The talented and beautiful Hwang Jungeum is married! (with Ji Sung and Park Seojoon in attendance)

And she’s married! Her wedding’s already a hot topic (trending #1 on Naver) because of the sheer volume of celebrities that showed up and one very conspicuous person who didn’t. Ayumi (her former Sugar bandmate who flew all the way from Japan) attended the 700 guest bash while Park Soojin (whose wedding Hwang Jungeum attended) make excuses not to go. Ah well, all’s fair in love because the bride sure is glowing.
Prior to entering the venue she told reporters that marrying did not mean she was going on hiatus, and that she was searching even now for a project to return in. Her husband did not join the presscon as he’s a non-celebrity. Actor Lee Soonjae (of Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit and other halbae roles) officiated the ceremony.

Guests included ‘Secret’ and ‘KMHM’ co-star JI SUNG!

Here’s a video of him entering the venue and some previous clips of them spliced with it, the last 15 seconds show Hwang Junguem entering the venue.

Anyway, more guests! ‘She Was Pretty’ co-star Park Seojoon (who brought serious security for good reason, there were hundreds of fans surrounding the venue)

Hwang Jungeum’s ‘She was Pretty’ and ‘Secret’ co-star Hwang Sukjeong (who dazzled us all with her Italian)

Hwang Jungeum’s ‘Endless Love’ costar (and Ji Sung’s ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ costar!) Ryu Sooyoung

‘KMHM’ costar Kim Nayoon


‘She Was Pretty’ costar Shin Dongmi

Kim Jedong (familiar with any variety show watcher),
Singer and musical actress Bada of SES fame,

JYJ’s Junsu who shares the same agency,

Actress Oh Yoon Ah

Park Hanbyul

Han Groo

and many, many more!
Here’s a news segment on her wedding with footage from the presscon. It’s long and the reporter does drone on and analyze her dress but there’s a pretty cute moment from 1:15-1:20

And that’s it! Here’s to a happy married life for the newlyweds!

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