Future Descendants of the Sun Recaps? (and KBS’s copyright rules)

Note: There will be no DOTS recap today because university has me by the throat 😦

As followers of my little blog will know, I’ve been recapping Descendants of the Sun for the past two weeks. However, NEW, the production company behind the show, has revealed that it will be taking legal action to those “who illegally use ‘Descendants of the Sun’ without prior consent for their own business, group, personal advertisement, promotion, etc.”Β 

I honestly am not sure if I fall in this category, given that I just recap for fun but don’t want to risk my tiny corner of the Internet being taken down. Could someone enlighten me on this? Should I – scratch that – Can I keep writing DOTS recaps?


7 thoughts on “Future Descendants of the Sun Recaps? (and KBS’s copyright rules)

  1. You are legally permitted to write recaps about the episodes. Based on what you’re telling me, and based on a quick glance of your website, you are not using the show Descendants of the Sun for monetary gain. You’re not using your website to promote a business, group, or personal advertisement that involve goods or services. Instead, you are communicating your opinions and ideas in respect to the Descendents of the Sun.

  2. Please keep recapping dots! I love your review, your site is the first site that I go to when I want to read the dots recap πŸ™‚

  3. There are many websites which does the recap… Please we are all looking forward to your next recap.. πŸ™‚

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