more racism from Geumbi and Eunjo who mean to ambush Saetbyul in the store but ambush him instead and then happily break his nose and threaten with their with usual bullshit. Lovely. Wow. Dalshik snaps at them to just go to the hospital and says they’re some friends not even knowing Saetbyul’s in the hospital. That finally makes them leave.

Daehyun waits out the hotel Yeonjoo exercises at. She comes out but doesn’t want to see him and says she has plans. Sengjoon drives up right then and she gets into his car. Daehyun then overhears the manager who seems to have it out for Yeonjoo commenting to another coworker that Daehyun started all this by flirting with Saetbyul so he deserves what he gets. They agree that Yeonjoo’s entitled to switch over to someone bigger and better. Daehyun looks more hurt than ever.

Turns out Yeonjoo and Seungjoon are at a yacht engagement party. Yeonjoo wistfully watches the proposal and Seungjoon wistfully watches her.

Daehyun returns to the hospital to get real with Saetbyul. He says it’s hard for him to say this right now but he has no choice.

He asks her to stop working at the store only Saetbyul’s been moved to a rich person room courtesy of Geumbi and this is a different patient. Once he finds Saetbyul in the other room, awake, he doesn’t know how to ask her to stop working at the store. He just says they’ll take once she’s discharged. Saetbyul excitedly talks about returning to work, which has him sighing on what on earth he’s supposed to do.

On the yacht, Seungjoon covers Yeonjoo’s shoulders. He suddenly hugs her, saying this is the last hug he’ll be giving her as a friend. He wasn’t happy when she was dating Daehyun but he respected her decision. However, now, he can’t watch her suffer anymore. Yeonjoo says she likes him as a friend and plans to treating him that way, but Seungjoon asks her to think about why she’s suffering right now and tells her he means what he’s said.

Cutie Jiwook pops by with flowers for Saetbyul, delighting her. She remarks that hibiscus flowers mean noble friendship which suits them perfectly. Jiwook’s smile falls a little but Saetbyul’s happiness is infectious and he’s smiling in no time before he has to leave for a schedule.

Daehyun’s mom, Boonhee, washes Saetbyul’s hair in the fancy hospital bathroom accompanying her fancy hospital room. Saetbyul tears up admitting that no one’s ever done this for her and Boonhee says she’s grown up just fine regardless. They bond as Boonhee marvels at Geunbi paying for Saetbyul’s room and says she had a super close friend named Jangmi as well but Jangmi vanished when she was about Saetbyul’s age and Boonhee never heard from her again. Saetbyul and Boonhee discuss Jangmi, but it’s clear that Saetbyul’s focus is on someone she now considers a surrogate mother of sorts.

Meanwhile, Yeongpil (Daehyun’s dad) also discusses Jangmi with his friends. Turns out he’s been looking for her all this time and has just found out that she’s been running a Chinese restaurant this entire time. Uh-oh Boonhee’s not going to be happy with this

Meanwhile, Yeonjoo’s mom does a background check on Daehyun and is horrified at how poor he is. She goes to the store, where Yeongpil is in charge, and snobbishly orders “whatever the cost it takes to get delivery”. Yeongpil says they don’t offer delivery but she quickly changed his mind by ordering $1000 worth of items. And of course, Yeongpil makes Daehyun deliver these items, which was Yeonjoo’s mother’s goal all along.

Daehyun recognizes the address immediately but vows to go through with it and introduce himself while he’s at it. Oh, you poor innocent boy. 

He messes up by introducing himself to the head maid, thinking she’s Yeonjoo’s mom, and has to be corrected. He brings the boxes in and tries to introduce himself to Yeonjoo’s mother but she just calls him ‘a delivery guy’.  Daehyun lists of his credentials as a store manager and is about to introduce himself as Yeonjoo’s boyfriend when Yeonjoo comes in. She witnesses her mother try to tip him $200. Daehyun refuses at first but she insists.

Daehyun ends up having to take the money and leaves out of sheer embarrassment. Yeonjoo’s mother then tells her maid to get rid of all $1000 worth of stuff and tells Yeonjoo to get her head straight. Yeonjoo knows the power play didn’t go unnoticed by Daehyun and rushes out to try talk to him but he’s left. She calls him and asks if they can meet but he’s heading back to the store.

She tries to tell him not to mind her mother but that’s easier said than done. Daehyun tries to brush it off and act positive by saying that he’s grateful she bought so much from the store and that he just thought it would be best to introduce himself next time. He apologizes for the piggyback picture incident as well. Yeonjoo knows he’s hurt and tries to keep talking but he hangs up saying he’s driving and will call her later. Somehow, Yeonjoo knows the damage has been done.

