Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap Ep 13 Review (and deflating cheese?)

Seo Kangjoon is gorgeous, and Cheese seems to want to emphasize that fact, repeatedly. Which I’m totally oay with. The number of screenshots I’ve saved of his face are second to only my collection of Shin Segi. Just look at that perfection!
That being said, I must admit some confusion as to where the plotline is going. It was easy enough to ignore for the past few episodes because Seol and Jung still had a lot to solve, but now that their conflict’s over for the most part, it’s blatantly obvious that Inho and Seol split each episode. Today, in particular, felt more like a day in the life of Inho. It’s problematic as hell (because he isn’t the lead and the scriptwriter doesn’t seem to get that) but what’s surprising is how affecting it is. It’s no secret that Inho hasn’t had it easy the past few years but this episode made clear just where he stood in everyone’s esteem and I found myself rather disappointed in Seol for not inquiring further or trying to help, when she knew there was something wrong. Throughout this show, we’ve seen Seol suffer through periods of great stress with few people to confide in or understand and help her in what she’s going through. We’ve seen her get taken advantage of repeatedly and trying to fight against the compulsion to bow her head to others. And she’s just gotten stronger. That’s particularly why it hurts to see that Inho was no different all the while. People take just as much advantage of him but he takes it all sitting down.

  • His sister treats him like dirt while mooching off him at every turn
  • The man he considered a foster-father and even respected, sees him as nothing more than a human webcam (meaning that Inho never really spied on Jung?)
  • Jung mocks his ‘aimless’ ways just as he was beginning to find goals and hope for his future and uses his predicament as a way of forcing him away from Seol
  • Seol can’t think for herself and treats him like a stranger instead of a friend because her boyfriend doesn’t like him.

And then you have his $10,000 debt, I’m honestly surprised Inho hasn’t collapsed from gastritis as well given the colossal amount of stress he’s under. And it isn’t even noble idiocy that holds him back from reaching out to other people. He just can’t. If he goes to Seol, he knows he’ll end up losing her friendship. Heck he probably has because she cares more about what Yoo Jung thinks (since when was Seol the sort of person who needed Yoo Jung to approve who she could and couldn’t hang out with?). He even swallowed his pride enough to go to Jung’s father (who is an awful old man) and got kicked in the face for his trouble. He simply has nowhere to go. Seol was at least able to lean on Bora or Euntaek, Inho has no one. And I’m seriously surprised that Seol took so long to even approach him and ask what the matter was. Seeing her tiptoe around him blatantly awkwardly was uncomfortable to watch because he’d done nothing to deserve it. And it’s disappointing to see how long she took to even bother trying to figure out what was wrong. Not that Inho is entitled to her care/concern because he helped her out before, but it’s just what you do for friends, isn’t it? How long about was it that she was calling him ‘oppa’? But let’s shove that aside. Has anyone else noticed how Seol and Yoo Jung’s relationship’s sort of sizzling out? Not within the world of the show, of course. They couldn’t be happier. However, there’s a strange sort of ‘meh’ quality to their scenes together, because the tension’s been so completely resolved. And even worse, Yoo Jung is no longer as compelling as he used to be. I recall finding Inho attractive in earlier episodes, but he felt like a kitten compared to Yoo Jung. Yet, Yoo Jung currently feels like the kitten, while Inho’s the poor misunderstood lone wolf. Even Jung’s (extremly irritating) order to Inho to stay out of Seol’s life felt flat, rather than menacing or even genuinely angry. He did seem emotional, and even somewhat shaken by Inho’s tears, but the scene cuts off right when it was about to get good. The episode frankly felt flat as a whole with Sangchul providing the only moments of genuine tension (I truly enjoy watching Seol go hard-eyed and cold when dealing with people lie him and Dajung). Otherwise, all we saw was a depressing couple days in Inho’s life, Seol and Jung being cute, more proof that Jung’s father is an asshole and set up for Bora’s romance with Euntaek. Hey Cheese, are you deflating?

Ah well, here’s Seo Kangjoon’s pretty face. I have to make use of these screenshots somehow. 

4 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap Ep 13 Review (and deflating cheese?)

  1. Seol and Jungs interation is just bleh now to me it was extermely interesting at first because it seemed like Seol was able to see through his bullshit and Jung hated that and was just trying to mess with her head. Its just weird to think back to when she was legitimately terrified of him to the point where she dropped out of school and now there a couple?

  2. If only the drama keeps their focus on peeling Jung’s character, too..instead of shoving him aside and focused too much in Inho for 5 eps.. He’s a very compelling character but got no development at all. We don’t know why is he like that (aside for tinyy bits in ep 12…but that was his high school Show didn’t show why his father thought he is strange). I thought from 12 they’d focus on Jung more.. but meh.

    Seol is being like that cuz she understands Jung’s insecurities regarding Inho…not like she completely abandoned the notion of ‘being friend with Inho’. Even Jung didn’t completely “no you can’t even hang out with him. absolutely, no.” (though his ‘give and take’ deal with Inho was a bit irritating, but that’s Jung’s way in dealing with things..especially because Inho deals with thugs and it’s dangerous for Seol and her family)

  3. I’ve watched the series 3 times, but I’ve skipped over most of Inho/Inha parts because they are really annoying and nonessential to me. I don’t get why people find Inho attractive. All I see is Zoolander.

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