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2016 SBS Drama Awards Recap and Translation

Onto the final two drama ceremonies of the year! The red carpet MCs were Boom and Jung Chaeyon of IOI fame, while the MCs on stage were Lee Hwi Jae, Minah from Girls’ Day, and Jang Geunsuk.

[Note: I will be focusing on translating the interviews and speeches for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim for the most part, because I adore that show and I’m out of time at the moment. UPDATE: Yoo Yeonsuk and Seo Hyunjin’s table interview has been translated. I’ve also covered Moon Lovers and some Jealousy Incarnate interviews. If there’s someone whose speech you want me to translate, shoot me a comment below! Also I can’t catch the name of every staff/PD/person they thank so I’ll just list them by their titles 🙂 ]
Sadly, there wasn’t much of a focus on red carpet interviews. Some stars merely said a few sentences. Park Sungwoong hoped Jo Jungseok would sin the Daesang. Namgoong Min gave a shout out to his Beautiful Gongshim co-star (and MC of the night) Minah saying that he’ll be looking forward to their MCing. Seohyun and Jun Hyosung danced about on the red carpet. Yoo Seungho gave a smolder on the red carpet and Lee Minho shot finger hearts everywhere.

Yoo Yeonsuk and Seo Hyunjin (double squee!) were asked about their kiss scene. YYS said he was a bit nervous about that first kiss scene because they were both in hospital garb, while Seo Hyunjin said she enjoyed it (Aw yeah).

Next up, Lee Junki and IU, whom I didn’t care much for together in Scarlet Heart (I just can’t forgive her character for leaving him all alooooone 😦 ) looked gorgeous together on the red carpet. I swear the man does not age.

And finally, Park Shinhye whose dress seemed a bit big for her, but looked lovely nevertheless.

And the ceremony begins! First off, the main stars of three dramas that viewed voted as having given them hope, or great happiness, were given boxes with their most memorable lines on them. Jo Jungseok (Jealousy Incarnate), Park Shinhye (Doctors), and Oh Yeon Seo (Come Back Ahjusshi) recited some of their lines once again. Here’s PSH with hers.

Park Soohong and Park Seonyoung presented the New Star Award which went to a whole host of people. I’ve listed them in the order of their speeches:
Baekhyun (Moon Lovers)
BH: This was my first drama. I’m thankful for having received the New Star Award like this. With this, I feel like this year has wrapped up well.
MC: Can you say a few words to the Moon Lovers team?”
BH: Of course. All the hyungs, noonas and dongsaengs I filmed with, thank you and I love you.
Their response?

Go Kyungpyo (Jealousy Incarnate)
GKP: Thank you so much for allowing me to receive the New Star Award. There are so many sunbaenims here today. I didn’t think I would be in this position here. To the Jealousy Incarnate team, thank you PDnim. I’ll buy everyone a round of drink [camera pans to Jo Jungseok who dies laughing] Thank you.
Minah (Beautiful Gongshim)
I have so many people to thank. I’m sorry if I don’t get through all your names. First off all, to the Beautiful Gongshim team and…oh I’m so nervous. Than you so much Baek PD, I love you. And to Namgoongmin oppa who worked so hard. And Hyorim unnie who worked so hard and Joowan oppa. I love you mom and dad
Hyeri (Entertainer)
MC: How do you feel?
HR: Hello I’m Hyeri [laughs]. I’d dreamt of getting an acting award. I’m really happy to have gotten this. Thank you to the Entertainer team and to my fans, family and company. I’ll continue to do my best with acting.
Jeong Hae In (Yes That’s How It Is)
Kim Minseok (Doctors)
Kwak Shiyang (Second to Last Love)
It’s the last day of 2016. Getting an award like this is an honourPD, writers and actors, thank you so much. And to the Starhaus CEO and company staff, thank you. Finally, to my father and mother, I respect and love you. Thank you.
Yang Jinsung (My Son-in-law’s Woman)
Moon Ji In (Doctors)
First of all, thank you to God who gave me this. I actually debuted through an SBS talent show. I’ve been an actress for 9 years. It would be a lie to say that I haven’t had difficulties but I’ll take this award as telling me to keep going onward. Thank you to the PD and my company CEO and the staff and stylists who make me look pretty. I love you, my family. And everyone who’s by my side, whom I love, I love you. [Aw, she’s tearing up] And to everyone who’s watching, I’ll continue to be an actress that stays by your side even when I grow old.
[The Doctor’s table’s reaction]

