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Mystic Pop Up Bar Ep 6 Recap (and Manager Gui’s definitely the prince)

Kangbae’s having quite the dream, imagining that him and Yeorin in a very girly red dress won the couple dance battle. In the dream, the announcer hands Kangbae a green jade ring, near identical to the one the prince meant to give Weolju. Dream-Yeorin preens upon sight of the ring and indicates to Kangbae to put it on for her. He goes on one knee and skips it on looking super excited, only to look at her hand again and find….his manager (MANAGER MA) not Yeorin. Meanwhile the crowd (feat. Jindong) chants for them to kiss. Kangbae’s horrified and starts out of sleep and thus begins episode 6!

Kangbae tells Weolju about how real the dream felt down to the jade ring, and asks her to interpret it. Manager Gui says it’s obvious: and asks if Kangbae’s gay lol. Weolju says it sounds like a conception dream (aka predicting a pregnancy) and says her mom also dreamt of a jade ring before realizing she was pregnant with Weolju. Kangbae’s even more horrified now. Kangbae even tells Manager Ma about the dream, who dismisses it until he gets a call from his wife saying she’s pregnant. Manager Ma’s so elated that he vows to help Kangbae with whatever snacks/breaks/meals he needs during dance practice, and hugs Jindong (instead of Kangbae bc Kangbae hates physical contact) dancing for joy. Meanwhile, Weolju’s out with Manager Gui (as usual) and asks him what conception dream his mom had when she conceived him. Only she doesn’t stick around to hear his answer, distracted by a claw machine. Manager Gui’s ready to give up but Weolju isn’t.

But it isn’t long before Manager Gui’s yelling instructions and then trying himself as both he and Weolju fail to get the white bear they’re going for. They feed more and more money into the machine and squabble among themselves but can’t succeed much to the annoyance of the little kid beside them who wants to use the machine. Manager Gui tells him to go home and that isn’t a game for kids. LOL. Meanwhile, Kangbae and Yeorin are practicing couple dancing and Kangbae’s getting the flutters. He’s terrible at dancing (which is hilarious for those who know how good he is in BTOB) and drops Yeorin at one point because he’s too busy making googly-eyes at her.

The teacher, CHAE SOOKYUNG insists that Kangbae stay back and practice more while Yeorin’s free to go. Kangbae protest but Sookyung gets strangely emotions saying all he has to do is try a bit harder and he’ll be better, that isn’t the case with so many things in the world. We return to Weolju and Manager Gui who have spent all their money on the machine and now have no money for groceries (HAHAHAHAHAHA). They decide to go borrow some from Kangbae and find him taking lessons while doing his best to avoid touching Sookyung. Weolju shoves Manager Gui through the door and startles Sookyung, making her bump into Kangbae. The gong goes off and we hear Sookyung’s story. She’s been receiving IVF treatment for 2 years but can’t seem to get pregnant. Today was her first day of returning to work after giving up on children. We see her and her husband trying to have children. They even succeeded at one point. However, Sookyung trips and falls one day and miscarries the baby. She blamed herself for being weak, for getting too ahead of herself. Both the doctor and her husband told her it wasn’t her fault but she couldn’t see it that way. Sookyung tried after that but nothing worked. It strained her marriage as well because he husband wanted to stop the IVF saying that their marriage came first and that he doesn’t want a baby if she has to suffer like this. They finally decided to stop trying but Sookyung still doesn’t know if she made the right choice. Weolju is strangely serious throughout this conversation and gently but fiercely supports Sookyung. She tells Sookyung to come by whenever she needs to.

Hearing Kangbae and Manager Gui converse about whether it’s possible to trade conception dreams, Weolju gets an idea and runs over to SAMSHIN, the deity who gives people conception dreams. Samshin’s in her Dream Conception Room, laid out like a claw machine (ahhh i see the connection). The claw machine contains conception dream marbles with cute little moving animals inside them (the dreams). Samshin picks one out (nearly dies of surprise when Weolju shows up) and suffers through Weolju’s aegyo as she begs for a favour. Weolju joins Samshin as she enters the dream world to give the intended recipient her conception dream in the form of two walnuts (her future children). The recipient places the walnuts on either side of her waist and wonders if they’re meant to be gonads and if her kid’s a boy. She asks to trade them because she wants daughters. Samshin yells that you can’t trade your conception dream for another. After, Weolju bribes her with coffee to give her a conception dream. Samshin checks her list and sees that Chae Sookyung isn’t on the list of parents meaning she can’t give Weolju a dream. Weolju asks when Sookyung’ll be on the list. Samshin says it’s up to the heavens and Weolju yells, asking that couples who aren’t ready to conceive do so all the time so why can’t a couple who really wants kids conceive?

