Cheese in the Trap Ep 6 Review (and Seol’s in loove)

I wish I could be even mildly coherent throughout this review but university has the amazing ability to suck the very life out of you and after hours of nonstop class, I would like to count myself a card-carrying zombie. So apologies for the rambling turns this might take BUT I AM SO INTO THIS SHOW!! What is it with January and crack? Last year brought me KMHM and while Cheese in the Trap has yet to surpass my love for that show, it’s definitely sitting close to it on my Hall of Feels.

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Cheese in the Trap Ep 5 Review (and falling for Yoo Jung)

The episode I was waiting for finally came around and cleared up all but one question that’s been haunting the past four episodes (what happened to Inho’s hand?). I’m delighted by the amount of time we spent in Yoo Jung’s head today because it finally allows you get a feel for who he is (without other’s filters getting in the way) and he’s a squishy teddy bear. Okay, maybe not a teddy bear. A lion?
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 10 Recap (and I’m too numb to think)

Prosecutor Choi Jinkyung catches up with Dongho as he leaves the courtroom, saying that things ended faster than she expected. Dongho plays the collapse up to Jinwoo’s nervousness but tells her not to underestimate him as he’s been fighting these past four years. The wording gives her pause and she asks him if he wants Jinwoo to win this trial. She tells him to hurry up and choose a side instead of wandering between them or all his effort will have been for naught.  Meanwhile, In Ah, Lawyer Song and Yoon stand worriedly over Jinwoo’s hospital bed.

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Remember : Son’s War Ep 9 Recap (and forks in roads less taken)

In Ah gets brained by the real killer prior to revealing that she’s at Saerim-dong 33 and falls unconscious. Jinwoo’s not too far at Saerim-dong 17 but has no idea where she is in order to proceed. Dongho gets off in the neighbourhood and fails to notice Jinwoo, taking a different fork in the road. (This feels strangely symbolic)
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Cheese in the Trap Ep 4 Review (and I’m on the wrong ship)

From the look of things, Yoo Jung and Seol are definitely to be out central couple. So why on earth is it that I’m enjoying Inho and Seol’s interactions much more? There are far too many moments in the episode that just don’t sit right, and I’m sure that’s an intentional choice on the writer’s part as we’re meant to see that Yoo Jung has this strange dual nature, for reasons we have 12 more episodes to riddle out. Besides, this couple does have a few storms to weather (include a terrifying, money-hungry shopaholic) in order to full understand each other and grow together. But for now, let’s go over why Yoo Jung and Seol aren’t meshing (in her eyes and ours) well as a couple. Continue reading


Letters to Kdramas: Cheese in the Trap (and hello drama-crack)

Dear Cheese in the Trap,

I would like to inform you that I have been irrevocably trapped but am more than willing to be your cheese. Or Park Haejin’s cheese. You’re cracktastic in the best ways possible and I am hooked on what you keep dangling. Who cares about university? I may not have the time to recap you, but you are ripe for analysis, so I’ll happily pen reviews, even if only to have an excuse to write about how much I’m in love.

And Park Haejin? I’ll be your cheese any day.



Remember : Son’s War Ep 8 Recap (and a Healer-esque Jinwoo)

(This drama is shaping up to be a bit Healer-like isn’t it? That first scene of In Ah finding Jinwoo going incognito threw me straight back to Jung Hoo and Young Shin) [Screencap error fixed, I will never understand photobucket]

In Ah exits the hidden chamber just as Dongho enters the office. He’s mildly amused at findind her here of all places and asks her where Jinwoo is. He’s aware that she cares for Jinwoo and sympathetic to his plight but warns her being here doesn’t looking good, with her being a prosecutor. In Ah disagrees with his assessment, she’s here precisely because she’s a prosectuor, to find those who framed Jinwoo. Dongho has an interest in Jinwoo being found as well seeing as he hasn’t forgotten about his contract. In Ah’s voice turns to steel as she warns Dongho that she isn’t falling for that again.
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