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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 11 Recap (and so much CUTENESS)

Here it is! The moment we’ve been waiting for! I’m so excited!!!

Weolju confronts Manager Gui, asking who he is. He looks surprised, and asks what’s gotten into her, or whether she ate something strange. But Weolju quietly walks past him, close to tears, and pours herself some water to steady her nerves. Manager Gui says she’s scaring him, but she gives up and says it’s nothing. He jokes this sure was anticlimatic, but some part of him seems to be aware that Weolju knows.

He stutters that she didn’t get any groceries and they’re out of everything so he’ll go grab some so they can open today.

After he leaves, Weolju starts to cry. Awwwww!!!

At the mart, Manager Gui gives Kangbae his fake excuse on how he trade state (heavenly?) secrets in return for Queen Yeomra taking back Weolju’s contract. Kangbae’s delighted.

Manager Gui’s surprised that Weolju didn’t tell Kangbae herself. Kangbae says she saw him and Yeorin together and just left. Manager Gui’s confused but Kangbae insists that’s how it happens (Hmm…why isn’t Kangbae telling Manager Gui about the words he repeated that Weolju asked about?)

Back at the bar that night, Weolju’s in a foul temper. She’s cold towards Manager Gui and both him and Kangbae wonder what’s going on. Kangbae tries to ask her what’s wrong but she’s sour and rude as hell. Kangbae asks why she’s so upset on such a happy day, after all Manager Gui saved her from the Hell of Extinction. Kangbae suggests that she should treat Manager Gui to a meal but Weolju’s still in a stink, yelling that Kangbae didn’t touch anyone that night and she only has four days left to meet her deadline. She orders both of them out and they hurry away, wondering what’s wrong.

Manager Gui sighs that she’s been like this since she went to the mart. Kangbae finally mentions that Weolju overheard him mentioning those lines to Yeorin. Manager Gui looks terrified and asks Kangbae if he told her that he gave them those lines. Kangbae says of course he did! Manager Gui freaks out.

On the other hand, Weolju’s having tea with Samshin telling her she knows that Manager Gui is her prince. She wonders why Manager Gui dared to come back to her side. Samshin tells her to talk to him directly, but Weolju says there’s so much she wants to say. When she sees his face, it just can’t come out. She wonders if it’s because she hates him so much. Samshin wisely adds that it could be because she missed him so much. Weolju refuses to believe that she still loves him.

She asks if Samshin knew all along and Samshin hurriedly pretends that she had no clue. No clue at all. LOL.

In the meantime, Yeorin’s buying Kangbae clothes to make up for him buying their dance outfit. She’s cheesy and corny af the next day but they’re very happy together. Only, something seems strange, whenever Yeorin tries to touch Kangbae or hold his hand, she hears a voice yelling ‘GET AWAY FROM HIM! She thinks it’s part of her bad luck coming back again and runs away much to Kangbae’s confusion.

The next day, Manager Gui approaches the bar, not knowing how to face Weolju. He wanders about the entrance and almost runs straight into Weolju and has to pretend he was admiring the weather. She’s still angry with him. He tries to take all menial tasks from her, but she isn’t falling for the distractions.

She asks if it was fun for him all this time. In her past life, she needed his protection, not that she got it, and in this life, she needed him to settle 100,000 grudges. He must have thought she was quite useless, unable to do a thing without him.  Manager Gui says he’s here to help her but Weolju says she died because of him and is serving this punishment because of him. Is that a joke to him? She says she even saw him in wedding attire. Manager Gui says she doesn’t know everything, but Weolju says that was everything to her. It all comes pouring out of her.

She says she can forgive him marrying someone else but why kill her mother? What did she do wrong? He should at least have stopped that. Did he feel good about that? She had nothing to live for and it wasn’t just her, but her…She stopped herself from saying ‘baby’.

Manager Gui says he’s only her to help her and begs her to let him stay with her until her grudge is appeased. Weolju fires back that the rich still seem to think that killing people and saving people are their jobs. He promised to save her them and killed her, and he’s promising to save her now again, should she get on her knees and thank him?

Manager Gui yells that she doesn’t know everything and to just trust him this once but she slaps him and tells him to get lost, she doesn’t want to see him again. Manager Gui tearfully leaves.

Meanwhile, Yeorin consults Weolju regarding the voice she keeps hearing. While Weolju’s otherwise distracted, Yeorin downs the ssangapju and morphs into a older woman in a hanbok. Turns out this is the Cinnabar, who’s been keeping men away from Yeorin because…she’s afraid of men lol. Weolju tells her to leave her grudges and let Yeorin date Kangbae in peace. But Cinnabar explains why she’s afraid of men.

She’d get stuffy in her cave as a spiritual object and would take the form of a woman during the night. She’d heal people and help them during this time. This was when she met and fell in love with Wonhyung (WHAT OMG!) Weolju doesn’t seem to know that the man the Cinna bar is describing is Wonhyung, and she cheers her on saying things seemed to be going well.

