One More Happy Ending

One More Happy Ending Ep 1 Recap (and this is so much fun!)

We start off with an animated sequence that depicts the tale of Cinderella. The prince proposes (in English) in the middle of their first dance upon finding each other again, and she hilariously answers “Abso-f***ing-lutely”  The lights suddenly flicker out in the midst of their kiss.
Words appear as though someone’s typing them: 3 months, the time my eyes shone for you. Then in our 3rd, a huge fight.
We cut to (HAHAHAHAHA) Kim Soyeon and her WGM husband Kwak Shiyang playing a couple in court to settle their divorce (Kim Soyeon as Songryeong and Kwak Shiyang as Bang Gwa). (Kim Soyeon was also Jung Kyungho’s previous costar in Falling for Soonjung) She gets custody of the children but he only has to pay $20,000 in alimony and $800 a month as child support.
She’s furious but alimony is decided according to assets and Bang Gwa’s hidden his assets well so the judge doesn’t believe Songryeong’s claims that he’s rich. Bang Gwa goes off cavorting with woman after woman and fails to pay child support on time while she stresses and frets and tries to make ends meet while morosely lamenting the state of her once gorgeous figure. Turns out her voiceover narration and the glimpses we get of her life are because she’s narrating this tale to the (gorgeous) Han Mimo (Jang Nara).
Songyeong wants to get revenge by marrying someone a billion times better. What she requires of this potential mate goes as follows: someone who’ll look after her kids like their own, who’ll pay for their tuition, and send them to the Philippines to learn a second language. In return, she, a comestic sakes-person, will iron his shirts and feed him daily. Mimo take note of her appearance (in the process of fixing), retirement plans (zero), and kids (two, who are likely monsters). She inputs Soyeon into the computer and gets a match.
HAHAHA. She goes onto tell Songyeong that success comes from looking at your situation and your chances objectively. Songryeong not signing a prenup was the worst thing she could have done. Their company’s marriages are like contracts. Each party gives and takes and gets to take only as much as they give. Men look for looks when remarrying and women look for wealth. In other words, Songryeong needs to fix herself up to land this guy, in turns, Mimo will ensure that her children get to study in the Philippines. Songryeong is delighted to hear that she’s in category E (which sounds the same as ‘two’ in Korean) but deflates upon hearing that she’s in the lowest category of A, B, C, D, E, and she has only has a 75% chance of success. She’ll goes for it though and is directed to paying for her new exercise classes and facials. Mimo has the sweet but hardass routine down perfectly but slumps in her chair the instant Songryeong leaves.
Baek Dajung (Yoon Da In) comes in at that point and informs her of an interview. Mimo gets distracted though, by a phone call from a waiter who works with her boyfriend, Kim Junghoon (I know this is a cameo,but for the life of me can’t figure out who, even though he’s so familiar). He’s reserved a suite room and 3000 roses and we suddenly see a very different Mimo who half-swoons in pleasure.
She returns with a huge smile on her face and announces to Dajung that she’s getting married.
Dajung is more than sceptical. Junghoon’s a famous chef and may or may not have cheated on Mimo with a famous actress. Mimo refuses to believe Dajung calling such rumours “the price of fame”. But the topic turns back to the interview, apparently the magazine in question Mass Punch is doing a feature on how former girl group members are doing now. Mimo recalls her girl group days in annoyance.
Angels as it turns out, were everywhere, even on cream bums which came with stickers of each member. Go Dongmi (Yoo In Na), a member of Angels, is distressed when someone squeals over getting Goo Seulah’s (Sandara Park) sticker but another sighs at hers. She returns to Angels’ dressing room where the mood isn’t any better. Seulah both gloats and whines over the hectic schedule she has, not wanting to split her income with the other members. Hong Aeran (Seo Inyoung) goes give a crap and tells her that she isn’t that directly and that the company’s just promoting her while Mimo is upset to hear that Seulah got a role Mimo auditioned for simply because the male costar preferred her. Dajung remains silent but Seulah whines until Dongmi can’t take it anymore and threatens to stuff her mouth with cream buns if she doesn’t shut up

Yet Seulah just continues after Dongmi leaves.

