Ji Sung posts loving tribute to wife Lee Boyoung (and couple goals!)

It’s no secret that Ji Sung loves his wifey (see his 2013 acceptance speech at the KBS Drama awards, his 2014 interviews, his 2015 interviews and his appearance on ‘Three Meals a Day’ as proof) but this latest tribute to her on the anniversary of her debut has me going awww and wondering where I can find one of him. 

The photo he posted is from one of her fancafes and says
14 years, 22760 days. Thank you for being our star for all this time”

Ji Sung’s own caption cheekily reads #Lee Bo Young congrats~~~^^ Hoobae-yah

Which is adorable because they met on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me and she’s his hoobae (acting junior) by 3 years.

I miss seeing her on-screen but she does have a little bundle of joy to look after! Hopefully once Ji Sung’s done his drama, it’ll be her turn to shine on-screen!

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