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The Many Hanboks of Weolju (and which one’s your favourite?)

It’d be an injustice to recap Mystic Pop Up Bar without comment on Weolju’s gorgeous wardrobe. Whoever was in charge of the costume department outdid themselves. From floral fabrics, to a hilarious mishmash of chintzy ahjumma style tops with hanboks underneath, Weolju’s wardrobe reflects her flamboyance, outlandishness and her general idgaf attitude to what people think of her.  I love her.  So without further ado here’s a Weolju (and her wardrobe) appreciation post!

Okay wow. The green’s gorgeous on her, and looks super sexy somehow despite only her shoulders being bare. Not sure if that’s because we viewers know that hanboks are supposed to cover one’s shoulders and Weolju’s just going about with uncovered shoulders, modernizing the hanbok, or whether that’s just Hwang Jungeum’s natural charisma. 

Ah, when she was working at the Reincarnation Committee! This one reflects office work pretty well. Pastels and varied yet faded colours. There’s character in the outfit but it’s toned back, perfect for a neutral office look!

This one’s what I meant by a combination or ahjumma style chintzy prints and hanbok. It’s clearly a very vividly patterned cloth, not dissimilar to a curtain or wallpaper or an old British armchair haha. Combining that with the vest demonstrates that this really is a 500 year-old ahjumma (halmeoni? LOL) that we’re dealing with. And yet…

She looks SO DAMN GORGEOUS that it’s hard to believe she’s an ahjumma (or that Hwang Jungeum’s 35 in real life!)

This one, without a doubt, is my favourite hanbok she’s word. The colours, her hair, her binyeo, her lipstick, it all works so beautiful together to provide a visual of a rose with some serious thorns. The outfit screams ‘elegance, but I will kill you if you piss me off’. I love it. 

Make way for a queen who wears a trench coat over her hanbok. The hanbok’s stunning enough but the coat somehow just works


Look at all the prints here!! The colour cobos!! Even pure white looks good!! 

Naver user compiled the above image! (click ‘compiled to see their post). I LOVE how they added that Manager Gui was ‘just a friend’ haha, that’s definitely how Weolju’s been treating them, though that’ll change real soon (it better lol).

How gorgeous is the deep purple hanbok at the bottom left? (Original post)

And let’s also not ignore the fact that hanboks aren’t all Weolju looks fantastic in. Modern clothes, qipaos, Joseon style wigs, you name it, she kills it. Which one’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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