In the meantime, Kangbae and Manager Gui sweep outside Weolju’s bar. They don’t notice that we’re being watched by the same hardfaced man at the end of the previous episode. The man sees Weolju coming back from Samshin’s and marvels at their fate.

Turns out his name is KIM WONHYUNG, and used to be a old friend of Weolju’s prince. They studied together since they were kids. In the flashback, the prince shows Weolju off to Wonhyung who pretends to be pleased that his friend has found love. But as the prince and Weolju gaze at each other, Wonhyung’s eyes harden. In the present, Wonhyung speaks to someone who’s pretty obviously Manager Gui, saying ‘how have you been, your old friend’s here, YOUR HIGHNESS”. There’s no way this is Kangbae, just doesn’t make sense. Manager Gui is the prince!!!! Inside the ten, Weolju grouses that she should’ve just stolen a conception dream. Manager Gui tuts telling her that would be theft of the highest order. Grim Reaper Yeom drops by and sighs that he hopes they’re not up to something. Another spirit’s run loose and he’s cleared dropped in the hopes that Manager Gui will catch it for him. Manager Gui gets fired up at the mention of a runaway evil spirit but Weolju’s having none of it and tells Grim Reaper Yeom to finish his udon and get lost.

The next day, Kangbae practices dancing in the locker room and imagines Yeorin with him, only it’s Jindong who nearly gets a heart attack. Jindong giggles upon realizing that Kangbae’s started hallucinating and says Kangbae’s falling in luuurve. Jindong says she could bring down a bull with her strength, while Kangbae swoons over how feminine she is and giggles over the possibility of a workplace romance. Upon seeing her, he runs over to flirt but she’s more interested in winning first place in the dance competition. He uses that as an excuse to go on a shopping trip for costumes with her. The costumes are all short/revealing in some way and Kangbae’s heart is about to pop out of its chest.

The lady brings out themale counterpart to Yeorin’s costume and it has a lot of….cleavage. Yeorin still seems impressed though lol. They look like the most awkward couple together.

They’re both a little shy around each other after that. Right when Yeorin’s about to leave, Kangbae says he just happens to have movie tickets that just happen to expire today and there just happens to be two. Yeorin says since she just happens to be here that they should watch a movie together. Kangbae suggests an action movie but Yeorin wants a chick flick. Cue a cameo by Yoon Park in probably the cringiest rom com I’ve ever seen about a couple that can’t touch each other. Even the actors barely make it through the film (it’s pretty obvious that they’re dying of laughter inside). Everyone in the theatre’s laughing pretty hard at how ridiculous the movie is. Kangbae? He’s crying lol.

And so’s Yeorin! They’re made for each other lol. After the film, they both agree that they don’t know how it was meant to be a romcom lol. They talk about how hard love is when you know the other is suffering and you can’t do anything about it. At some point they realize that they’re having a moment and just stare at each other. Yeorin talks to her friend afterwards still worried about Kangbae wanting to be her partner because she doesn’t feel anything around him. Her friend gleefully tells her to ask him out. Turns out Yeorin has a power too!!! The power to instantly repel any guys she touches lol. We’re treated to a series of flashbacks where whenever a guy touches her, he’s immediately freaked out and runs away. The very opposite of Kangbae’s power. So they’re made for each other, awwww.

