One More Happy Ending

One More Happy Ending Ep 2 Recap (and Mimo’s marriage)

In a fantasy sequence, Mimo struts about the streets of Seoul, dressed like Audrey Hepburn. She stops at a store called Happy Tiffany’s and peers through the glass while munching a croissant. In voice over she narrates.
Mimo: 10 years ago, I only liked big things. I thought the biggest diamonds were the best. However, I now know very well that the size of the ring does not define a happy marriage.Therefore, a ring for remarriage should be different. Something that doesn’t get old no matter how many times you look at it. No matter how long you have it, it doesn’t seem like a burden. That kind of ring.
She walks away from the store just as a Southeast Asian man (It’s so great to see people of other ethnicity in Kdramas!) comes up to her showing off the Rolexes and diamonds he’s selling in flawless Korean. Mimo scoffs that they’re fakes which irritates the lad. Calling her ahjummoni (which shocks her as usual) he tells her that she’s the fake here, dressed as Audrey Hephburn and all.

With that he walks away, sighing that his A-cut merchandise isn’t for sale. The dream pops as Mimo stares her ring and recalls the previous night.

An inebriated Mimo calls Go Dongmi asking her to come over to the district office and be a witness but she’s still getting ready for her meeting with the ‘hot’ accountants and asks her to call Dajung. Just then, in walks Goo Haejoon (Kwon Yul).

Soohyuk happily calls him over and introduces him to Mimo as his best friend. She cutely introduces herself and Haejoon stares at the strange couple they make. He’s surprised that Soohyuk even had a girlfriend but Soohyuk’s all like ‘Of course‘ and makes very little sense.

A befuddled Haejoon signs and the drunken pair run off in glee to register their marriage. Mimo waves at random people, announcing that she’s to be married while Haejoon is just super confused. Soohyuk runs back with a bouquet of roses and proposes as in yesterday’s episode.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-14h00m13s646 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-14h00m17s051 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h39m55s337
Present-day Mimo and Soohyuk are horrified by the turn of events.

She tosses the ring where it falls among other scattered baubles. That prompts another flashback. Though Haejoon told the newlyweds to stay put, Soohyuk and Mimo get cute while pondering what to do next.

The next thing you know he’s carrying her down the street. She wants a ring and is so full of aegyo that the shopkeeper nearly gags. He buys the entire set.

HAHAHA. Present Mimo cringes in shame, moreso when she remembers them visiting a lingerie store. She asked him what his hobbies where while he stared at a onesie in the store (the one she wears now).

The salesperson asks if she can help and Mimo gives her size.

HAHAHA. She pouts asking Soohyuk whether he likes a B or a C and blushes when he confesses that he’s like As since middle school. Present Mimi panics, especially when she realizes that she doesn’t know Soohyuk’s number. She bangs on his door to no response, because he’s hurrying from work to find her as well. She calls the Seoul Relationship hotline and asks how they could annul the marriage. The representative gets more and more irritated as Mimo insists she wasn’t in the right frame of mind and tells her that the annulment can only proceed if the marriage fits the following criteria: only one party registered it, the other party married her with evil intent or isn’t sane, or if the marriage was forced or a scam. Mimo says that being drunk is a reasonable excuse. However, as it doesn’t fall under the three categories, her only way out is divorce.

She hurries tot he parking lot in search of Soohyuk’s number on the card in her car, while he takes the other elevator up to her apartment, having left his phone in the car. He freezes in the elevator remembering the last time they were in it together.

