Remember: Son's War

Remember : Son’s War Ep 18 Recap (and the beginning of the end)

We begin at the trial with Jinwoo stammering that Dongho didn’t kill Oh Jungah. Seokgyu gives him a long searching look while Jinwoo stares blankly about him. He announces that the court is adjourned and Jinwoo comes back to reality, leaning against his desk while In Ah cries and Dongho stares.

Outside the court, In Ah asks if Jinwoo can really go through with this. He insists that it was a temproary spell and that he’s fine but she looks far from convinced. She says that she’ll take over is necessary. He asks her not to worry and goes to Dongho who’s been confined in a separate room until the trial resumes. He’s already aware of the truth more or less and asks if Jinwoo’s alright. Jinwoo says that he should have mentioned his disease earlier but couldn’t.

Aw. Dongho asks him for fight for him to the end. Moosuk reports to Gyuman saying that Jinwoo behaved strangely in court.

(Pfft, okay that was funny.) says that Jinwoo started speaking like his father did, stammering and obviously not in the right frame of mind. Gyuman’s of the mind that Jinwoo was out of his mind the moment he took Dongho’s case but instructs Soobum to look into Jinwoo’s medical records in case Alzheimer’s was passed down from father to son. The trial resumes and Kwang Il brings in one of Joo Il’s gangsters as a witness. The man witnessed Dongho and Joo Il’s argument at the bar and testifies to it. Kwang Il says that this provides motive. Jinwoo surprisingly brings Joonshik in as a witness and argues that Joo Il’s hands and nails showed that he tried to block the knife attack and fight off his attacker. However, Dongho shows no signs of physical harm. Joonshik argues that it’s common sense to arrest Dongho after watching the blackbox video. He stabbed Joo Il and left him in the car, that’s that as far as he’s considered.

The video shows Dongho pausing for a moment, then walking away from Joo Il’s car. Seconds later, the car starts to shake violently. Jinwoo points out that Joo Il was heavier than Dongho and any fight that took place in the car (and one did judging by the state of Joo Il’s hands) should have made the car shake while Dongho was in the car. Not after he left it. As such, the real moment of murder likely happened after Dongho left. Kwang Il tries to interject but is overruled by the awesome Judge Seokgyu. Joonshik has no choice but to admit that the possibility exists that Dongho could be innocent. Jinwoo summarizes that Dongho’s blood wasn’t even on the murder weapon. The prosecution has nothing but circumstantial evidence and to convict Dongho based on his would ruin both his life and the lives of those who care for him. The court is silent as Jinwoo returns to his seat and exchanges smiles with In Ah. Meanwhile, Il Ho chastises Moosuk for leaving Seok Joo Il alive, given that the man himself knows the truth. Moosuk promises to take care of it. That night, Jinwoo and Sangho wonder how to procure a piece of evidence that’ll completely extenuate Dongho. Showing that the existing evidence isn’t enough to convict him, is not enough for the prosecution to cancel the trial. Jinwoo asks if Sangho knows anyone who could have committed the crime, and Sangho lights up after a bit of thinking.

Soobum reports back to Gyuman with Jinwoo’s medical records. Gyuman smirks upon seeing that Jinwoo does indeed have Alzheimer’s. Jinwoo’s lost his family and now his memory. What does he have left to lose? Soobum plays along, saying that the heavens sure are helping Gyuman. Meanwhile, Jinwoo plots with one of Joo Il’s faithful minions (the bald one) on how to make the criminal return to the site of the crime. The minion spreads word that Joo Il  has regained consciousness which makes our assassin nervous. He calls Il Ho, get his approval, puts on his assassin garb and heads to the hospital for a repeat of what he failed to do last time. He gets closer to Joo Il’s bed and removes his ventilator. Only it’s not Joo Il.

HAHA. The man whirls around but finds Jinwoo on the other side. He whips out a knife. Uh oh. In Ah seats herself and a nearly full court but Jinwoo’s nowhere to be seen. Cut back to the hospital room where a fight’s happening real time. Jinwoo gets in some kicks before the police arrive and take over. He looks at his watch and dashes off to court. Meanwhile at the court, Seokgyu’s already seated. Everyone’s there but Jinwoo. Seokgyu asks Dongho if Jinwoo’s here.

Aww! There a few seconds of awkward silence until the doors burst open. Jinwoo sure knows how to make an entrance.

He apologizes for being late. Seogyu asks if anything special happened and Jinwoo says that the prosecution would know that better than him. Right on cue, Kwang Il is notified that the real criminal was arrested and has no choice but to cancel the case. Seokgyu nods knowingly. In Ah and Jinwoo exchange smiles once more.