Kim Minjae (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
MC: It’s the last day of the year and you’ve received this award. How do you feel?
KMJ: It’s an honour to receive an award like this in front of the sunbaenims I respect. I’m so nervous I don’t know what to say. First to the Romantic Doctor PDs and acotrs, thank you for creating such a happy environment to film in. My company staff and the hardworking stylists, thank you. And mom, dad, hyung, you’re watching, right? I got an award. I wasn’t able to receive one even in junior high (HAHA). To be able to receive and award doing something you like…I’ll work hard and continue to do well.
[The Romantic Doctor team’s reaction]

Next up, the Top 10 star Awards were named but were actually presented in the second half of the award show so I’ll list them later on.
Next up, the Special Acting Awards presented by Park Hyungsik and Park Hanbyul.

Male Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Weekend/Daily Drama): 
Go Sewon (Here Comes Love)
Seo Hajoon (My Son-in-law’s Woman)
Song Jaerim (Our Gapsoon)
Jang Seungjo (My Son-in-law’s Woman)

Female Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Weekend/Daily Drama): 
Kim Soeun (Our Gapsoon)
Shin Soyul (Yes, That’s How It Is)
Yang Jinsung (My Son-in-law’s Woman)
Huh Yi Jae (You’re a Gift)

Male Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Romantic Comedy):
Seong Jiru (Second to Last Love)
Ahn Naesang (Entertainer)
Ohn Joowan (Beautiful Gongshim)
Jang Seonghoon (Jealousy Incarnate)

Female Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Romantic Comedy):

Bae Haeseon (Jealousy Incarnate)
Seo Jihye (Jealousy Incarnate)
Seo Hyorim (Beautiful Gongshim)
Jeong Sooyeoung (Second to Last Love)

Nam Goongmin and Yoo Inyoung (in an LBD) teamed up to present the Special Acting Awards for the Fantasy/Genre Drama category.

Male Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Genre Drama):

Park Sungwoong (Remember: Son’s War)

Lee Shi Un (Remember: Son’s War)
Im Wonhee (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
Jang Hyunseong (Mrs. Cop 2)

Today marks exactly 20 years since I started acting and I just received an award for the first time. Before I just used to watch the shows, now I guess I’ll have to come and go [in them] a lot more often. Thank you for giving me this award. Oh and Sung Dongil hyungnim said earlier at the table that my acting was getting better [camera pans to Sung Dongil who is headdesking] I’ll take this as a sign to work harder and continue doing so, Sung Dongil-hyungnim. Happy New Year, thank you. 

Female Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Genre Drama):

Moon Ji In (Doctors)
Lee Sungkyung (Doctors)
Jeon Hyosung (Wanted)
Jeong Hyesung (Second to Last Love)

Male Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Fantasy/Saeguk):

Kim Seongkyoon (Moon Lovers)
Sung Dongil (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Yoon Park (Come Back Ahjusshi)
Lee Jihoon (Legend of the Blue Sea)

Female Nominees for the Special Acting Awards (Fantasy/Saeguk):

Ra Miran (Come Back Ahjusshi)
Seohyun (Moon Lovers)
Oh Yoonah (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Lee Honey (Come Back Ahjusshi)

Speech: Hello, this is Seohyun. I really didn’t think I would receive an award. I find it an honour just being in the same place with the sunbaenims, and actors I respect. Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing award. I have a lot of people to thank. To Kim Kyu-tae PD, who gave me strength and  helped me with my first production. Thank you, to the writer who worked so hard. I’m really happy to have met such great, warmhearted actors, so thank you to all the Moon Lovers’ actors. And to all the staff who worked hard in the cold, thank you. And to my parents who trust, love and cheer me on, I love you and thank you. This is my first award as an actress.I’ll take more responsibility and worked hard to show everyone good acting. Happy New Year, everyone. Thank you.
[Lee Junki being pretty]