The Cinnabar would bring Wonhyung scrapings of herself that Wonhyung promised would be used for good purposes (but probably not lol). 

But when she stopped seeing him, he showed his true colours. He followed her back and started to take a hammer to shatter her to pieces and steal the entire rock for himself. She appears in human form to tell him to that she’ll die if he does this but he doesn’t care.  He says he needs to sell her to raise money for an army. She cries that he said he was using the shavings she gave him for the poor. Wonhyung laughs that the poor will get better once the king’s changed and the present king just isn’t good enough. The Cinnabar tries to stop him but she goes ahead and kills her.

Weolju’s horrified at the terrible turn of events and says she completely understands, having had terrible luck with men herself. They bond over their hatred of men.

But Weolju wonders why she stopped seeing Wonhyung if she liked him so much. The Cinnabar says that something felt off about him. She was walking around when she saw Wonhyung come out of a house with a sword. Weolju thinks he must have been stealing something, but the Cinnabar says there was nothing in the shrine to steal. She says that the shaman there used to visit her all the time, and her and her daughter ahd such a tragic end. Weolju realizes this was her mother.

She asks if the man’s name was Kim Wonhyung. The Cinnabar’s surprised that she knows. Weolju looks devastated.

Meanwhile, Manager Gui comes to visit the queen only the area’s walled off due to her death. Manager Gui immediately tells Yeom/Wonhyung that someone’s been watching him and killing off the people who try to get in their way of solving cases. He asks Yeom/Wonhyung to tell him the truth. Yeom/Wonhyung gets out of it by giving Manager Gui  80% of the truth but not the whole deal.

He says the spirit who did all of this was Wonhyung, who escaped from Hell to make Manager Gui and Weolju suffer but he also says that he caught Wonhyung and sent him to Hell the day before so Manager Gui has nothing to worry about. He says he wanted to tell Manager Gui but he didn’t want his son to die twice by the same hand. Manager Gui seems to buy it even if a little bewildered at how Yeom, who always needed his help to catch spirits, managed to do this by himself.

The next day, Yeorin fights off her hangover, wondering how she got home. She’s honest with Kangbae about her trauma of being touched and says she’s going to a doctor to see if she can overcome it. Kangbae sweetly tells her to take her time. He says he waited 27 years to meet her, and waiting a bit more isn’t a problem at all.  AWWWWWWW. 

She asks him to thank Weolju for bringing her home. She describes the ssangapju to Kangbae who’s horrified that she drank it.

At the bar, Weolju’s in a lovely pink hambok, remembering Wonhyung lying to her that an assassin killed her mother. She wonders why Wonhyung would plot an uprising when he was best friends with her prince. She finally gets curious about the truth.

Meanwhile, Manager Gui’s at the reincarnated queen’s funeral, paying his respects. As he leaves, he finds Weolju waiting for him. She looks at him like she doesn’t know what to do but can’t help coming back to him.

They sit awkwardly at a restaurant. She says she heard about what happened to the Queen and after hearing from the Cinnabar, something doesn’t add up. She asks if it’s true that Wonhyung planned an uprising and killed her mother. Manager Gui apologizes for finding out too late. The woman Manager Gui was to marry was Wonhyung’s sister. He says that as his plans to marry Weolju sped up, so did Wonhyung’s plans to kill her. He finally tells her that he was going to propose to her that night. After he heard what happened, he wanted to take everything away from Wonhyung.

He wanted to do the same to Wonhyung to make him feel exactly what he felt.

So he didn’t go through the wedding. Manager Gui pretended that he was going to go through the wedding but before the the supposed bride was going to come out. The prince had Wonhyung arrested for treason. As Wonhyung gleefully admitted that he did everything he did to protect the country from some lowly shaman girl the King was obsessed with, and to accumulated military power, the prince finally killed him in front of his father (Grim Reaper Yeom). After that, the prince went to the Sacred Tree in tears that he couldn’t protect Weolju. “If there’s a next life, I’ll find you them.”

Weolju cries, asking why he didn’t say anything. She said she hated him for 500 years. Manager Gui says that 500 years of hatred can’t be easily easily eliminated with a few words. She would have sent him way, and there wouldn’t be a point to anything if he couldn’t be by her side to protect her. He wanted to show her through his actions, that he was still trustworthy.


For a second as he puts it on, they revert their younger selves. Just plain old Weolju and the prince. They both smile. Omg Kangbae’s going to die at this.

Back at work, Kangbae’s interrupted by Yeom/Wonhyung, and tells him that Weolju was in Yeorin’s dream world. Yeom/Wonhyun doesn’t know who Yeorin is, but finds out pretty quickly the next day. He recognizes her immediately and stalks her ready to kill, which is right when Manager Gui drops by, and wonders what Yeom/Wonhyung’s doing her. He tells him he’s made up with Weolju and asks him to drop by if he can. Weolju’s trying to solve the Cinnabar’s grudge after which they only have one more case. Yeom/Wonhyung files this away, determined to sabotage them.

