Remember: Son's War

Remember : Son’s War Ep 10 Recap (and I’m too numb to think)

Prosecutor Choi Jinkyung catches up with Dongho as he leaves the courtroom, saying that things ended faster than she expected. Dongho plays the collapse up to Jinwoo’s nervousness but tells her not to underestimate him as he’s been fighting these past four years. The wording gives her pause and she asks him if he wants Jinwoo to win this trial. She tells him to hurry up and choose a side instead of wandering between them or all his effort will have been for naught.  Meanwhile, In Ah, Lawyer Song and Yoon stand worriedly over Jinwoo’s hospital bed.

The doctor’s official assessment is that he fainted due to fatigue, which Lawyer Yoon corroborates, saying that he hasn’t slept due to stress. Jinwoo wakes at that point.

He meets Dongho on his way into court, who tells him that his body is just as important as the trial. But Jinwo”s not interested in his advice and asks him what on earth he wants. Dongho replies that he just wants Jaehyuk to be released as innocent. Jinwoo scoffs at the sincerity of his reply, wondering what Gyuman would say if he heard that. He’s tired of Dongho’s duplicity but Dongho simply wishes him the best of luck.

The doctor is brought in once again and admits to having committed perjury. Jinkyung is furious at the admission and demands if he understands the consequences but the doctor admits to Jinwoo having done nothing wrong and that he, as a doctor, was well aware that Jaehyuk had Alzheimer’s. Jinwoo demands to know who it was that demanded for an innocent, ill, man to be framed in such a manner. Prosecutor Choi objects, calling it a leading question but Jinwoo interrupts, saying that finding who it was that wanted the truth concealed is of utmost importance to this trial. He asks the doctor once again, but the doctor says that there was no one behind him.

In Ah, Dongho Lawyer Yoon and Song are horrified and Jinwoo repeatedly asks the doctor to stop lying but is overruled by Jinkyung who says he’s forcing a response out of the witness. We don’t see how the trial concludes, and the show cuts to Gyuman angrily swaggering into Il Ho hospital, going to the doctor’s office and locking the door behind him. The doctor pleads for mercy on his knees.

Words are dangerous things, Gyuman says while slapping the doctor, even one can kill a someone. The doctor just signed his own death warrant. Gyuman smashes his nameplate and orders him to crawl out like a dog. He calls Jinkyung and orders her to find a method to prevent Jaehyuk’s release. Later, Jinwoo stares worriedly at the diagram on his wall, in particular at Dongho’s part. He thinks back to the times Dongho’s saved him but is interrupted in his ruminations by Lawyer Yoon.

WHOA WHOA WHOA. So he’s aware of what’s going on then. He wonders if Dongho was sincere. Lawyer Yoon says they’ll have to wait and see. Jinwoo goes to visit his father in prison the next day and is met with a welcome surprise. His father remembers everything today and happily shares his favourite recollections with Jinwoo (him crying at a bath-house when he was five, them singing at home to celebrate his birthday). It’s both wonderful and awful to see how much Jinwoo lights up and reverts to a little kid around his father.

In Ah, however, is not having as great a morning. Director Hong enters her office and comments on her not following orders. In Ah lists off the cases he’s ