Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun Ep 9 Recap (and changes in relationships)

Moyeon’s strolling about the camp when she freezes at hearing her own voice on the loudspeakers.

She dashes off in horror and embarrassment while the hospital staff giggle and the patients wonder at what’s going on, with a sobbing woman’s voice being broadcasted in the Medicube. Shijin grins at Mooyeon’s sobbing pleas to come save her. 

Moyeong dashes upstairs, cringing and comes face to face with the man in question while a most embarrassing phrase echoes on-air.

Daniel watches her in amusement as she grabs her phone and races out in a single fluid-movement. He muses that music changes a lot of things and watches open-mouthed when Shijin jumps out of the window, rolls over unblemished and greets Moyeon at the front door she tries to escape from.

Shijin grins that this is advantageous for him. Moyeon’s completely out of it and asks if he’s using his training for personal reasons and Shijin grins that someone was also very publicly broadcasting her feelings. Moyeon retorts that he shouldn’t have listened to it, even if it was playing and Shijin can’t help but smile at how nonsensical she gets when ruffled.

He draws closer and asks why he’s running away. She was happily confessing her feelings when close to death but now that she’s alive, she’s no longer interested in him? Moyeon denies everything, going as far as to say it wasn’t her voice on the recording. Shijin points out that it was on her phone to which she denies that a phone is a phone. Shijin just grins that he’s happy to have been a part of her final will and testament (which she denies again). She tries to distract him using every trick her book (point behind him as though someone’s there, etc) but Shijin isn’t moved. He wants to hear her answer. Was that a confession or not? Moyeon finally agrees to answer him, if he lets go of the grip he has on her arm. Looking deathly serious Shijin lets go.

Only for her to run away. Haha. Ja Ae and Sanghyun muse that even flowers bloom during the war. He tries to put the moves on her, reminding her of his own last will and testament (aka. deleting that folder of porn) which completely grosses her out enough to leave him far behind. A group of soldiers, including that one soldier who’s never liked Moyeon, discuss the on-air confession. Turns out they were drawing bets, and Mr. Grumpypants (let’s just call him that for now) lost and has to pay up. He grumbles about it, musing that there’s no way a beautiful, famous doctor like her would go for an ordinary soldier. He’s certain she’ll ask him to leave the army. I wonder if he’s right. Yehwa’s beauty also gets discussed with one soldier finding her seriously pretty (true) and the other one noting that Daniel won’t like that. Meanwhile, Moyeon holds, or tries to hold rather, a meeting with the members from Haesung hospital on who’s leaving on the sole plane to Korea in two days . They’re more interested in her budding romance though (except a very listless Chihoon). They tease her asking whether today officially marks their first day as a couple and Moyeon gets so rattled that she repeats what they said after asking them to shut up.

She asks all of them to just leave to Korea. Inside the Medicube, Chihoon quietly checks on Kang Minjae’s broken arm, with the latter glaring daggers at him.

(Seriously, piss off dude. He was frightened and did what anyone would have done. There’s a reason bravery is called  bravery. Because it goes against the norm. He’s a doctor not a soldier who’s been trained in stuff like this and had a couple broken fingers to boot.) Chihoon trembles as Sanghyun walks over. He watches Chihoon for a second before smiling and telling Minjae that doctors aren’t tv channels, you don’t get to switch them on and off. He tells Chihoon to just go on but looks worried after leaving.

Moyeon is busy trying to avoid seeing anyone, hiding from soldiers and civilians a like. She jumps when Myeongju appears behind her. Myeongju sighs at her bravery, dating the Alpha team’s Big Boss but Moyeon ahs a question for her: how is it having a boyfriend that’s a soldier? Isn’t she afraid he’d die or get hurt? Myeongju answers that she’s fully aware of how dangers Daeyoung’s job is, but that’s not what she’s worried about. She fears being away from him. But here they are on the land. As far as he’s concerned, she has nothing to fear. She walks away, leaving a pensive Moyeon behind. Myeongju finds Shijin playing with the white pebble he picked up with Moyeon at the ship. He sighs and asks her if she can answer something for him.

She tells him to go find out himself. Myeongju takes the pebble from him and prepares to throw it at him for fun, stepping back further and further until she bumps into someone and whirls around.