A brawl in the waiting room is barely averted when they’re called on stage. Things don’t get much better with Seulah trying to hog screentime during Mimo’s parts and vice versa. Once the song ends, and they step off-stage, Mimo can’t take it anymore and launches an aerial attack.
The backstage crew doesn’t hesitate to snap pictures and the two end up on the front page of the next day’s newspaper.
At the interview the reporter notes that Mimo and Dajung are doing very well, with their revenue the second highest in the field. Goo Seulah’s now a famous actress, and the only one still in the entertainment field. The reporter asks if the other members keep in touch, upon which Mimo makes sure to emphasize that save Seulah, all four are very close. Go Dongmi now has an occupation that suits her best.
We cut to her being hit by a stray basketball in the hallway and yelling at the kids, who flee. Hong Aeran is now an internet shopping mall owner. She models the swimwear herself much to the delight of the men at the photoshoot location but screeches afterwards that her gel push-ups aren’t large enough.
The reporter asks if there’s any particular reason for them having set up a remarriage agency. Dajung is quick to say that she’s married and, she pauses before saying that she’s living well. That leaves Mimo as the divorcee.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-10h33m50s034 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-10h33m52s926 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-10h33m55s289
HAHA. Meanwhile this is the boyfriend in question
The four members of Angels gather in one of his restaurants and wonder if Kim Junghoon’s actually on the cusp of proposing. Mimo is excited as hell though and leaves on an empty stomach to eat her boyfriend soon-to-be-husband’s cooking. Right then, we need Song Soohyuk (Jung Kyungho) who’s snapping photos of Goo Seulah (of all people) entering a clinic. He’s dressed as a pregnant woman and so intent so getting a scoop that he drives into Mimo’s car. His partner enters the clinic while Soohyuk call’s the insurance fellows to come over. This is right when Mimo comes on the scene and is horrified at the sight of her baby having been hit. She starts at Soohyuk’s voice though, having thought him a woman.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h15m11s634 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h15m10s100
HAHA. She thinks he’s transgender and is respectful but pissed that he’s leaving and letting someone else to take care of the accident.
She gets even more irritated at that and asks just what part of her looks like an ahjumma until he finally calls her agasshi (‘miss’). That still doesn’t please Mimo and the scene from the teaser plays out where she reenacts Angel’s son and asks him if he remembers her. Nope. Turns out he was in America then. That only solidifes her view that he’s transgender. She deflates while he apologizes for hitting her car once more, and them runs off to the clinic to shadow Seulah.
Oh Mimo. Soohyuk goes into and asks his partner, Na Hyun Ki about Angels. Hyun Ki tells him that Seulah was one of them herself, though she was really the only one that matters, the other didn’t have any presence. Soohyuk frowns slightly, not seeming to agree. Meanwhile, Aeran laments the huge new sparkler she got from her boyfriend. She was tken by the ring but isn’t sure if she wants to get married.
Dajung doesn’t seem all that happy with her marriage either while Dongmi silently fumes (her anger tends to escalate until she snaps and yells just like with Seulah. It’s adorable). It’s when Dajung advises her to marry for a year before divorcing and pawning the ring that she snaps.
Her brother shows up at that point, and reminds her of a meeting this evening. It’s with a group of supposedly hot accountants and she’s paid $200 to attend this conference, gone to the sauna and everything. The other two women sigh when Dongmi says she’ll stop by the cathedral prior to the meeting, certain that she’s meeting the man of her dreams tonight.
Mimo primps and preens in the bath and prepares for sexy times tonight.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h28m40s679 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h28m45s905
Whoa she’s gorgeous. She wears a double strand of pearls he bought her instead of a couple ring (so he could he close to her heart. Bleagh) and tells her reflection that she’s so ready for tonight. Meanwhile, Soohyuk and Hyun Ki finally catch a break as Seulah comes out of the obstetrician’s office. They snap pictures of her and follow her to the hotel where they’re certain the baby’s father is. The same hotel that Mimo is now heading to. Uh oh. She receives a call from Jung Hoon and happily announces that she’s on her way much to his horror.
He tells her to stop, make a U-turn, and do anything so long as she doesn’t come here. She thinks he’s playing coy but he hangs up only to send her a text, saying that she’s breaking up with her. She’s thinks it’s a joke but a second call confirms it.
Kim Junghoon goes right to (you got it) Goo Seulah and proposes.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h50m17s228 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-11h50m21s414
Soohyuk doesn’t think it’s enough. They need something bigger. Right then, Hyun Ki gets a call that his wife’s water broke. He speeds off in a hurry leaving Soohyuk on his own. Seulah’s not happy about the baby but Junghoon thinks that everything will be fine.
However, Mimo’s speeding to the hotel anyway, her carefully applied make-up all ruined.
Meanwhile, a young boy watches an animated film with a girl. The girl compliments the food infront of them, while he says that it’s one of the many things his father does well. though there’s one thing he’s bad at: women. This must be Song Soohyuk’s son, Minsoo. Given his popularity, the girl wonder why Minsoo doesn’t give his dad pointers. Minsoo doesn’t know the other girls life him either, as far as he’s considered she’s his only friend. Aw, the girl loos adorable flustered at that. Soohyuk knows that the only place Seulah and Junghoon can dine is his restaurant and tries to bluster his way in much to the manager’s exasperation until Mimo just walks past them both…and stuffs what appears to be chocolate cake into Junghoon’s face.