The court empties but Dongho and Jinwoo remain, sitting on opposite sides.

(This is such a symbolic shot for so many reasons. I especially love the blurred witness stand right down the center of the shot) Dongho sincerely thanks Jinwoo who refuses his gratitude, saying that he got out because he was innocent. Dongho sighs that he really has to repay his debt. Jinwoo shakes his head, saying that he’ll never be able to do it, and he doesn’t have the heart to wipe the slate clean either. Jinwoo reminds him that he once said that a good lawyer never lets his client have to enter the courtroom. He asks if he feels the same way. Dongho doesn’t.

He vows that he’ll fight for Jinwoo until the end, just like he did for him. Jinwoo says that it won’t be long until Gyuman’s down anyway. He plans on submitting a request for retrial. Dongho agrees that he should. The two men look each other in the eye for a looong time (What is with Yoo Seungho and bromance? Wasn’t it enough that he had to kill me in Warrior Baek Dongsoo?) 
Jinwoo meets with Joonshik the next day with proof of the hefty sums of money Il Ho has sent his way. Joonshik asks if he’s threatening him but Jinwoo just wants confirmation that Il Ho was behind all of this. Joonshik feigns inoncence. Meanwhile, a newly released Dongho rushes to the hospital to find Joo Il barely conscious. He motions for Dongho to remove his ventilator and and ekes out that he held on for this long to say his goodbyes. (Aww. Poor Dongho). Dongho’s close to tears, reminding him that Joo Il stand he’d stand as his father at his wedding. Joo Il weakly raises his fist, as his heart rate monitor accelerates, and their share their final fistbump before his hand falls away.

Dongho sits numbly at Joo Il’s funeral and listens to the recording he left for him (plus the video of Gyuman’s confession). He tells Dongho that he was incredibly happy when Dongho became a lawyer, because he’d lived by his fists all these years and he thought that those who fought with the law were more powerful than those who fought with their fists. But as it turned out, there was a higher class, those who fought with money. He tells Dongho that he wanted to leave him a present before he left. Turns out that he recorded his first visit to Il Ho once he was out form jail. The recording ends with Il Ho ordering him to kill Dongho. Jinwoo quietly enters the funeral at that moment.

The two sit together while Dongho drowns drink after drink. Jinwoo tells him that they could indict Bae Joonshik with the evidence of bribery they’ve procured but Dongho’s too numb to care. Jinwoo reminds him that he’s a lawyer. He shouldn’t fight back with revenge but with the law. They exchange understanding glances again.

Jinwoo looks at the paperwork for his father’s case and leaves to request a retrial. Gyuman’s interrupted in the middle of a work meeting by Soobum who informs him of the development. Gyuman throws a fit, yells at everyone to get lost and prepares to pay Jinwoo a visit. Dongho pays a visit of his own to Il Ho, asking how many more must fall victim to his greed. Il Ho has the balls to say that it’s all for their own good. Dongho’s incredulous and says now he’s really going to enjoy watching him fall. Gyuman strolls into the Byundoori law firm. He asks JInwoo if he can still remember him and Jinwoo knows the game’s up. He just smiles and gets to his feet. Gyuman asks what use all of this is.

HAHAHA. Jinwoo sighs at how pitiful he is. Gyuman truly doesn’t have a single person he can trust. He asks Gyuman to take a good look around him. No one is on his side. Gyuman glowers while Jinwoo promises that Gyuman’ll vanish before his memories do. Joonshik pays Dongho and Sangho a visit, and nearly gets throttlted by Dongho. He apologizes for the dirty money he took, saying that it was all for his father. Dongho tells him to get lost but pauses when Joonshik says that President Ha (who Dongho had lined up as a witness for the Seo Kwang Group case) wasn’t sent overseas as said before. Moosuk gets reprimanded by both Gyuman and Il Ho for not properly taking care of things, while Youngjin watches on. He has a new prosecutor lined to take over the spot left open by Choi Jinkyung’s departure. Gyuman is advised on how to control his anger by a doctor (haha, Jinwoo’s comment really struck home, huh?) but get so pissed at the doctor’s advise (move to a quiet location and try to think of other’s perspectives) that he nearly strangles the poor old fellow and is barely restrained by Soobum.

Moosuk and Il Ho bribe high-ranking officials to prevent a tax investigation while Youngjin watches and smirks to himself. Moosuk tries to order him to come to a meeting the next day but Youngjin incredulously asks if Moosuk still thinks he’s his underling and leaves. Dongho drives to President Ha’s newest location. He’s unharmed and promises to testify again. He observes that Dongho’s a lot like his father, willing to do anything for his son save murder. A pensive Dongho leaves. In Ah watches Jinwoo working, worriedly remembering what the doctor said. As Jinwoo gets worse, legal work will get harder for him. Chances are he won’t understand what people are saying.

