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Newly addicted to Bromance! (and I am so in love)

There have been shows I liked within the past two dramas years, but only a few stand out as ones whose DVDs I’d like to be buried with. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that you can tell what these shows are going to be from the start. They’re different from the ones that you like because the actor/actress is gorgeous, or because the plot make perfect logical sense. There’s something more to these shows, despite how strange the plot may be or how unattractive the lead male is by all rational reasoning. It’s why I love Kill Me Heal Me over the much more tightly plotted Healer. It’s why I love Liar Game but am pretty meh about You Who Came from the Stars (despite how fun Jun Jihyun was) and why I adore Nodame Cantabile but can’t get through a lot of Jdoramas. So far these three have been my I-Love-Yous in terms of shows, but a new one just joined its ranks.vlcsnap-2016-03-06-23h05m01s019.pngIt frankly makes no sense, because Bromance is the very sort of fluff I normally look at and say ‘well that’s cute but so cringeworthy’. Instead I’m screaming ” I LOVE IT I LOVE IT” at my screen and at my sister and at anyone who’s listening to the point to the point where I sound like I belong somewhere far away from rational society. I don’t know what sort of magic spell Baron/River Chen (which one is his name anyway?) and Megan Lai have worked on me, but I am so addicted it’s not even funny. I’m barely restraining myself from adding screencaps because I know there’s no stopping once I start. It’s bad enough with shows I like, but with shows I love? Whew! It’s crazy. But how did this happen?

I was exploring the new (for me) territory of fan-made mvs on youtube when I chanced upon this thumbnail on January 8th, for a video titled Bromance – Heartbeat Song
First Encounter1.png
The original video has unfortunately been taken down due to a copyright notice (and I had to literally scour the internet for this thumbnail lol), but I really liked what I saw, especially how much the lead actress actually looked like a man.
I knew I had to watch it then but the torrents I found were of terrible quality so I gave up and forgot about it until March 2nd.. In hindsight it would have been better had I seen it at the start of the semester because now I’m knee-deep in coursework but pushing that aside for Bromance. I know I’m in deep when I start digging into the male/female lead’s past works and private lives and what not. I’ve been scrounging the internet for news on them, and hoping/wondering if the drama bts is for real or filmed to appease/increase fans. It’s my first real addiction and has completely transcended my like for any other show airing. I am so in love. I can’t even count how many times I’ve said that. But this post is meant to serve as more than an outlet for all my feels, it’s a plea for aid to all Bromance fans to please feed my addiction.

If anyone has anything they know about Baron Chen/Megan Lai, or any sites with English translations and discussions and videos that I sound visit, pretty please let this non-Chinese speaker know! And please tells me those bts videos they put up of the drama aren’t acted out? Or not? :3

And to those who have not seen Bromance. WATCH IT. Be sure to finish all your coursework/schoolwork/work in general in advance though! xD

5 thoughts on “Newly addicted to Bromance! (and I am so in love)

  1. I only followed the shows plotline by reading recaps on I was never interested enough to actually watch it. That being said, I know exactly where you’re coming from when you talk about being absolutely in love with a drama. Descendants of the sun is my current absolute favorite. That might have a little something to do with Song Joong Ki. But still, I freaking love the drama! Enough to watch the first raw versions with the zoomed in view and regret my limited Korean vocabulary. After that I spend my entire day just thinking about it. I think dramas aren’t just entertainment theyre journeys. 😀 Anyway, enjoy your addiction.

    1. I need to quote you on that. Dramas sure are journeys! And it’s amazing as to how much they can affect and influence you! I’m currently actually finishing one whole month of coursework in 12 days just so I can sit down, watch Bromance (which is on pause) and go through drama-depression blues xD I’m recapping Descendants of the Sun so be back tonight for more addiction xD

  2. You can watch Bromance on Dramafever. I also read the recaps on You could watch ep 19 first which is a “special” and kind of summarizes the progression of their relationship, but it would have spoilers and there is a really funny ending clip at the end of ep 19. Baron Chen was in Fated to Love You as a second lead. Megan Lai was in Miss Rose with Roy Qiu.

    1. I managed to download it xD My bedroom has awful Wifi so downloading just makes things more fun! I’m actually watching Because of You (I have it in HD if you want to download it! :D) because it has Baron Chen and Megan Lai as a couple. Bromance is on hold for one big reason, which I wrote in my comment above 😛 So happy to see a fellow Bromance fan *sends virtual hug*

  3. Hi I finished watching Bromance after I watched Refresh Man. I don’t normally watch TW drama due to the over-exaggeration and the fact that all the actors I used to know in TW drama went to China. I only started watching because of Aaron Yan.

    But then I came across this clip relating to Beatrice Fang being a huge fan of the male Pi YaNuo (both Beatrice and MingWei had small roles in Aaron Yan’s Fall in Love with Me), I decided to watch it once if figured out the convincing male is actually a female.

    Because I was not familiar with Megan, I really viewed as a manly looking girl. Her dressing like a female in Bromance was a bit odd for me. But Megan is really pretty if the makeup is done right. She is a very good model since she has had many years of experience.

    Anyway, I understand Chinese and if you are watching the ShowBiz ones, then they don’t usually have subs. I had started putting some translations for the Refresh Man ones because some people asked for them. But they are genuine as the people from ShowBiz are kinda like Buzzfeed in a way, and they send in a “journalist” to capture actual behind the scenes. The actors sometimes feel comfortable with them as they act like fans and they known when to not go too far with their jokes and pushiness.

    There could be a little bit of fan service since the actors are aware that they are in front of the camera. But I personally think it’s genuine as it’s not that different from an interview, just more informal.

    I just came across a blog discussing Megan and Baron. You can give it a read.

    If you don’t mind that they are not subtitled, here are some more clips outside of the drama:
    Megan and Baron at the Jin Zhong award show:

    If I have time, I don’t mind translating.

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