Next up, the Best Couple Awards:
Jo Jungseok-Gong Hyojin (Jealousy Incarnate)
Lee Minho-Jeon Jihyun (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Park Shinhye-Kim Raewon (Doctors)
Yoo Yeonsuk-Seo Hyunjin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
Nam Goongmin-Minah (Beautiful Gongshim)
Lee Misook-Park Jiyeong (Jealousy Incarnate)
Song Jaerim-Kim Soeun (Our Gapsoon)
Jang Geunseok-Yeo Jingu (Daebak)
Lee Junki-Lee Jieun (Moon Lovers)

Shin Wonho (aka Tae-oh in Legend of the Blue Sea) came with Lee Minho to fill Jeon Jihyun’s missing spot. Kim The awards also came with a super-large certificate that said ‘BODYFRIEND’ of all things. In caps.
Yoo Yeonsuk-Seo Hyunjin’s interview:
MC: Did you see this coming? Or not?
SHJ: We didn’t expect it. I really wanted to though so I’m really happy.
[And then she exchanges a look with YYS. Swoon]

YYS: Ours is a medical drama so we really weren’t expecting anything. Having received this…we’re always at the hospital in gowns filming, but seeing Hyunjin-sshi in a dress, it feels like I’ll go into arrest. Sunbae, I think I need CPR!
[HAHA, she actually shows the audience her curled-up fingers due to how cheesy he’s being. Audience cheers.]

MC: What? Arrest?
YYS: Arrest, a heart attack.
SHJ: A heart attack. I’m sorry. [Lol, she’s apologizing on his behalf]
MC: Oh it’s no problem. Congratulations [he means in terms of them having a real relationship.]
[She hits YYS’s back]

MC: You sure had a kiss scene. Was there a moment where you were actually feeling something?
SHJ [to YYS]: Was there?
[YYS looks at her and bursts out laughing.]

YYS: It’s rather embarrassing.
SHJ: Our PD who made such a good cut is right there! We give all honour to our PD.
MC: Congrats, anyway. Congrats on the kiss and Congrats on the arrest.

Lee Junki-Lee Jieun (Moon Lovers) interview
MC: Next is the So-Hae couple. Everyone, you all watch them, right?
[Audience cheers]

MC: I’ll continue with the interview questions. Did you expect this award? Or not? Can you answer honestly?
LJK [turning to IU]: of course we wanted to
IU: We did.
LJK: Because of that I came all the way from Goryeo to be with Haesoo now.
MC: You came from where?
LJK: From Goryeo
[everyone at the Moon Lovers table laughs]
LJK: Yeah so we’re really happy, it’s a big award for us. Honestly.
MC: Jieun-sshi, please say something as well.
[Lee Junki just kept staring at her so adorably throughout her comments. So fiiine.]

IU: We also really wanted to receive this award. But looking at the candidates, we didn’t expect we’d get it. It’s such a big award, so we’re really happy to receive it. To Lee Jinki sunbaenim who loved Haesoo so much, I’m very grateful.

MC: Hmm…? But I’ve been getting a weird feeling off you two. It’s not true, right? [Referring to them dating]
IU: Eh?
Minah: Ehhh, don’t be like that [to the first MC]. I actually have a very interesting tidbit here. Apparently whenever the Moon Lovers’ team was done shooting, Lee Junki and IU kept having a lot of drinks together. Hong Jonghyun revealed this. Can you tell us why you two drank together so often?
LJK [cutely to Hong Jonghyun]: Why did you do that?

LJK: I generally like to get to know the other actors and doing that over drinks and talking with each other is a good way. And whenever I drank, I would always find Haesoo, Jieun-sshi, quite beautiful so…

naturally…that’s why we talked a great deal over drinks.
MC: So we’ll continue to suspect you two of dating from now on. [To IU] What kind of liquor (술) do you like?
IU: 의술…[medicine]
[Everyone bursts out laughing and the MC apologizes for her bad joke and moves onto the next people]

Jang Yeong won the Veteran Award, preseted by Kim Sungryung.
The Top 10 Star Awards were presented and went to:
Kim Sungryung (Mrs. Cop 2)
Nam Goongmin (Beautiful Gongshim, Remember: Son’s War)
Park Shinhye (Doctors)
Seo Hyunjin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
Lee Minho (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Lee Junki (Moon Lovers)
Jang Geunsuk (Daebak)
Jun Jihyun (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Jo Jungseok (Jealousy Incarnate)
Han Seok Kyu (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
[Gratuitous shot of Han Seok Kyu because I’m in love]