She runs into the store but Daehyun isn’t there. Boonhee tells her that he might be with Saetbyul at the hospital. She recognizes her as Daehyun’s girlfriend but doesn’t seem to be super impressed. Daehyun isn’t at the hospital though. He’s by a bridge, looking sad as hell. Awwww.

Yeonjoo charges into the hospital but can’t find Daehyun. Saetbyul says that Daehyun isn’t there but Yeonjoo’s here to see Saetbyul not Daehyun. She says Daehyun’s kind and pure of heart and always puts others before himself. Yeonjoo misunderstands that Daehyun paid for Saetbyul’s fancy room. Saetbyul tries to explain but Yeonjoo says that she dated him for 2 years and they never once fought until Saetbyul showed up.

[So this is absolutely a lie. Yeonjoo’s always searching for someone to blame things on. Daehyun’s hurt right now has nothing to do with Saetbyul and everything to do with how Yeonjoo’s snobbish mother treated him, but Yeonjoo doesn’t want to admit that because it would mean she’d have to admit her complicity in reinforcing that snobbishness via her own snobbery. Instead of fessing up to her flaws, what does she do? Blame poor Saetbyul. Yeesh.]

She says she’s here to tell Saetbyul what Daehyun can’t. Yeonjoo tells Saetbyul to please stop causing trouble between them and stop working at the convenience store. Right then Jiwook shows up, unaware of the conflict between the two. Yeonjoo leaves and a very hurt Saetbyul asks Jiwook if he’s strong and asks how long he can raise his arms for.

Cut to him holding her IV drip as they watch a movie lol. Jiwook looks super smitten as he stares at her, but Saetbyul’s forcing her laughter.

Yeonjoo returns home looks despondent. Staring over Seoul on top of the bridge, Daehyun silently cries. Saetbyul fakes laughter some more. A woman posts a notice on Saetbyul’s door regarding all the bills she hasn’t paid. These bills aren’t Saetbyul’s but Eunbyul’s. Saetbyul just hasn’t noticed because she’s been so busy with the store and taking care of her deliquent sister.

And where is said garbage sister? At her audition of course. Geumbi calls her once she’s done and yells at her to come to the hospital. Eunbyul doesn’t believe that Saetbyul was actually whacked on the head until Geumbi sends her pictures of the girls that did it, the same girls that head the iljin gang Eunbyul is a part of. She runs off to beat them up in turn (hey loyalty is good). And Geumbi runs off to tell Saetbyul that her little sister is about to get revenge for her.

Eunbyul beats up some of the girls but then a trio of iljin boys come in and she’s outnumbered. Saetbyul shows up right then.

An all out brawl begins. 3 iljin girls + 3 iljin guys vs Saetbyul, Geumbi, Eunjo and Eunbyul. Depsite the numbers, it’s an easy win for Saetbyul. She farts a gigantofart right then, meaning she’s ready for discharge. Eunjo and Geumbi are nearly killed by the smell.

Saetbyul returns to her room to find Daehyun napping on her bed. He asks where she’d gone when she’s still a patient.

He worries about her condition, but Saetbyul keeps thinking of Yeonjoo’s words. She asks Daehyun if she’s as bad a person as he thought she was. Daehyun confused. Saetbyul says he’s no longer going to misunderstand her, right? He’s no longer going to be suspicious of her right?

Saetbyul says that’s good, and says it’s time then for her to quit working at the store. She says she’s been thinking it’s time to quit but didn’t want him to think badly of her so she kept working to prove that she’s not a bad person despite her background and upbringing. She wishes him all the best.

She even gives him finger hearts and turns to leave then and there.

She looks resolute but Daehyun looks even more heartbroken at yet another person leaving him.

Thus ends episode 6!

Awww, okay that’s a really sweet thing for her to do but it’s so unnecessary. I think Daehyun’s working through his feelings for Yeonjoo and he needs all the support he can get so I really hope she takes that back!

We’ve an interesting parallel running right now. While Yeonjoo acts more childlike than ever, Saetbyul really matures in this episode. She’s calmer, more collected and gently leaves instead of pettily dragging things out. She’s actually being really selfless here, and thinking back, that is a habit of Saetbyul’s. Just like Daehyun, Saetbyul’s selfless to a fault. On the other hand, Yeonjoo wouldn’t know what selfless was if it bit her in the butt.

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