LOL, Weolju picks Yeorin up and has spiked the coffee with ssangapju to get Yeorin to spill her beans.

Yeorin drinks the coffee and out emerges the Cinnabar. Weolju says she’s here to pay a debt. Thanks to the Cinnabar, she was able to resolve a 500-year-old grudge. Weolju knows that the Cinnabar doesn’t have any friends. Given that, you’re supposed to let out heartbreak with your girlfriends, Weolju’s prepared 3 ways to get ride of heartbreak.

Method 1:  Karaoke it out with Samshin and Weolju and a cameo from the original singer of the song they’re singing (Tears By Chanhwee)!

Method 2: Desserts

Method 3: Friends

Awww. Weolju tells her not to waste her reincarnated life on a piece of trash like Wonhyung. Samshin tells her it must’ve been hard to have no one to talk to for years. And even if they break up, Samshin and Weolju will be waiting to party it out with her. But Weolju tells her that Kangbae’s an amazing guy and not to worry.

Later, Yeorin comes back to herself and tells Kangbae she missed her appointment due to falling asleep in Weolju’s car. Kangbae can already guess at what happened. Yeorin touches Kangbae and notices that she hears nothing. She happily touches and hugs Kangbae. Aww they look so happy!.

Manager Gui and Weolju celebrate hitting 99,999, by going to a restaurant. She happily places food on his plate. She says there’s only more left so they should work hard, but this is clearly a date. A little kid passes by and Weolju wonders how to tell Manager Guu if their child. She asks if he’d have been a good dad if they had a kid. He knows he would’ve been good but he laughs thinking of her as a mother.

She asks why he didn’t get reincarnated. He could’ve been married and had kids. Manager Gui wonders if he should’ve ditched her and gotten married, but sweetly tells her that she was his focus.  

Back at the bar, Kangbae sees the 99,999 and thanks Weolju for helping Yeorin. He turns around to see….this….when Weolju cuts herself.

Kangbae’s like wtf. 

Kangbae even notices the ring on Weolju’s ring fingers and wonders why the ring on Manager Gui’s necklace is now on Weolju’s fingers. He threatens to leave unless they tell him the truth.

That’s not all they did LOL. Kangbae’s even more horrified when he realizes that all those cheesy lines he was saying were originally directed at Weolju. Kangbae runs out to handle coupons unable to handle the loveydovey atmostphere. Manager Gui chases after him, which is when Yeom/Wonhyung comes it and notices the 99,999.

Manager Gui chases Kangbae to a park. Kangbae wails that he keeps imagining things LOL. Manager Gui tries to explain it away as all being in the past and jokes saying that Weolju didn’t have a temper before but he isn’t sure he can date her now. Kangbae marvels that Manager Gui’s depth of feeling for Weolju and Weolju’s sense of responsibility. Manager Gui says that sounds like there’s someone else she’s responsible for in addition to the 100,000 souls. Kangbae doesn’t know how to tell him about the child, and just explains it away saying that it’s him. Weolju sure felt responsible for Kangbae. He says they’ve 2 days to get the last person. Manager Gui’s certain that’s possible. He gets a call right them from Queen Yeomra

At the bar, Weolju thanks Yeom/Wonhyung for catching Wonhyung. She even mentions her son, saying she’s also doing this for her son. Wonhyung pretends to care.  At the same time, Kangbae runs out of coupons and returns to the store.

Weolju wonders if Grim Reaper Yeom volunteered as a grim reaper to atone his sons. She says a bastaard and son of a b**** like Wonhyung doesn’t deserve that. Yeom/Wonhyung gets angry as Weolju points out that Wonhyung caused all of this.

Wonhyung grow furious and breaks his disguise, saying she was the one who committed suicide, how was that his fault? uhh…because you ruined her life. Weolju realizes that this isn’t Grim Reaper Yeom. Wonhyung grabs her by the neck. Kangbae enters the store and sees it. Manager Gui runs to the store like a madman.

Kangbae tries to help Weolju but Wonhyung pushes him away and knocks him out.  That’s when Kangbae’s voice yells let go of her. The tent shakes, the lights break as an unknown power breaks loose. Wonhyung lets Weolju go in the pandemonium. Kangbae stands up, wreathed in some sort of power. We flash into his memories and see Weolju’s suicide and the prince’s suicide.

Yup that’s right. Kangbae’s the Sacred Tree. And that makes him…Weolju’s son.


We only have a couple things to resolve:

Manager Gui learning that he has a son and that son is Kangbae.

Weolju learning about Manager Gui’s takeover of her contract.

Please, let’s have a happy ending!

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