Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap Ep 7 Review (and is the romance starting to fray?)

Somehow this episode felt like a great deal of set-up, with threads of conflict slowly being introduced to the overall plot. We’ve (very refreshingly) seen Seol and Yoo Jung talk things out several times now, that most dramas take ages to resolve, but there’s a growing note of discomfort that’s arisen in their relationship and it’s not Young Gon or Minsoo or the looming future, or even the obnoxious Inha (who by the looks of it will meet Seol tomorrow), it’s Yoo Jung himself.
(Yoo Jung’s parade sure was rained on)
I would normally take some time to look at Young Gon and the obstacle he may pose for our couple but we have yet to see what master plan he has in mind so all I’d have to work with is conjecture. Yoo Jung definitely did something the day Seol confronted him, in order to make Young Gon back off, and clearly didn’t set him on Seol to begin with. And that’s turned out badly for both parties because Young Gon’s out for revenge any way he can get it, and worse he’s smart enough to wreck some damage. I’m more worried about Minsoo who has some serious issues. I’m not sure if she admires Seol or hates her, but she seems to want everything she has and that sort of obsession never ends well. I seriously fear people like that because not only do they have this psychopathic ability to switch masks in an instant, but they somehow make everyone believe them. Yet, (though this sounds incredibly perverse) I love the fact that Seol’s the target of obsession by both a man and a woman because there’s so much more to work with than the classic crazy stalker scenario. I have no doubt that Young Gon and Minsoo can work havoc but it’s easier to fight the world when you have someone by your side (I mean, look at Healer!). And I’m not sure Seol can say she does.

First off, I’d like to say that I have no issue with Yoo Jung beating the crap out of that underwear-stealing freak. If I (ever) had a boyfriend and was in that sort of situation, I’d like him to do the same, pretty please, and I’d be more than happy to help, though my right hook is puny. That’s a non-issue. Yoo Jung outing that they’re dating is also a non-issue to me, because dating in secret for fear of what others think (in university no less) is a little…strange. Though I do understand Seol’s discomfiture, seeing how popular Yoo Jung is, I’d like to see her own her man, instead of letting the fear of other people’s comments get to her. AND THAT KISS WAS THE CUTEST THING!

Yoo Jung sunbae’s squishy face ❤ I was so ready for smooching when he got out of the car, only to find Inho there. Now, i get that Yoo Jung feels threatened by how warm and open Inho is (and how comfortable Seol is around him) but I can’t help but shrink back when he’s so sweet to Seol but cruel to Inho. This episode (and especially the ending) highlighted this and it seriously turns me off Yoo Jung at times. Perhaps it’s because we still don’t know what happened to Inho’s hand, but I find the condescending way he puts Inho down, extremely irritating. Seeing Inho light up in front of the piano was the most beautiful thing (and if anyone’s read my Nodame Cantabile review, they’ll know why 😛 ) and watching Yoo Jung come in to suck that light away drives me nuts, because Inho is the sweetest person ever.He seems to have the idea that not hiding how he feels from Seol makes it alright, because he isn’t going behind her back or wearing a mask, but it makes things worse.

The show does a brilliant job of placing us in Seol’s shoes, watching him be utterly swoonworthy, and then wanting him to just shut up. Inho didn’t drag Seol into anything. Having watched her for so long, Yoo Jung of all people should understand that she’s just that sort of person. I mean, she even tried to console an asshole like Young Gon, so why on earth wouldn’t she care about someone as great as Inho wanting to play the piano, after having seen him stare at the screen so mournfully too. Yet, Yoo Jung’s so caught up in his own dislike or vendetta or whatever it is, that he’s making Seol choose sides. And I wonder what’ll happen if she does. I have no doubt that Seol wants to have both relationships in her life. But I wonder at where Yoo Jung and Seol are headed. Because she’s had to make a great deal of allowances for Yoo Jung; she isn’t even sure where their relationship is headed. A future with Yoo Jung seems strange and vague and uncertain, like the chaebol’s she only ever heard about. But Inho? The down-to-earth lad with a short fuse who works hard at her family’s store, can control her brother and yearns to play the piano?  It’s not hard to envision a future with him at all.

Here’s the thing though, I get that shipping wars have begun to escalate, as is typical of a drama of this caliber and addictiveness and I’m technically on neither team because both deserve the girl (and Seol deserves both) in their own way. I just couldn’t help noticing it and I wonder if Seol does too. We rarely see her thoughts when it comes to Inho (save that moment in the rain). we see her do stuff for him and with him, and occasionally smile at him and look upset at the prospect of him leaving but that’s about it. How does she really see him? Given that Yoo Jung’s issues with Inho being near Seol appear to come to a head in tomorrow’s episode, I’m curious as to whether we’ll get any insight into this. The funny thing is that Inho and Yoo Jung aren’t so different at times. Both would beat the crap out of anyone who dared touch Seol and both are good people, but Inho wears his heart on his sleeve while Yoo Jung’s still in the process of figuring out how to use his. And for the sake of his relationship with Seol, I hope he figures it out soon.



7 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap Ep 7 Review (and is the romance starting to fray?)

  1. Wow! I like your analysis of the episode, it sure shed some light on the characters.
    I saw ur link on Dramabeans, thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi there, not entirely sure why you’re spamming me, but I’d prefer if you didn’t. This is my personal site where I just share my thoughts for fun so if you’re doing this out of some random vendetta after seeing my comment on dramabeans, I’d prefer if you behaved more maturely because I don’t make any money off this. Thanks 🙂

  2. Great analysis as you captured the “elephant in the room” the two psychopaths who are mainly ordinary catalyst for Jung to see that maybe he’s the problem himself.

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