At the bar, Kangbae deflates when Yeorin doesn’t respond to his message. Meanwhile, Sookyung and her husband are having dinner with friends who bring their two kids. She tries to hide her sadness, but it becomes even worse when her husband’s mom calls him and tells him to keep trying to have kids and that married couples are nothing without kids. Sookyung’s face falls. Upon coming home, she cries that she’d rather end her marriage than feel guilty for not being able to have kids. Her husband insists that he doesn’t care and loves her, but she tearfully runs off into the night and ends up at Weolju’s. She talks about being ashamed of how she keeps lashing out at her husband because she doesn’t know what to do. Weolju tells her to hang in there and uses chicken to make a metaphor saying that she just needs to take a few breaths and cool off and things will work out. She gives Sookyung the chicken and some Ssangkap wine to take home to her husband and make up. The two make up pretty quickly. Sookyung says she’d forgotten what it was like to come home to her husband and focus only on each other without having the pressure of getting pregnant on her. It isn’t love before they’re taking love shots. Meanwhile Weolju’s out to steal a conception dream. Manager Gui is 100% against this but Weolju can’t be deterred. Manager Gui doesn’t understand why she’s going to these lengths.

Weolju turns solemn and looks like she’s about to cry. “There was a man I was in love with,” she says. Manager Gui looks shocked. “My dream was to marry him, have his children and enjoy ordinary happiness, but I couldn’t. He wasn’t an ordinary person and neither was I. In the end, I died without fulfilling my dream, so I can understand how Sookyung feels, how she wants to have a child that looks like her husband. I know how desperate and precious that wish is. That’s why I’m doing this.” Manager Gui says he didn’t know.

Weolju says she knows she’s not being rational and that he doesn’t have to understand her. She says only her mom truly understood her anyway. Weolju just asks that he doesn’t stop her. Manager Gui’s response to that is:

“Now,” he says, “there are two people who understand you.” Weolju looks moved. I SHIP IT. I DO. Kangbae pops in at the right moment and they all sneak into Samshin’s home. They’re almost caught when Manager Gui’s phone goes off and barely alive after Samshin sets of a WMD-level fart. Kangbae’s forced to stand guard in the ensuing fart cloud as Weolju and Manager Gui use their claw machine skills to get one out of the machine. When it goes work, Weolju kicks the machine and ends up with 3 dreams not one! She’s excited and strolls out but accidentally left her business card on the floor by the claw machine. Oh boy. 

Samshin wakes up and is horrified to find her machine not working and Weolju’s card. Said madame is in the Dreamworld and waiting for Sookyung to fall asleep and show up. Manager Gui throws the dream in the lake where it becomes a lotus. Sookyung tries to reach the lotus but fails. Kangbae throws the second one which becomes a tiger, who’s supposed to pounce on Sookyung. However, said tiger has pounced on 17 woman in the past night (for conception dreams) and is exhausted. Samshin runs towards them and Manager Gui tosses that last one, which becomes a peach. They fall into another dream with Weolju and Manager Gui as parents in law and Sookyung as their daughter in law. The two are about to toss Sookyung the peach (in a representation of her getting pregnant) when Samshin pops up and grabs it instead. The trio chase after Samshin and end up playing a strange game of catch with the peach. Hair gets pulled, Manager Gui gets kicked in the nuts and Kangbae finally manages to toss it to Sookyung. The trio celebtrate…but they’re all in big shit lol.

Sookyung and her husband look happy leaving a gynecologist. The trio all claim credit for their happiness. Weolju notes that kid was passed from person to person but still ended up going to their mom. It’ll definitely be a very special child. They laugh on the way back to the end and Kangbae muses that “Everyone has a wound that pains them. It’s only when you’re willing to reveal those hidden scars that you can find someone with the same scars.”

Throughout his monologue, we cut to Manager Gui watching Weolju during her flashbacks. Back to when they conned the Sangil Hotel CEO, he watched as she burned with repressed rage.

During that moment last episode when they both spaced out, he wasn’t thinking of the past, but looking at her. Kangbae notes that it’s when you open up to that other person and sh ow your vulnerabilities that they can reciprocate and you can get to know each other more.

The trio look so happy but there’s trouble brewing. They come back to the bar to find Grim Reaper Yeom shutting it down on  Queen Yeomra’s orders. Given their crime of stealing a conception dream, Weolju’s bar is no longer allowed to operate!!!

Next week’s preview does show Queen Yeomra relenting so long as Weolju catches someone for her so this should be exciting!!!

Also I really love the Manager Gui looks out for Weolju! I hope we don’t get any angst intheir relationship because they’re so wholesome and fun together!

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