Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap Ep 14 Review (and this is the show I loved)

Shortest review ever.  I don’t even know why I’m not just leaving this as a comment on netizenbuzz instead but maybe it’s because I can’t use screencaps there. Show got better again, though we could still do with a less Inho (though I do love the boy to pieces).
(Peekaboo!)First off. Inho, you dumbass. Of course, Seol can’t treat you the same way after knowing that you like, her (props for honesty though?). It’s awkward as hell to be around someone who’s into you when the sentiment doesn’t go the other way, you pure boy. She can’t just pretend it’s all good and treat you like a friend, though that’s clearly all you want. On the other hand, major major props to this guy for keep at his passion to live and try again. You go, Inho, I know you’ll find a way to outwit that awful construction boss somehow.

Inha, you spoilt-ass shithead. Just because a problematic character has a few redeeming moments doesn’t mean that she’s automatically given a pass. Jung’s dad is an asshole, who encouraged her stupid behaviour and had the gall to think that it wasn’t “cute” anymore. Congrats on creating a monster. This girl is annoying and entitled as hell and frankly, I wish Inho would kick her out. And I thought Jung was malicious, at that he goes after people who’ve wronged him or people he cares about. Inha’s malicious just because. Next week appears to be her episode, and forecasts dark portents for Seol. Given the lack of progress (seriously, she has no character arc to speak of) Inha’s made these past 14 episodes, I wonder how she’s going to end up.

Yay for Bora and Euntaek! *cue hearts and fireworks*

Take that, Sangchul. I can’t even begrudge Jung for what he did to Sangchul because the fellow really needs a wake-up call. He maybe the sunbae in university and get to force everyone else to do his bidding, but it’s not like that in the real world. Over there, he’s everyone’s hoobaeHe‘s the bottom of the ladder, and no one’s going to take any shit or cover up for him and he needs to get that. He can’t just pull the pity card (‘oh my village threw a party for my acceptance into university!’) to get people to care. It’s one thing if you’re trying and resources and opportunity just aren’t coming your way. It’s another thing if you’re not trying at all and expecting everything to fall into your lap. Ugh.

And there’s the Yoo Jung I know! I honestly cheered when Jung’s creepy stare reappeared. This is who he is. Yes, he’s cute at times but he has a dark part of him, which likely won’t go away no matter how much time Seol spends around him. And I’m frankly starting to think that that’s okay. Thankfully, so does Seol. (BUT SERIOUSLY GIVE JUNG MORE SCREENTIME!!!!!)

I really wasn’t able to feel Seol (as we’ve come to know her) in episode 13, so I’m super glad that I felt her in this episode. Tough as nails when she has to be, such an awesome friend, and super honest with Inho about drawing a line. And best of all, not a word of recrimination to Jung. He was hurting bad enough that she saw him without her fleeing. I’m sure they’ll discuss it, but it doesn’t matter even if they put it behind them. I just want Jung to be okay about being more upfront about his dark side with Seol instead of still being ashamed of it. Not only will she then be able to stop him from effecting the more extreme of his plans (like setting stalkers on people) but perhaps she can slowly change his mindset. He can articulate all the dark thoughts and plans he wants in her presence, but he doesn’t have to act on all of them. Or something like that. Ugh, university midterms and essays are driving me nuts (so of course I take a break from essays to write some more! Logic? I have none) and I’ve no idea if I’m making any sense but there we go. This show makes me happy at times. 

6 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap Ep 14 Review (and this is the show I loved)

  1. I practically hold my breath for the final scene. That was another big “oooppss” for Jung – having Seol listening the whole time for his dark side. Though I agree with you that Sang Chul deserve it, and I understand why Jung did it, it’s Seol that made me worried. But Seol nailed it with her understanding. For once, Jung look *so* relieved for being himself in front of Seol.

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