Daeyoung muses that they sure look friendly. Myeongju grouses that she van’t even be friends with another guy now. Daeyoung almost smiles, asking her if she’s still pissed, and Myeongju sure is.

Daeyoung and Myeongju turn to give him identical looks that tell him that he’s an idiot, before she clarifies what she meant.

Myeongju notes that he never holds her, or touches her with affection.

She sighs at how stupid he is, and leaves, giving Shijin’s pebble back and telling him to throw it at Daeyoung. Shijin calls him an idiot after Myeongju leaves. Daeyoung irritably mutters that he’ll get back at him for that. Shijin wonders he’s going to do that anyway.

Daeyoung heaves a sigh, watching Myeongju walk away. The next day, the ladies of Haesung hospital gather after what’s felt like a long time, to watch a familiar and pleasant sight.

Minji pranks Moyeon by waving hello to a non-existent Shijin behind her. Moyeon takes off immediately, running straight into the approaching group of half-naked soldiers, freaks out even further and flees for her life. She finally ends up back at the house, where the real Shijin is.

She asks what he’s doing her and mentally kicks herself when he responds that he was here all along.

Moyeon tries to escape, citing a meeting but Shijin’s attending it too and cajoles her into going together.

A flustered Moyeon orders him to stop and leaves. Shijin closes the window panels, hearing someone approach. Daeyoung wanders in at that point and frowns to see Shijin presumably talking to a closed window. Myeongju walks by on the outside as well, having seen Moyeon talking to a now-closed window as well. She opens the outer panels at the same time, Daeyoung opens the inner ones.

He stares her, before Myeongju huffily storms away. Meanwhile, Yehwa’s providing acupuncture treatment for the soldiers, including Kibum, who freaks out upon hearing that she doesn’t actually have a license. She actually slaps his butt firmly and orders him to stay put while the other soldiers snicker. He asks her where’s from, noting her different accent, and she just says she’s from Goryeo (what Korea was called during a historical period  in the middle ages where it wasn’t split up). One of the soldiers gets her meaning (that she’s North Korea but it doesn’t matter because they’re all Koreans here) but Kibum remains woefully clueless. Meanwhile, Moyeon and Shijin are on the way back from their meeting at the UN. Moyeon’s surprised at how pleasant everyone is. Shijin says that they usually convene like this during emergencies so some form of humour is a must. Moyeon notes that he’s like that as well, making jokes during serious moments. She finally works herself to ask how it feels to ‘do what must be done’ (how Shijin referred to his duty previously). Shijin mutters that he can never find a date. He asks her how many boyfriends she’s had. Moyeon wonders why all men ask that question and Shijin wonders who the men who’d previously asked her that question were. She’s about to give an answer when their car runs over a landmine, which goes off behind him. Shijin swerves offroad and regains control of the car just in time. They’re both shaken up and Shijin realizes that the earthquake must have shifted some of the active ones. He tests to see where the nearest one is….

and then tells Moyeon that they’re going to have to go on foot. He pulls out some flags and tells Moyeon to stick close. He tests every inch of the ground before stepping and tells Moyeon to walk solely in his tracks, using flags to mark the mines. He tells her to relax

HAHA. Moyeon notes that his joking side is out is full force to which Shijin says that the joke was him telling her to relax when they’re in the middle of a minefield. The rest was a fact (Oh good grief, Yoo Shijin, you charmer!It’s agonizingly slow work but they make it to the road.
Shijin gently takes Moyeon by the shoulders and tells her that she did very well. Moyeon sighs that danger seems to follow her. Shijin agrees.

He asks if she has lipstick on her and uses it to create a sign warning passersby of the mines. Moyeon adds a skull to the sign, musing that not everyone can read English, which earns her an admiring stare from Shijin. They trek across the road for a while before Moyeon picks up Shijin’s last question before the mines interrupted them, and starts to quiz him on his past girlfriends. Shijin wonders why women always ask that.

They fail to hail the truck and Shijin hilariously pulls out his gun and wonders if they should attempt carjacking. Moyeon ignores him and attempts to flag down a second truck, which drives right by her.

Luckily the farmer in question stops after all, so no thievery is committed. Shijin and Moyeon hope on their ride back.

They companionably discuss Myeongju’s answer to Moyeon’s question and her simple desire to be where Daeyoung is. Shijin asks if she’s going to be leaving them. Moyeon admits she isn’t. Shijin wonders why.Moyeon says she wants to get to know him better.

