Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap Ep 6 Review (and Seol’s in loove)

I wish I could be even mildly coherent throughout this review but university has the amazing ability to suck the very life out of you and after hours of nonstop class, I would like to count myself a card-carrying zombie. So apologies for the rambling turns this might take BUT I AM SO INTO THIS SHOW!! What is it with January and crack? Last year brought me KMHM and while Cheese in the Trap has yet to surpass my love for that show, it’s definitely sitting close to it on my Hall of Feels.

To make things easier, this review is separated into me worrying about Inho and that sick ass bastard who’s stalking Seol and me gushing over the cuteness. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. I haven’t read the webtoon, so I didn’t see the stalker coming. I have no doubt whatsoever that Yoo Jung isn’t involved in his latching onto Seol, leastways definitely not in the way he means. Given the sort of twisted creep Young Gon is, Yoo Jung probably mentioned her name once and he too that as a “Yeah, go after her!” Every drama needs a ‘big bad’ of some sort and it appears that he is ours. I am worried about how this is going to affect Seol, Inho, and Yoo Jung’s relationships with each other. Moreso because the conflicts they’ve faced together have been resolved so well, and I’m one of those idiots who’s always wary upon getting a great deal of a good thing.

Speaking of relationships, Seol and Yoo Jung’s sure took a wonderful leap there! We went from elegant formality and ever-lengthing table metaphorical dreams to Yoo Jung whacking his head on her desk and getting all embarrassed (you cutieYoo Jung sure got petulant upon no word from Seol (how does it feel to be on the receiving end? I love you Yoo Jung but sometimes you make me sigh) what with him deleting her messages, but I didn’t see it as a ‘oh Yoo Jung’s being a psycho’ sort of thing but just him throwing the equivalent of a tantrum. And it’s so like Yoo Jung to have such a silent, emotionless tantrum. But anyone who was having doubts about what he felt for Seol surely had a giggle at how he sprung up and dashed away upon getting that message. Let’s face it, Yoo Jung’s a sucker for her. The look on his face upon getting that watch was something though. I’ve noticed that Yoo Jung rarely expresses anything besides happiness on his face. He has three main modes, as I like to call them: Yoo Jung bitch-face, Yoo Jung’s fake smile, and I like being around you Seol.

He rarely shows any other emotion. It’s definitely linked to how he’s somewhat emotionally stunted because it’s not that he doesn’t feel surprise or pain or fear but that he doesn’t know how to show it. That was very evident upon him receiving the watch. It’s marvelous that we as viewers have built up enough of a connection with him to know that he’s delighted, but that Seol (who’s still getting closer) just reads his face and sees nothing. But Yoo Jung delightfully initiates a display of genuine affection, one of several throughout the episode.

And like Seol, I can’t help but go weak-kneed. Speaking of relationships, I love how Seol didn’t give a fig about any other girls Yoo Jung had dated (though I don’t doubt that Inho spoke the truth) but was so focused on Inha, which made for some hilariously bromantic moments. Neither male, clearly, wants to even consider the idea. And Drunk Seol is pure win, I nearly died when she flicked Yoo Jung and Inho’s head.

And speaking of them, did I just see the stirrings of reluctant bromance? For some reason the enmity, which was so strong on both sides, died a bit tonight. And I’m not sure if it really was Seol’s presence or Yoo Jung turning the question on Inho (Do you have something to apologize about?) that did it because they reached a strange, tentative truce. I’m all for it, because you need a team to go up against Young Gon and the underwear thief.

I am weirdly grateful for the latter because: a) I know he’ll be caught b) because it was the perfect reason for Yoo Jung to come over…and spend the night. How did Seol even sleep? Scratch that, how did she even breathe, when she had this gorgeous male specimen making moony-eyes at her?

I wouldn’t go so far as to call Yoo Jung a romantic, but I certainly didn’t expect him to have such a mushy center. His reason for falling for her was just asdj;lkfaj;ksd.(for pity’s sake you’re supposed to be 20) the simplest most fascinating thing. That they were alike definitely made him curious but he didn’t expect that someone who disliked him would bother taking care of him like that. And once her hand’s in his? He’s a goner. Sure explains his fascination with holding her hands at the hospital yesterday.

Good grief how adorable. And an embarrassed Yoo Jung is just as adorable. I wonder if he realizes that it’s Seol likes seeing that very human side of him. Their interactions aren’t nearly as awkward as they were last week (it feels like longer for some reason xD) and it is so refreshing to see the level of honesty between them (though I hope Seol doesn’t keep the whole Young Gon thing to herself now of all times).

Because Young Gon’s already clashed within someone who has an interest in Seol’s wellbeing, and in those wellbeing I have a very strong interest.

Inho remains the most riveting character for me (with Yoo Jung and Seol tied at second place) because there’s something wondrous about how confident and dependable he is, despite all he’s gone through and how broken he is. I’m a piano player myself and I can’t even begin to imagine the depth of Inho’s pain at no longer being able to feel your fingers dance across the keys. And Seo Kangjoon brilliantly conveyed that frustration, envy and gut-wrenching pain upon watching his former teacher and that student. Incidentally the piece that student was playing was Rachmanioff’s: Piano Concert No. 2, a piece that Nodame and Chiaki played together in episode 6 of the original Nodame Cantabile (if you haven’t seen it, please do! I’ll can send episode download links if you pop me an e-mail) which is considered one of the most breathtaking emotional and emotion-inspiring pieces in history (an opinion I strongly agree with). Such attention to detail, really feels like the icing on the cake. And there I go rambling. Back on topic. Inho is awesome, and even Seol’s gotten to a point where she can’t deny that she is friends with this oddball and willing to defend him if necessary (Hell, I’m super attached to him already). He’s wonderful, and took the news of his dismissal so gracefully, without bringing up Seol’s name even once (because the way the justice system works in Korea it would only make her look bad). There’s such a tragic aspect to his character, in this relationship with his sister, in how he keeps having to leave everything behind, in how he can’t play the piano anymore. And it’s worse when you see what a great person he is. Ugh, it’s Segi fever all over againThere I go getting overly fond of men with a penchant for black studs and the weight of the world on their shoulders. This feels like a good note to end on, since I’m sort of half-asleep. I hope that was coherent. I’d love to know what you thought! Reading comments makes me day. I seriously commiserate upon seeing Seol pass out after a day of univeristy. Think I’ll take her advice. It’s a shame Yoo Jung can’t sleep beside me too. Or Inho, rather.

2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap Ep 6 Review (and Seol’s in loove)

  1. Inho is truly such an amazing character. And I think that farewell scene outside the academy was when Seol sort of realised that she is friends with this gem of an ‘oddball.’

    Inho, you have my heart 🙂

    I’m with you on the development in Seol & Jung’s relationship. I’m loving how this drama is capturing the different facets of dating : the awkwardness, the weak-in-the-knee feelings, the doubts, the questions, everything. Kudos to the actors for making us feel each and every one of these!

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