She takes a look at the other woman but doesn’t seem to recognize her as Seulah. Soohyuk recognizes Mimo though. Mimo says the other woman that she won today and that Mimo won’t stoop to pulling hair and catfights. Seulah takes of her sunglasses at that with a mocking smile and Mimo freezes. Soohuk starts snapping pictures as she bitterly curses both Junghoon and her while lameting that she didn’t listen to Dajung. One never knows whether it’s a ring or a brooch inside the jewelry box a guy presents to you, but Junghoon, she thinks with tears in her eyes, didn’t even offer her that much. Soohyuk pauses the picture-taking upon seeing how upset she is. All four women prepare to embark on a new journey. Dongmi prays for a gorgeous sexy man to come her way, Dajung tears up the divorce paperwork her husband’s sent over, and Aeran looks troubled at all the presents her fiance gifts her family. Mimo stares into the distance.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h26m25s939 She tells herself that Junghoon’s a waste of tears and throws the necklace he gave her into the water but regrets it instantly upon remembering that it’s worth $30,000. She wades into the water to get it which is when Soohyuk, gleeful over his new scoop, spies her and thinks she’s trying to kill herself.
Thus ensues a scene of hilarious proportions where she tries to find the necklace and he tries to save her only to end up almost drowning and begging her to save him. She sighs and rescues him but he’s unresponsive and she frantically performs CPR only for him to jerk upright and hug her, telling her no man is worth committing suicide for.
He tells her to just move on and be happy instead.
Dajung meets with a client who wants revenge on his former girlfriend by marrying someone better. Only his specifications are absurd and insane and Dajung barely restrains her annoyance. Mimo drives Soohyuk back home. The misunderstanding is irritably sorted out with soohyuk muttering that anyone would have assumed she was committing suicide. Was she looking for a needle on the beach? While Mimo laments the expensive needle she was hunting.
She wonders why he looks familiar and realizes that he was the ‘pervert’ she saw earlier. He explains that he’s a reporter with Mass Punch, the magazine she gave an interview to before. Mimo then yells at him for stalking a retired idol while he yells back that it wasn’t a nobody like her he was interested in but Goo Seulah. That irritates her even further but not so much as when she drops him off at his place and realizes that they’re neighbours.
They’re both irritated at the ridiculous connection and dart into their respective apartments. Soohyuk, however, remembers Mimo yelling at Junghoon that she came on an empty stomach and the least he could have done was feed her. He discovers a note from his son rating the day’s food as 8/10 and makes a meal for Mimo, saying it’s the least he can do for someone who saved him and drove him back. She’s wary at first but accepts and asks him to be her drinking partner. He’s shocked at her messy house and at torn pictures of Junghoon. She likes his food though.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h55m47s552 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h55m49s246
She mixes up drinks which he’s never tried before and clearly enjoys. Meanwhile Dajung and her husband im Gunhak meet the school counselor who inquires into their family situation after having noticed some very depressing phrases in their child’s writing book (Who am I? why was I born?). On their way out, Dajung bitterly blames Gunhak for making it so obvious while he just wants a divorce so he can go off and play about with other women. The drinking’s going strong at Mimo’s place though. she sighs taht she thought she’d be getting married. Marriage to her is much more stable than dating because you need the government’s approval to break up as well as the other partner’s. Soohyuk doesn’t see it that way. vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h58m18s107
They finally exchange names and Soohyuk smiles at hers saying it reminds him of another Han Mimo and mentions her nickname, Child Molester. WHAT?
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h59m18s905 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h59m23s345
Uh oh. She grouses that she’s had a bad feeling since first she saw his face. She repeats his name over and over while Soohyuk mulls it over in his very dizzy mind. they both hit on it at the same timevlcsnap-2016-01-21-12h59m46s649
Cut to a little Soohyuk and Mimo playing Romeo and Juliet in a school play. HIs tomach gives out before he can kiss her and he flees the sgae to the laughter of the audience who yell that Romeo’s afraid of kissing Juliet. Soohyuk plays socccer witht he boys the next day while Mimo sits on the bleachers and suffers the ridicule of the class queen bee, who laughs at how Soohyuk didn’t want to kiss her. Little Mimo gets pissed and yells that she’ll reveal Soohyuk’s true colours today and marches onto the field and…pulls his pants down. OMG. Everyone freaks out but she isn’t even fazed. She scowls that he doesn’t even know how to kiss so whe wanted to make sure he was a man. Little Soohyuk’s left stuttering while she stalks off. Present day Soohyuk yells that because of that he still never goes anywhere without a belt.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h20m19s460 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h20m25s164
They wish each other the very worst. But Mimo pauses then. Tears run down her cheeks as she realizes that he’s witnessed her humiliation.