Shijin just goes in for it.

Moyeon pauses for the briefest moment before winding her arms around him and going for it once more. They kiss all the way home.

Or so I think because both have serious straw in their hair upon hastily bidding each other farewell at the camp. Sanghyun and Ja Ae peer in and grin.

Ominous music plays as Jin Youngsoo crawls through the wreckage at the power plant. Argus drives up with a whole crew of guys ready to kill Youngsoo for failing to make good on his promise. Youngsoo hurriedly opens his backpack and displays the safe he retrieved. He vows that he did his best but the lock was broken so he believed that it would just be better if he delivered the case to Argus. Only Argus doesn’t give a crap and prepares to kill him. Youngsoo pleads for his life and Argus agrees to spare him so long as he does everything he says. A petrified Youngsoo agrees. It’s only when Argus and Co. are back at their dug-out that they find the safe empty. One of his boys (whom I’m just going to name Fake UN Fellow for lack of a name) wants to barge but Argus order him to stay put. They can’t get at Youngsoo while he’s in Shijin’s territory. Youngsoo is well aware of his as he swears that he’s deathly ill and orders Ja Ae to allot him a seat on the plane back to Korea. Myeongju comes in and notes nothing wrong with him enough to require treatment in Korea. Youngsoo is incredibly rude to her just as Daeyoung comes in. HAHA

Lesson: Do NOT mess with Daeyoung’s girl.
Youngsoo knows when he’s cowed and issues a sniveling apology just as Chihoon shows up and quietly tells Youngsoo that he can take his seat. Daeyoung looks surprised while Youngsoo looks elated. The next day, Moyeon and her team search frantically for Chihoon, unwilling to allow Youngsoo a free ticket home, but they can’t find him in time for the flight bus and are forced to let Youngsoo leave. Sanghyun finds Chihoon after the bus departs and jokes that his wife surely isn’t that bad looking enough for him to not want to return. He sobers up and asks Chihoon to tell him what happened between him and Minjae. Chihoon shakily promises to tell him later, barely able to stop himself from crying.

Youngsoo’s on edge and it turns out that he actually swallowed those diamonds in the safe and purposefully smashed the lock so he could have a nice ‘retirement plan’ once in Korea. Fake UN Fellow’s on watch for Youngsoo at the airport but is the worst henchman/spy ever and Youngsoo manages to evade him. The news infuriates Argus who vows to tear him to bits once he gets his hands on him but then orders his men to send the “red rose” he chose previously to one Colonel Amang. Cut to a girl from clearly poor village in Uruk staring blankly ahead as her hair is brushed. (This sick bastard, honestly). Meanwhile, Shijin’s set up some very high-tech equipment for a very important purpose.

If watching Moyeon can be called that. He muses that she sure is pretty only to find Daeyoung behind him.

Daeyoung’s walkie-talkie crackles with news from a soldier. Myeongju’s dad is to visit headquarters tomorrow. Shijin calls a meeting the next day and gives his men firm orders.

Cut to them cleaning, weeding and scrubbing every inch of the compound.

Soldier Grumpypants shows up then and tells Shijin that the commander wants him, Moyeon, Myeongju and Daeyoung to report to him. His visit to the camp has been cancelled. Shijin gets hilariously upset at that, pointing about at all his men ‘doing their regular thing’ but goes ahead to welcome the commander. Myeongju looks worried.

Daeyoung asks her not to worry, which she denies doing. Moyeon’s the odd one out there and Shijin grins at her placing her hand over her heart while everyone else salutes the Commander. She hilariously pretends to scratch her neck instead.

General Yoon thanks each soldier by name before asking the four to come to his office. He asks them to sit (purely out of courtesy as army etiquette dictates that they must stand) only Moyeon takes his words as face value and pauses awkwardly before sitting upon noting the other three standing. She stands as well and is praised for her conduct and bravery by General Yoon before being dismissed. She’s cheery after the compliments and leaves with a smile, after which General Yoon goes into commanding mode and says he’s asking the following questions as Myeongju’s father. He asks Shijin if he’s friend or foe.