Seo Hyunjin’s speech: I didn’t think I’d be up here. I really want to thank all the sunbaenims. There are so many great people who’ve been working longer than me on the film set. I want to be the sort of sunbae that they have been to me. I’m filming with this mindset right now. So to all the sunbaenims here and to the PDs and the writer and Han Seok Kyu sunbaenim isn’t here yet because we’ve been filming all night. He’ll be here the moment he’s done. He’s on his way. So just wait a bit longer. To the partner I love, Yoo Yeonsuk oppa, I’ll share this honour. Thank you.
[YYS’s reaction

MC: Looking at your acting, I kept thinking that you’re a lot like Deoksun. By any chance is that how you are?
SHJ: I lack a filter at times and just go with the flow.
MC: Really? You don’t look like that at all?
SHJ: That’s a relief!
MC: I’m a fan. Congratulations
SHJ: Thank you.

Jo Jungseok’s speech:
This feels really good. I’m glad to have been nominated, and now having received an award with the other members of the Jealousy Incarnate cast. And I’m very thankful to Hyojin-ie who isn’t here today. Hyojin-ah, thank you.
MC: Will that person be watching as well? [Referring to Gummy, JJS’s girlfriend]
JJS: That person?
MC: Should I say her name?
JJS: I know that she’s in the middle of a concert right now with Hwanhee-sshi
MC: I just she’ll watch it later so you should probably say something to her or she’ll feel bad.
JJS [to Gummy]: You already know this but I’m very grateful. Thank you for being a great comfort to me when I was having a difficult time. And thank you for loving Jealously Incarnate more than anyone I know. Thank you so much.
MC: What’s your nickname for her?
JJS: I don’t have one.
MC: You just use her name.
JJS: Yeah
MC: Just asking because it was unusual. Anyway, congratulations.

Now for the Excellence Awards. There are honestly so many and for so many different categories that I’ll just list the winners.

Excellence Awards (Weekend/Daily/50 episode dramas):
Yeo Jingu (Daebak)
Kim Jiyeong (Love is Coming)

Excellence Awards (Romantic Comedies):
Kang Minhyuk (Entertainer)
Minah (Beautiful Gongshim)

A brief break while Lee Junki gets interview at the Moon Lovers table that will be translated soon. Next comes the new year countdown! Claps and cheers ensue as the new year begins in Korea. Lee Junki dances.

And Han Seok Kyu gets there just in time.

He gets to say the first few words:
HSK: Happy New Year, everyone. I sincerely hope everyone will be healthy, and that they achieve everything they wish this year.

Next, the Excellence Awards (Genre Drama) presented by Jo Jungseok and Shin Sekyung:
Yoo Seungho (Remember: Son’s War)
Yoo Yeonsuk (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
Surprised that they split the award, but they both deserved it. None of them knew who should speak first, so in the end, YYS (the hyung) went first.
Speech: Thank you for allowing me to receive this award first thing in the new year. Romantic Doctor has received so much love, thank you for giving me an award as well. I’d hoped for this drama to help with healing a lot of people last year. I’m grateful it’s been received that way. I’ve so many people to be thankful for. First to the writer for creating such a cool character, and for the PDs for their hard work and creating such a bright atmosphere to work in. And to all the staff and the medical trainers. And to Kim Sabu-nim who became my real teacher during filming. [Love Han Seok Kyu’s raised eyebrow and grin]

And to Seojung sunbae, who’s sitting there like someone out of a fantasy, Seo Hyunjin-yang, thank you so much. And to the Romantic Doctor team and everyone at this table, and not present today thank you so much. And to everyone at King Kong Entertainment who are happier than I am about this, and staff, stylists and friends. Thank you. I also have another Kim Sabu-nim, thank you to him, to my acting coach. I realized how important health was when filming this drama. To everyone who’s fighting illness all across the nation, and those Romantic Doctors sitting by them, I dedicate this award. I’ll do my best to become a great doctor and to become a doctor a drama needs [a twist on what Kim Sabu tells him in the drama: to become a doctor that a hospital needs]. Thank you. Happy New Year.