Taking Jinwoo’s open, she opens an app called ‘Remember’ (haha) and takes a picture of her business card.

Aww! She asks if dinner at her place sounds good. Hayoung’s learned how to make pizza and wanted to treat all four lawyer as a sign of gratitude.
(Eeeee! Yoo Sungho’s smile is seriously aldsfa;kldsfj)
The mood’s bright as everyone tucks in that night, only…(AAAAH IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!! My poor baby) Jinwoo says that his father would like the pizza. Everyone freezes but Jinwoo goes on about how he’ll be home late this evening and he should take him a slice. To say that In Ah’s parents are shocked is an understatement. Her mother (who seriously pisses me off at times) jumps on him, asking if he’s saying that his father is alive. In Ah and Lawyer Yeon try to play it off but Jinwoo comes back to himself and hangs his head looking lost.

He shakily gets up and leaves. In Ah calls him but he doesn’t pick up. Her parents hear the full story and her mother orders her to leave, while he father’s sympathetic. In Ah refuses to go. Jinwoo needs her by his side. Meanwhile, Gyuman orders Soobum to block Jinwoo’s retrial somehow. He roars when Soobum doesn’t respond but Soobum finally asks him to stop now. How long did he think he could hide it from the world? Gyuman’s incredulous at him ‘acting up’ and prepares to whack him with a golf club when Soobum blocks the blow for the first time.

Gyuman stares as he leaves, as though he can’t believe this is happening. Back at Byundoori, In Ah, Lawyer Yeon and Jae Ik panick over Jinwoo not having returned. His phone’s off too. Jae Ik’s finally in the loop and razy worried. They’re collecting racking their minds for where Jinwoo could have gone with Seokgyu enters and gives In Ah a meaningful look.

Gyuman finally puts the pieces together. Soobum’s suspicious text, Seokgyu knowing the truth, Jinwoo’s confidence. He calls his father’s minion over and order him to capture Soobum. The deed’s done and Soobum’s beaten and tied to a care in a warehouse of sorts. Gyuman’s furious at being betrayed.

Gyuman grabs him by the neck and chokes him, while saying that there is a way he can live. He simply has to take the bottle-opener back. Soobum refuses.

Gyuman suddenly withdraws his hand and says he’ll give him time. Soobum yells in terror as he’s locked in the room. Seokgyu directly asks In Ah if Jinwoo’s okay. She instantly says he’s fine. Seokgyu promises to help with the retrial just as Lawyer Yeon runs with a picture of Jinwoo and his father that he kept on his desk. She says that Jinwoo’s always meant to revisit the spot they took the picture at. In Ah makes her apologies and races out to find him.

He picks the card his father left off the leaves. It reads: Jinwoo, thanks for growing up so bright.Let’s keep making lots of happy memories together- From Dad. Tears fill Jinwoo’s eyes, as he reminisces. He turns to leave and finds In Ah behind him.

He asks her not to sacrifice anymore for him and go back. He says he’s always felt remorseful for having been the cause of her giving up her job as a prosecutor, especially when he’s in front of her parents. In Ah asks if that’s all he can say. He gets up to leave but stops when she asks if that’s really how he feels. Doesn’t he know why she stays with him? Does he really think that she’s here because she pities him? Yes she’s in pain but it’s for another reason.

He doesn’t have enough time left to hold onto these memories, he says tearfully.

YAY!!! (Did they really have to zoom out though?) Meanwhile, Gyuman sips wipe, alone, in a snazzy restaurant. Jinwoo’s words on how no one’s on his side keep echoing through his mind. The next day, he hands Yeokyung a plane ticket to France where she’s supposed to study art, presumably for a long, long time, on Il Ho’s orders. she looks stricken. Our new couple looks over paperwork…

when Yeokyung pays them a surprise visit. She apologizes sincerely for her part in Jaehyuk’s case and on her brother’s behalf. Gyuman sips tea, while being informed that Tak Youngjin’s going to replace Choi Jinkyung on Jaehyuk’s retrial with a newer prosecutor on their side. Gyuman smiles, saying that he really should thank him. The man in question heads into a meeting with someone who’s presumably very high-up in prosecution circles who chuckles that Il Ho sure is ‘an absent-minded old geezer’. (Wait what?) Even stranger is that Youngjin agrees.