HAHAHA. They finally meet when she races upstairs again and both are pissed as hell. They blame the other for what happened, each telling the other that they should have stopped them, and that they’re out of the other person’s league. A pause ensues at the sight of the lingerie strewn about, before both ask the same question. Did we…sleep together? Mimo insists that it can’t be as does Soohyuk but neither can remember. She finally decides that there’s no way it would have happened in this outfit.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h10m35s244 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h10m40s913 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h10m43s599 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h10m49s580 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h10m50s806
A dazed Mimo sinks into a chair. Soohyuk hits upon the idea of visiting city hall but Mimo informs him that it won’t work. She slowly asks him to be the sacrificial lamb. He doesn’t get what she’s talking about until Mimo fleshes the idea out (if he was a sexual deviant) and explain how they’d be granted an annulment in that case. Soohyuk roars there’s no way he’ll do that. The next thing we know, both slow-mo stride through the doors of the district office.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h13m21s045 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h13m22s157 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-22h13m23s192
They plunk the registration down and ask the same clerk to cancel it. The man is irritated as hell and a flashback shows how annoying the drunken pair was, with Mimo freaking out over his ‘mean-looking’ face. He’d realized the two where drunk and asked them to come back alter only for them to both insist that they had to get married. So he’d asked for a witness, and thankfully, said witness had the presence of mind to help him convince the two that they were married  but to come back the next day to get their marriage registered. He indicates Soohyuk’s jacket, the same one he wore last night, where they find the marriage registration form intact.
The clerk sternly tells them that they owe Haejoon. Meanwhile, we discover that Haejoon’s a brain surgeon and quite popular with the ladies, as seen in one 16 year old (18 in Korean age) who writes him a poem. The nurses ask him his ideal type to which he says ‘someone who’s gone through a lot but is still innocent’. His colleague Woo Yeonsoo (Hwang Sunhee) points out that the two categories are mutually exclusive but he thinks the woman still exists. Mimo and Soohyuk sit awkwardly in a cafe wonderful why it feels awkward when they never married over even dated. They blame the alcohol for everything and decide to keep mum about it forever.

