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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 7 Recap (and gambling doesn’t pay)

We start off with Kangbae frantically searching for Weolju and Manager Gui, now that the rent tent bar is gone. He looks distressed, but I’m sure that’ll get sorted out pretty soon because the two are currently attempting to placate Queen Yeomna into letting them set up their bar again. She think she’s been too light on them, and sentences them to community service for the Baby Dream Kidnapping Incident. She won’t take the baby back from the parents but the case won’t count towards Weolju’s quota. Weolju’a about to get pissed but Manager Gui holds her back and agrees to the punishment.

Weolju still can’t hold her tongue and asks to just be sentenced to a flogging to save herself some time given how many days are left in the month and the quota she needs to meets. Manager Gui placates Queen Yeomna again when the latter swells furiously at Weolju attempting to pick her own punishment. And that’s how the two are put to work for the reincarnation committee, which weighs a person’s good and evil and reincarnates them accordingly. A man who used dangerous additives in his food to trick people and make money is given a Grade C incarnation.

Grades A and B are human and animal respectively. At Weolju’s comment to the committee that someone like him deserves to eat dung the rest of his life for what he’s done, the man becomes a dung beetle. On the other hand, firefighters who died in line of duty and have great teamwork become the next hit boyband BLS, in a play on BTS. After being graded, they pass through a shower that wipes their memories of their most recent life, After work, Weolju and Manager Gui hope Kangbae’s doing well. They’re worried about the 120 hours (5 days) of service because it only gives them a few days to help 5 souls. Weolju mutters that she’ll go straight to Hell but at least Manager Gui can go back to the police force. Manager Gui disagrees saying the fact that Weolju settled the grudges of 99,995 souls has to mean something to the committee, she might at least get a Grade C reincarnation (Insect). Weolju sighs that she’s jealous of the reincarnations, specifically the memory wipe. They get to forget the pains of this life, while she’s been living 500 years feeling the pain of her actions. Manager Gui asks if her past was so painful that she wants a fresh start. Weolju sighs that it sure was, she wants to forget it all. Manager Gui asks if she’s suuuuure there wasn’t even one good thing? Weolju says she had her mom, though she isn’t sure he rmom enjoyed having Weolju for a daughter. Manager Gui says she did. Weolju asks how he’s so sure. Manager Gui’s response:

Weolju sighs that her mother hasn’t seen her in 500 years; there’s no way she’ll remmeber her. Manager Gui’s not so sure, he says her mother could be silently watching over her. PLEASE DON’T TELL ME MANAGER GUI IS HER MOM OR SOMETHING. After Weolju leaves, Manager Gui looks thoughtful. She goes onto dust the library records of the reincarnated, sighing at the dust. However, before long, she’s reading through them looking for people she knew and how their lives turned out. (Ohh, she might come across her mom!) She finds that the souls generally all keep doing what they’re good at. Unable to overcome her curiosity, she starts searching for her mother’s file. While doing so, she comes across the Reincarnation Records of the Joseon Royal Family.  She finds her prince’s name and remembers him feeding her food, vowing to protect her. Just as she’s about to trace where her prince is now, Manager Gui appears saying Queen Yeomna’s asking for them. Well that was close!

Meanwhile, Kangbae’s spacing out at the mart, wondering where Weolju and Manager Gui are. Jindong misunderstands, thinking that Kangbae’s worried about Yeorin. Said love interest even shows up, asking why Kangbae hasn’t been attending dance practice. Kangbae just excuses himself syaing his ‘duties with the CIA’ are interfering with practices and he doesn’t think he can make it to them anymore. Kangbae runs once more to where the bar used to be and tearfully reminisces about all the good times the trio have had together. He worries about where Weolju and Manager Gui might be and hopes they’ll appear in his dreams to tell him.

Yeorin grouses with her friend that Kangbae’s playing hard to get. Her friend tell her to stop giving guys the chance to run away and to just plant a kiss on him and get straight to the point. Yeorin’s all WTF (Me too, girl. Me too.) However….she appears to be considering it. Oh boy. 

We cut to Queen Yeomna, who abruptly summoned Weolju and Manager Gui. She’s bribing them with cake and pastries and Weolju knows something’s up. Queen Yeomna ‘fesses up. She needs a favour from them. Turns out, the Jade Emperor (the yin to Queen Yeomna’s yang) texted her, pissed that she hadn’t managed to catch a certain evil spirit yet. He threatened to strip her of her rank and berated Queen Yeomna into a foul temper. She meant to text Samshin to grouse about having to work her ass off, and to badmouth the Jade Emperor but accidentally texted the Emperor instead. He reads these insults and gets even more pissed. In trying to reply, her phone runs out of battery and Queen Yeomna runs to the nearest outlet she can find to plug her phone, unplugging the shower that erases a soul’s memory prior to them entering the Living Realm. The soul who was in the shower (which wasn’t working due to not being plugged in) was a sneaky bastard and lied that the shower worked when it didn’t. Now he’s on the loose in the living realm. Queen Yeomna needs her to get that soul back or it’s her head on the chopping block. Weolju agrees, but for a price.

After some coercion (involving Weolju threatening to go to the Jade Emperor), Weolju and crew get their deadline extended by 10 days, end their community service early, get the bar back, and this soul counts towards their quota so she only has 4 more after this! The soul isn question is JANG BOKSU, a gambler by nature who squirreled away money from his family, friends and everyone who made the mistake of knowing him. One of his friends/relatives called the loan sharks on him and he died in a car accident while running away from said sharks. The committee rules that he’s to be reincarnated as a chicken. Jang Boksu rages, certain that he did nothing wrong and that all he needed was one win in order to pay them all back (Ewww, people like this are the worst). After leaving the shower, he’s taken to the chicken coop where he is to be reincarnated and possess the body of an old man who comes into the coop. Said old man happens to be quite rich and Boksu’s elated at his stroke of luck. Kangbae remains depressed. He sees a red tent bar where Weolju’s should be and elatedly rushes inside only to find that it belongs to someone else. He leaves in a funk, only to pause at voices. Weolju’s voice specifically, as she grouses that her spot was stolen. He’s so excited to see them, he tears up.

Manager Gui and Weolju are equally delighted. They worry over how much weight Kangbae has lost and Weolju sighs that she needs to feed him some meat. Kangbae happily joins their mission to look for Boksu. Weolju and cre are already aware of where he is in the living world, it’s getting to him that’s going to be hard, because he’s rich. And not just that, he’s the chairman of the supermarket Kangbae works at. Turns out Manager Gui speaks chicken. After getting a horrified Kangbae to use his skill on the chicken to get it talking, they discover that Boksu’s possessed the chairman.

Turns out the chairman’s out for revenge on the friend who’s betrayed him by calling the loan sharks. But the memory he flashes back to, appears to show that the friend had no idea they were coming. Not that Boksu cares, he wants revenge and he destroys the friend’s fruit store by paying the same loan sharks who’d accidentally caused his death. The sharks beat up the man and destroy his store. Boksu’s delighted and abuses his newfound power by making everyone bow 180 degrees upon seeing him. Weolju’s disgusted. Kangbae’s sad given that the chairman used to be a pretty nice guy. Weolju says that unless the chairman’s spirtually gifted, he won’t be able to kick Boksu out of his body. They have to make the chairman drink ssanggapju (the dream liquer). But they don’t have use of the bar until after they get Boksu, so they can’t just set up the bar outside the chairman’s house. They brainstorm, but Kangbae has to run to his last dance practice before the competition. Surprisingly, the chairman drops by with snacks. Kangbae wonders if he should use his skill on the chairman. Manager Ma asks the chairman what ‘wish’ the employees are going to get this year. Last year, the wish was fried chicken for everyone, and so on. Kangbae hits upon an idea. He’ll win the competition, and for his wish, he’ll ask for a drink with the chairman.

Yeorin wonders why Kangbae’s working so hard all of another. She wonders it’s because of her. Kangbae makes it even more confusing by saying that he wants to given because of someone important to him. Yeorin wonders if it’s her again and hates herself for being so self-obsessed. They practice some more and Yeorin can’t stop thinking about kissing Kangbae. She hates herself for that too lol.

Meanwhile, Grim Reaper Yeom takes with another detective on the missing soul Queen Yeomna got in trouble who. to no surprise, is WONYOUNG, the prince’s old friend. On the other hand, Manager Gui busy transforming into the other half of each dance partner and providing them with drinks drugged with laxatives to mess up their performance at the competition. It gets a lot less fun when he’s forced to dance with one of the partners and ends up drinking the drink himself lol. Weolju’s busy sabotaging the costumes using stains, glue, scissors and just about anything she can think of. The competition starts and just about everything goes wrong thanks to the sabotaged costumes. Pants fall down, dancers need the bathroom and so on. Only this is terrible news for Manager Gui who needs the bathroom as well due to having ingested the drink. Only one couple succeeds (because Manager Gui ended up drinking the laxative). Yeorin watches them, unsure of whether they can pull this off. Kangbae encourages her cutely and the two get on stage and kill it. 

Manager Gui misses the whole thing in the bathroom. Of course, Kangbae and Yeorin end up winning and hug each other in glee. Weolju looks on proudly. The chairman presents the prize, $2000. Damn. Now it comes time to share a wish. Yeorin’s wish is to be a permanent worker. Kangbae eagerly states his wish that the chairman comes over to his place for a drink. Manager Gui finally arrives, his bowels drained. They set the scene for the chairman’s arrival. Weolju and Manager Gui pretend to be Kangbae’s aunt and uncle and feed him up. He pours the drink but Boksu goes on and on about his life philosophy: there’s no point in working hard. Just do everything to get a shot at making a fortune. Gambling’s a great way to start. Weolju rolls her eyes back into her head and yells that you have to put in effort in order to get somewhere in life.

