No more recaps for Entertainer (and much sobbing)

To think just last week, I was so excited about recapping Entertainer and so certain that summer school wouldn’t interfere with it. Yeah, I was wrong. Turns out I have class every Wed and Thurs from 5-10 meaning any chance of writing a recap is long gone because it takes me four hours to write one and I don’t have enough time to pull it off before class begins *insert angry face*. I’ll do my best to review the show or something because I really do love Ji Sung and there’s something really heartwarming about the show, but looks like recaps are a no-no. Ugh, university, what did I ever do to you?

Ddandara · Entertainer

Entertainer (Ddanddara) Ep 3 Recap (and friendships forming)

Haneul remains silent in front of the mic until the door swings open. Geurin rushes in. She nods encouragingly, prompting him to sing. He starts, his voice going stronger and stronger. Geurin tears up, while Seokho, silently enters and watches Haneul, looking incredibly conflicted and moved.
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Ddandara · Entertainer

Entertainer (Ddandara) Ep 1 Review (and Ji Sung’s BACK!)

I was debating on recapping this because recapping a show can take some of the joy out of watching and experiencing a show and fulling immersing yourself in its world. I always find myself more focused on getting the right screencap, and getting irritated when VLC drags than being moved at Shijin and Moyeon’s reunion in DOTS. It’s why I’m not recapping the utterly phenomenal Pied Piper at the moment. However, I love, love, love Ji Sung though so I’ll end up reviewing this show anyway. So I’m weighing on the first episode and I’ll leave all thoughts of recapping for later because my favourite K-actor IS BACK IN FULL FORM!
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Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun Finale Ep 16 Recap (and happily ever after?)

Moyeon and Shijin have an extremely emotional reunion in the desert. Both cry, clutching each other tightly. Moyeon can’t believe he’s still alive, but is just grateful he’s back.

Her emotions run the gamut from frustrated, to grateful, to pissed as hell, to grateful once more. Continue reading “Descendants of the Sun Finale Ep 16 Recap (and happily ever after?)”

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun Ep 15 Recap (and miracles and tragedy)

Shijin smiles while listening to something on his phone when Moyeon shows up, announcing that he is cleared for discharge.

She rolls her eyes before answering that he often does. She wheels him outside, while musing at how beautiful the sky was in Urk. He asks if she wants to go back together, and scowls when she asks why, saying he’d better not return with someone else. She asks what he was listening to and he grins that it’s a favourite of his, offering her his headphones. Continue reading “Descendants of the Sun Ep 15 Recap (and miracles and tragedy)”

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun Ep 13 Recap (and life after Urk)

The doctors are greeted enthusiastically on their first day back at Haesung Hospital by everyone save Director Han Seokwon.

Sanghyun tries to suck up to Seokwon but is ignored in favour of Chihoon whom the director berates for not showing up on the first flight home. Chihoon, who’s over his crisis as a doctor, is back to his cheeky self.  Continue reading “Descendants of the Sun Ep 13 Recap (and life after Urk)”