Seo Hyunjin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
I thought that was it when I won earlier, and said everything already. Thank you so much. This came out of the blue. When filming this drama, I wondered if there could be a better working environment than this. Like I said before, if I get to act for a long time, I want to become just like the sunbaenims I’ve been acting with. I really respect you. [ She’s crying, aww]

The ones I’m most thankful forommayah [got confetti stuck in her mouth, lol] thank you to the viewers for loving this drama. Until the very last minute of 2017, I’ll do my very best.

Excellence Awards (Fantasy):
Kang Haneul (Moon Lovers)
Oh Yeonseo (Come Back Ahjusshi)

Wahh…I can’t think of anything to say. Hello everyone, I’m Kang Haneul. Thank you. Kim Kyutae PD isn’t here today. To him and to everyone who acted and helped and the staff, thank you. Because of you…wah…I don’t really know…errr….As I keep doing dramas, I can’t help but think that I don’t really know what an actor is. I don’t even know how to act well. I just…before being a good actor, I will become a good person. Thank you, everyone.

[I love this speech. Everyone else says the same things on their sunbaenims, fellow actors, staff and stylists. Which is fine, and should be said, but they never add anything to that, which makes their speeches so cookie-cutter. Ex: Seo Hyunjin thanked her sunbaes but also said she wanted to become one of them. That both satisfies the standard speech protocol by thanking people the industry expects you to thank, and being personal by revealing something about yourself as a person. I’ve translated more than fifteen of these speeches the past couple days and 90% just sound the same. Kang Haneul’s speech, and a couple other few, felt genuine, like they weren’t trying please anyone up on stage and just were themselves. Just my opinion!~]

Next up, some table interviews were some fun awards were given out. They were voted for by 100 idols. The categories were: Master of Kissing, Stuffing your Face Obscreen, Heartbreaking acting
Seo Hyunjin-Yoo Yeonsuk table interview
MC: Isn’t dressing in an hospital gown and kissing illegal? [referring to a recent law that was passed making it illegal for people in schoolgirl uniforms to participate in sexual acts while wearing those uniforms. What an awkward question for poor YYS because he was in a doctor’s gown for heaven’s sake]
YYS: It’s not illegal. It’s not but it was embarrassing, but because I was so immersed in acting, I think it went well.
MC: Who do you think will receive the Master of Smooching Award? 100 idols voted.
YYS: Errr [looks at Seo Hyunjin] I don’t want us to lose.
MC: Ambitious, aren’t you? Please reveal the results yourself. Inside this envelope, are the results.
[Seo Hyunjin leans over his shoulder to see ❤]

YYS: And the Master of Kissing Award goes to…
[gets embarrassed upon seeing the results]

YYS: Yoo Yeonsuk and Seo Hyunjin
MC: Yes! From saving lives in hospital gowns to saving love.
And the award is Listerine!!! So they can kiss to their heart’s content safely, the MC says.

MC: Congratulations. Who will you share this joy with?
YYS: I’ll share with Hyunjin-sshi.
MC: You sure had a lot of kiss scenes.
YYS: It was just two scenes!
MC: It felt like a 100. But where was the location? Was it somewhere anyone could have come in?
YYS: It was the corridor outside the ER.
Other MC [to first MC]: But why are you so interested?
MC: Just making sure it was a place where other doctors wouldn’t go. Anyway, congrats, sincerely.

The Stuffing your Face Onscreen Award went to Jeon Jihyun (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Heartbreaker (as in her acting hurts your soul) Award: IU (Moon Lovers)
Onto the Top Excellence Awards, once again these were broken down by genre and drama category.

Top Excellence Awards (Weekend/Daily/50 episode dramas)
Jang Geunsuk (Daebak)
Kim Haesook (Yes, That’s How It Is)