Shijin says she’s a precious colleague and friend but he’s never seen her as a romantic interest. General Yoon is disappointed and asks him to leave. Moyeon’s waiting outside and Shijin tells her that he was kicked out of the commander’s favour and is no longer a potential son-in-law.

Moyeon wonders what will happen to Daeyoung and Myeongju then. Back in the office, General Yoon asks his daughter if she still loves Daeyoung, which Myeongju affirms immediately. He then turns to Daeyoung.

Myeongju asks him to stop dragging Daeyoung into this but Daeyoung surprisingly affirms that he does still love Myeongju. The general growls that he thought they were on the same side and that Daeyoung shared his thoughts and would back down for Myeongju’s sake. He orders Daeyoung to answer him and Myeongju cuts in that she won’t leave him. She holds onto Daeyoung’s arm but deflates when he removes her hand, only to take her hand and entwine his fingers with hers!

He tells the commander to go ahead and transfer him, how he feels won’t change. General Yoon orders Myeongju out. She resists until Daeyoung tells her not to worry, and then leaves. General Yoon deflates once she’s going, saying that he simply wanted to be a good general and father and he’s failed at both those tasks. He agrees to let Daeyoung and Myeongu date. This is with marriage in mind, he says. But there’s one condition. He has to quit being a soldier, come back to Korea and take a position within Myeongju’s mother’s company. He asks Daeyoung to decide if he’ll let Myeongju’s hand go due to pride, or become a man worthy of her (I don’t get his man’s logic. Wasn’t he going to make Shijin a general if he married Myeongju. Why not allow Daeyoung that position?) Daeyoung looks troubled but resolute.

Meanwhile, Shijin’s filling the car with gas while Moyeon wonders why he never dated Myeongju. She lists that Myeongju’s young, smart, has a good body and is from a good family. Shijin wonders if he appears the sort of person who dates anyone rich and pretty and Moyeon mutters that she never said anything about Myeongju being pretty, ergo he thinks Myeongju’s pretty. Shijin grins at her logic and jealousy and asks her to take hold of the pump. She’s about to start again when he stops her.

A flustered Moyeon asks when the car will be full to which Shijin cheekily responds that it’s been full for a while, before taking off to pay. Right then, a child is shoved out of the store for trying to steal medicine. One look and Moyeon can tell he has measles. They decide to go to the boy’s village to stop the spread of the disease. On the other side, Daeyoung breaks the news to Myeongju. He has her father’s permission. She’s overjoyed and he’s just as adorably happy.

She runs off to call and thank her father while Daeyoung grins. Meanwhile, Shijin drives Moyeon into the vilalge and struck by its poverty. He’s planned ahead though and instructs his team to get his coordinates. His team puzzle over the coordinates they gained. There’s no village in that location. Shijin and Moyeon try to ask the children how long they’ve been ill but a girl in a red dress (the one we saw being groomed earlier) pipes up saying that they’re forbidden food if they speak to strangers. Not that it matters anymore. The boys her join gangs once they grow up and the girls are sold to pimps. It’s her turn today. Moyeon and Shijin are disturbed by what they hear. The girl agrees to answer anything so long as they get her out. Daeyoung brings Daniel in who informs them that the village is called the Haunted Village, as its location keeps shifting around. It’s under control by local gangs. Shijin’s informed of this just as he spots Argus pulling up. Telling his team to hurry he races back where Moyeon is. Only Argus has already found her and wonders what someone as pretty as her is doing here.

Argus smiles, saying that it’s good to see Shijin again. Moyeon quietly asks Shijin who is. He sighs before saying that this was the Private Ryan he mentioned. Argus recalls seeing Moyeon at Chen Gang’s funeral and grins that he has the advantage this time against Shijin, when a shot rings. Argus falls to the ground. The girl in the red dress stands behind, clutching the gun. Shijin instantly pulls her towards him and takes her gun. Argus order Moyeon to treat him but Moyeon can’t, especially when the girl in the red dress pleads with her not to, knowing that he’ll go on to hurt others. Shijin tells her to treat him.

I am honestly so for Daeyoung and Myeongju’s romance. Sparkles honestly crackle between these two. Seeing Jin Gu smile is honestly asdljf;asd 

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  1. Oh man, another great episode. Loved it!! Though I did laugh when they played that happy, romantic music while Shijin and Moyeon were trying to avoid the landmines. Lol.

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