(Wait, no way, no way). A flashback reveals…THAT THIS WAS ALL PLANNED!!!! Back when Jinwoo and In Ah handed him the recording pen, Youngjin noted that this wasn’t enough to put Gyuman away. That’s when he was informed of the plan. This was an operation that only the 3 of them would be aware of. Youngjin was to join Il Ho and play double agent. As per Il Ho’s orders he’ll switch the prosecutor, to someone full of conviction.

(Aww! I love you and that gorgeous voice all over again. Now hurry up and make up with Dongho. The poor fellow really thinks you betrayed him.) Speaking of Dongho, he pays Jinwoo a visit, sighing that they need definitive evidence to put Gyuman away or he’ll slither out like last time. Jinwoo then shows him the murder weapon, which gets Dongho all excited.

(There they go again. I’m definitely on the wrong ship.) The second retrial of Jaehyuk’s case is covered by major news outlets, and Jinwoo notes that things could get difficult even with the video they have of Gyuman’s confession because they filmed it in secret (I have never understood this part of the law. I mean, for pity’s sake, should you go up to a criminal and go “Oh hey, I’m going to hide over there and film you in the event that you confess to your crime, so could I have your permission?” Nope! You do what Jinwoo and In Ah did and shadow them until they let something spill. Yet it’s not considered ‘real’ evidence by a court. WTF kind of law is that?) However, Jinwoo notes that this video will have a huge impact outside the court. A trial isn’t something fought solely in court. Dongho agrees, they’ll make this a media sensation. Sangho has the tabloids on standby.

And boy do they start. The next thing you now the video’s playing everywhere. Everyone’s horrified at Gyuman’s casual admittance of the crime. Il Ho and Moosuk drink tea unaware of what’s going on outside the private room they’ve reserved. Youngjin says he’ll introduce them to the prosecutor he has in mind. Il Ho’s has no worries seeing that Youngjin’s handling it and even Moosuk’s curious as to who it is. They’re all certain that Gyuman’s trial is going to be a breeze and toast to it (Youngjin looks like he’s failing to hold in the giggles) when Moosuk gets a call. Cut to Gyuman watching the video and looking increasingly furious until he throws the laptop down and starts stomping on it, yelling Jinwoo’s name. Even better is that Jinwoo walks in at this point. Gyuman barely manages ot keep himself from going apeshit on Jinwoo, taking it out on the laptop instead.

Moosuk hangs up looking horrified and tells Il Ho that Gyuman’s video has gone viral. Youngjin couldn’t look more pleased.

(You can practically read it on his face “Take that you bastards”)
We see In Ah, or her back rather, walking towards the room. Il Ho’s still processing what’s happening when she walks in and introduces herself. Moosuk puts two and two together instantly, and stares at Youngjin in horror.

The episode ends with In Ah and Jinwoo finally in control. Aw yeah!

5 thoughts on “Remember : Son’s War Ep 18 Recap (and the beginning of the end)

  1. Hurray! Prosecutor Tak is really on the good side! When did In Ah become a prosecutor again…thought she quitted?

    1. I wondered about that too 😛 Perhaps that higher-up prosecutor allowed her to return to her old position because of how heavily involved she is with bringing down Il Ho group?

  2. After the public revelation of his sickness, jinwoo only worried about Park Dongho, “i’m fine now, I don’t know what PDH will think of this….i have to go see PDH, for a second. Facing DH, even leaking a trace of guilt, gone are his death stare and fake bitterness, “I should have let you know, but I couldn’t , you may change your attorney.” a surprised but grateful Jinwoo, who stared with the first time, without any pretense of loathing and grudges when DH refused to change attorney still trusting in him.

    Jinwoo; “If the incorrect judgement is rendered, based on speculation and circumstantial evidence, the accused and his family, will suffer irreparable harm and will live in pain.”
    When he finally admitted ‘the accused and his family’, has he finally accepted DH as part of his ‘lesser family’? (by ‘family’, which?) IA at the foreground, moved with pride at his greatness.
    As DH hold vigil, vowing ‘There shalt be blood, upon this day I swore’ resolution. The dongsaeng reminded him “you’re an attorney”, far from the death-stare swear that you don’t deserved to be an attorney by what you did to my dad stance. The Greater than ever JW, don’t surprised me anymore, when he appeared at vigil, continued “you handled by the law, not with fist.” He don’t just redeemed his new most unlikely hyungnim from his bodily harm from war-zones bombing, he again saved him from a inner war which followed aftermath, the inner self-destruction by bitterness and grudges, hates destroyed self before it destroy your enemies. Salute the brotherhood demonstrated here.
    (ahaha, i don’t like the word ‘Bromance’, but i liked the masculine strong ‘brotherhood’ glaring bright here.)

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