Top Excellence Awards (Romantic Comedies)
Jo Jungseok (Jealousy Incarnate)
Speech: Thank you so much. This award is quite heavy (not in terms of physical weight). It carries so much weight. It’s a shame she’s not here, but I want to convey my gratitude to Hyojin-sshi once again. When filing with Hyojin-sshi, we would talk about how there were many who were focused on and living day to day life with our drama as their form of entertainment. Thinking that way, both of us saw what we were doing as important. I’ll take this award to mean that I should work harder and show the viewers and everyone else, joy, happiness, hope and deep emotion. When I received an award earlier, there were so many people on stage beside me that I didn’t have time to thank everyone by name. To the PD who made Jealousy Incarnate so fun, and to the writer who made Hwashin so attractive, and to all the sunbaenims in the drama who aren’t here today, I sincerely, sincerely love you and am grateful for you. It’s because you were there that I am here. And to all the staff, thank you so much. You worked so hard with less than 3-4 hours of sleep and focused so much on how to make each scene fun. It was an honour to work with you. To my family, thank you so much, mom. To my brother, sisters-in-law, nephews andnieces, thank you. And than you to m fans, for having stayed all this time. And to my staff, i really have to say this, they worked so hard on set. My stylists and friends, than you so much. [and the MC clears his throat her and blatantly asks JJS to include JJS’s girlfriend, saying “hey, hey!” Like WTF, the man can take care of his own girlfriend without your help. *rolls eyes*] Ah…of course, thank you to that person, because she really, really, loved Jealously Incarnate. Thank you so much, I’ll work hard to become a better actor and one worthy of this award.

Gong Hyojin (Jealousy Incarnate)
Nam Goongmin (Beautiful Gongshim)

Top Excellence Awards (Fantasy & Genre Drama)
Kim Raewon (Doctors)
Park Shinhye (Doctors)
Lee Minho (Legend of the Blue Sea)

Next up, the Hallyu Star Award went to Lee Junki who gave an awesome humble speech. Will translate soon!
Now for the DAESANG!!!! I don’t believe the nominees weren’t released. Last Year’s winner and SBS’s President came up to present it to…..HAN SEOK KYU!!!!
[❤ I’m so happy right now.]
I love how he first bows to everyone at the table and gets confetti stuck in his glasses that the PD removes. Some confetti also sticks in his pocket so perfectly, it looks like he has a gold handkerchief in there.

Speech: [He speaks so well and unfortunately my Korean isn’t up to standard. I hope I get the gist across of what this incredible actor said!]

Please sit down. It’s okay if you don’t stand. Looking at my outfit, I’m all in black. A lot of people at my table and other are also in black. First of all, thank you. Sometimes my job is useful. Whenever I write down my occupation, I write ‘actor’. But when I’m doing so, I’m reminded that what I’m doing is really just acting. When I was a rookie, I’m sure many of you have been in this position, I used to be told that I should become white [I believe this is the Korean equivalent to the English ‘blank slate’] so that I could change my colour to anything required. I wondered then, what would happen if I become black.

Everyone imagine it for a second. When contemplating the stars at night, without that immense black, the stars wouldn’t be able to shine. I would see that the stars and the darkness are but one body. When I had those thoughts I would find it easier to look at my acting. Working with everyone here has being a great treasure. I think that some of you here think this way, in this different way too. In 2011, I won the Daesang for Tree with Deep Roots. I played King Sejong then. I think because he too thought differently, that we have our precious hangul letters now. And we continue to use those letters preciously now. I have thoughts like these. If people take difference as being problematic, then it becomes an obstacle, and we won’t be able to create a harmonious society, or be a harmonious people or world. I’ll finish up soon.
I filmed Romantic Doctor because of such reasons and something the writer wrote, I’ll read it out to you and end my speech. [Someone help me with this translation if possible! I really struggled with the scriptwriter’s lines]
“Let’s go together and not forget (disappoint?) the beauty of this world” [Help!]
This person was probably also someone who thought differently.
“The precious memories we have of out 20s…the scent of humanism.” [*sobs* I did truly want to understand what he was saying here]
I think this part is the most important: “Why do people love for? What am I living for? For those who have lost their road, I hope for a warm-hearted acted drama
This was the writer’s goal in creating this script.
Finally, to the production team and SBS for creating Romantic Doctor, thank you. And for those who created the stage we work on, the PDs and staff and writer. I sincerely thank you. And finally, to the viewers, sincerely, sincerely, thank you. Everyone, have a happy new year and be healthy. Thank you.
MC: What about something to your family? I was really surprised to hear that you had 4 kids.
HSK: That’s true.
MC: I think you should say something to your family, if they’re watching from home.
HSK: Thank you, kiddos. Thank you to my parents.
And thus the ceremony ends!

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