She cries at how painful it was and Soohyuk watches awkwardly. Meanwhile a dressed up Go Dongmi happily enters the meeting room only to discover that these supposedly hot accountants are…not hot. She realizes that hot accountants would either be married, about to be married or gay.

She chugs wine in irritation until she passes out. Mimo silently cries while chugging beer and something about her triggers memories of Soohyuk’s ex-wife crying and calling him  a jerk just as Mimo now calls Junghoon.
He leans over and… *.*
O.O He supposes he is crazy and asks if he should try that again. Be still my beating heart.

In a blur of liquor, Mimo and Soohyuk cavort, while she muses that alcohol drowns every sorrow.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h39m51s737 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h39m53s234 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h39m55s337
She wakes up all hung over the next morning in a cow onesie to a call from Dongmi who asks if she used the registration number to register their marriage. Mimo doesn’t get what she’s talking about and launches into what Junghoon did when she notices the huge ring on her finger and wonders what’s going on.
Soohyuk pukes into a toilet and is surprised to get a message from Hyun Ki congratulatng him on his marriage. He stares at the photo that accompanies the message.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h52m17s913 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-13h52m34s318
HAHAHA. He calls Hyun Ki asking him what’s going on and why he’s kissing his neighbour. Hyun Ki laughs that that isn’t his neighbour but his wife. Everything starts flooding back for both Mimo and Soohyuk as they remember him proposing (just like the prince does at the start of the episode) and her answering in kind.
vlcsnap-2016-01-21-14h00m13s646 vlcsnap-2016-01-21-14h00m17s051
Mimo looks about the lingerie and condoms strewn about her apartment in horror as they both realize that this is real. They just got married.

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