She presses the matter of the drink and Boksu finally drinks.


He wakes up post his car accident and finds $50 everywhere on the road. He greedily snatches it all up, furtively looking about to ensure that no one sees him taking the money. He follows the money trail all the way to the loan sharks’ hide out. The sharks laugh at how Boksu ran away upon seeing them and laugh at how the fruit store owner paid off all Boksu’s loans. Boksu’s shocked and runs to the fruit store where he hears his friends fiance yelling at the friend. Turns out Boksu once moved out of his house to get back the deposit and give it to his friend for the friend’s mother’s surgery. Ever since then, the friend’s felt indebted to Boksu. His college tuition? Gave it Boksu. The money for a truck for his business? Boksu. And now the money for his wedding? Boksu. The fiance tells his friend to enjoy taking care of Boksu’s shit for the rest of his life and dumps him. Boksu feels terrible. Weolju appears in front of him and asks if he feels good.

Boksu asks for the chance to say sorry and says he’ll use the chairman’s money to get his friend a new shop, truck and money for college. Weolju yells at him to stop using the chairman’s money and just go back and receive punishment for what he did, though now he’ll be downgraded from B to C. Boksu agrees but Weolju points out that he’s still carrying all the $50 bills he’s accumulated throughout his dream. Boksu throws them in the garbage without hesitation. Weolju smiles.

Now that it’s over, Kangbae and Yeorin ponder how to spend the $2000. Yeorin’s not thinking of food so much as she’s thinking about making out with Kangbae. Kangbae sincerely thanks her for partnering with him and says it’s honestly a dream that he was able to do something like this. Stuff like this, he says, normally doesn’t really work out for him. Yeorin’s transfixed by his smile and goes for the kiss.

Kangbae makes the face every girl in every romcom makes when suddenly kissed (ya know that Park Shinhye face lol) and blinks. Yeorin runs away LOL. Meanwhile, the detective Grim Reaper Yeom was talking to hunts Wonyoung to the rooftop where the Goblin from Goblin died lol. The detective charges at Wonyoung with a sword, but Wonyoung’s faster and better with a sword (having been a swordsman after all). He grabs the detective by the throat and says he didn’t wait this long to show up for no reason. Wonyoung growls that he was devouring other evil spirits to get stronger so he’s pretty damn strong now. He easily absorbs the detective, killing him.

But it’s still on enough for him. He mutters to himself that he needs more and soon “it’ll be YOUR turn.” I wonder if he means Weolju or Manager Gui. Meanwhile the trio are celebrating hitting 99,996 customers at the bar. Only Kangbae’s totally out of it after the kiss. Manager Gui wonders if something happened between him and Yeorin and Kangbae immediately gets flustered. Manager Gui changes the topic to the fruit shop owner, Boksu’s friend. Manager Gui reported the loan sharks to the police so Boksu’s friend got his money back and is back together with his fiance. Kangbae praises Weolju and Manager Gui but they insist that he had a lot to do with it by winning the competition and being selfless with the use of his wish. Manager Gui’s certain that Kangbae will be reincarnated as a human (Level A). Kangbae sighs wondering what he did in his past life to be reincarnated as a human with such strange powers. He wonders if he killed someone, but Manager Gui says that murder means Level C (insect). Kangbae wonders if that’s better but Weolju points out that they would never have met if he was a bug. Kangbae’s effusive in his praise, cutely saying he was very lonely without them. Manager Gui soberly says that they will be gone though. After 4 customers, him and Weolju will be leaving the Living Realm. Kangbae asks if they can stay even after meeting their quota and promises that he’ll work part time. Weolju laughs that she’ll have cured him by them so he won’t even have his powers. She tells him he deserves a good life. Kangbae’s still curious about who he was in his past life, but Manager Gui says it does no good to know that.

She says he’d be stuck reliving his past life and wouldn’t be able to live in the present. That’s why, in her opinion, the Shower of Oblivion, is a great service done by the gods for humans.

Meanwhile, Grim Reaper Yeom finds the detective’s sword but instead of vowing revenge, he tears up saying Wonhyung must have suffered for 500 years and asks him to come to him. He even knows Wonhyung by name, so there’s something here for sure.

Grim Reaper Yeom comes to the bar sighing that he missed them all so much. Weolju doesn’t believe him but he promises to buy them all the food they want. The drunk trio happily head off, but Grim Reaper Yeom watches them….well….grimly as ominous music plays. Ohhh boy, I wonder what he’s hiding. 




2 thoughts on “Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 7 Recap (and gambling doesn’t pay)

  1. Its Queen Yeomra, she is a deity based on jeju island originally referred to as King Yeomra of Underworld.

  2. Also that’s not grim reaper, that is the evil soul guises as Yeom bhujang…he vanquished a lot of police officers of other world to get some special powers, atlest that is my understanding.

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