They quietly part ways outside the cafe, both feeling strangely reluctant. He wishes her well and leaves. she watches him go and looks back at the cafe, recalling that her last marriage ended there as well. They’d just sat there and cried, never having been compatible to begin with and the differences added up until they felt like they’d no choice but to part. Mimo stands outside city hall, remembering the last time she was in there.
The divorce was granted and they exited the building as strangers. Present Mimo watches couples leaving the building with relief and bitterness on their face. She thinks that each knew it was probably for the best but for a long time she could do nothing but cry at remainders of his presence. She realized then that one needs to give their all to a relationship so they have no regrets. Arriving to her trashed apartment, she hilariously decides that she gave too much. She gets a call from Dajung who’s irritated that she isn’t at work and tells her to get her butt over to the wedding of the couple she matched up.
Meanwhile, Soohyuk’s enduring a grilling session from his son’s teacher where she very obviously tries to gun for him. The teacher nearly swoons upon hearing that he raised Minwoo but pauses when Soohyuk refuses to force his son to attend the international school they’ve recommended. She thinks their relationship is bad but Soohyuk puts it simply.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h00m04s414 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h00m13s484
Aww! Hong Aeran and her fiance shop for appliances for their new home. Aeran is very not into it and asks her fiance is he’s nervous with the wedding coming up but he’s just excited. She sighs in apathy. Mimo races out of the elevator on her way to the wedding and bumps into Soohyuk. She slow-mo flails and he catches her.
Both are flustered by the moment, wish the other a good day and flee in the opposite direction. Mimo encounters a jogger in the same apartment building with a great figure who well-meaning tells Mimo to take care of her neck and hands as there’s no surgeon that can make those parts look younger. A very irritated Go Dongmi goes on the website of the company that organized the meeting and posts a nasty review. Mimo tells Dajung of everything that happened the past day: Junghoon’s betrayal, the other woman being Seulah, and almost marrying Soohyuk.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h05m06s625 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h05m18s673
HAHA. However, a familiar face brings her up short. Her ex-husband is here too. Mimo nervously makes her way towards him, rehearsing questions mentally when his pretty much younger fiance shows up. Mimo freezes and spins away when he looks in her direction. He stares while she grabs the arm of a passerby and pretends she’s having a panic attack. The gentleman is a sweetheart and Mimo stops him from calling 911. He leads her to safety where she spies on her ex and scoffs that for all his fancy words, he was really just after someone younger than her. she tells this to the other angels who just sigh, mired in worries of their own.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h08m37s698 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h25m05s329
Dajung’s tied up in divorce proceedings and Aeran’s thinking of breaking it off with her fiance. The last catches everyone’s attention as they wonder if she’ll actually do it. Dajung tells Mimo that it has been 5 years since she broke up with her ex, so it isn’t that fair to blame him for being in a relationship. Mimo’s not in a good mood the next day, a mood that’s made worse by an obnoxious client who insists on a women with ‘natural glamour’ and rambles on about how he felt cheated after his first night with his wife (or her boobs rather) and how he wants a woman where he can differentiate between her front and back. Mimo gets more and more irritated until she snaps.
She tells him to fix his damn belly bulge before commenting on looks. This isn’t a cheap hotel for him to satisfy his perverted likings. The customer leaves in a huff. Dajung tells Mimo to just call her ex and ask him why they broke up if it’s bothering her so much. Mimo does just that.
The meeting does not go as planned though. She begins that she saw him at the wedding but her ex is short and to the point while Mimo’s lost in old hurt. When he nonchalantly mentions giving up the dog he and Mimo had raised (one that he’d refused to let Mimo take after the divorce) because his fiance’s allergic, Mimo loses it and asks how on earth he could be so cruel to someone who was family. Her ex just demands the real reason for his meeting and Mimo asks for the real reason behind their breakup. He repeats the same old reasons but adds that he never felt needed around her (in other words, she was too self-sufficient) whereas his fiance had room for him. Mimo has tears in her eyes but laughs at how ridiculous it sounds. He knows nothing about her. She has nothing but room, she half-yells.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h40m09s360 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h40m11s657 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-23h40m18s623
He scoffs at that, asking if she’s deluded herself into an inferiority complex all this time. This, he says, was why they broke up, because she always jumped to conclusions on her own. Mimo thinks to herself that she shouldn’t have met him, the memories are gone and only bitterness remains. It rains, indicative of her mood, and Aeran’s, who’s currently on her knees on a bridge, apologizing to her fiance. He yells that she should have said something when he was buying appliances and sending out invitations. All Aeran can do is apologize. Mimo takes the dog, Bobo, home, only to discover that the jogger she spoke to that morning (the one who told her to take care of her neck and hands) was found dead in her apartment, having choked on a chicken bone. Mimo reels, fearing being found the same way due to having no one else around.
She warns her dog not to eat chicken anymore. Dongmi watches The Notebook and stares intensely at the screen during a passionate kiss. She calls Dajung.
Haha. She hangs up at the lack of help from that quarter. each women sighs over her fate. Aeran, at the dissolving of her engagement, Dongmi at her lack of love-life, Dajung at her husband of seven years sleeping in a separate room, and Mimo at Junghoon’s betrayal, what her ex said, and Soohyuk telling her that they should do everything she couldn’t do so far. She sinks deeper into the bathtub but freezes when the ceiling begins to spin. She calls Dongmi in a panic, saying she’s been feeling dizzy and asking her to call her the next morning or check on her if they can’t contact her but Dongmi’s busy with her own problems and hangs up. Meanwhile Soohyuk prepares dinner for his son, telling him that he can take whatever career path he wants to. His son announces that he wants to go to the international school the teacher recommended. Soohyuk wonders why he didn’t say that earlier but his son grins that he did that in hopes of getting Soohyuk to meet with his teacher. HAHA this devious kid. He grumbles that 34 is a prime age, and that Soohyuk should be dating. His father says that Minwoo’s all he needs which worries the lad more as he doesn’t want his father running about with packed lunches when he’s at the age to date. Haha. Soohyuk smiles.
He pores over his old photo album later and pauses at the picture of him with little Mimo. That night, she wakes from a fitful sleep only for the ceiling to swirl around her. Dizzy and disoriented she freaks out and lands on the floor. She barely manages to call 911 and is rushed to the hospital in the lingerie she wore to make herself feel better. A female paramedic covers her up, and yells at the men that brought her in for not bothering to get her coat.
The doctor there is Haejoon though and he recognizes her instantly. He sits her up and pauses in shock as the covers drop and the lingerie reveals itself. Whipping off his doctor’s coat, he puts it on her, even buttoning it himself.
Mimo sees him in an angelic light with features and fluff raining over him. Her heart is all but done when he cups her face to turn her head side to side.
Soohyuk is rudely awakened by Haejoon who informs him that his ‘wife’ is here. He worriedly dashes off after hearing that Mimo was brought in for dizziness. Meanwhile Mimo sits along in the hospital waiting roon, musing that though she has 11 different relationships in her life now, and one marriage, there’s no one there for her in a time like this. Haejoon’s colleague, Woo Yeonsoo curiously asks him why he gave Mimo his coat. Haejoon references her clothing but Yeonsoo wonders if that was it. He sees Mimo in the waiting room and grabs two cans of soda. He hands one to hervlcsnap-2016-01-22-00h28m31s260
and she clutches it to her chest, staring at him with heart-eyes. He awkwardly turns away to drink his soda when she says that her heart’s beating like crazy because of him and asks if it’s alright if she falls for him. In voiceover, Mimo vows that she will get remarried, to this man!vlcsnap-2016-01-22-00h30m27s329

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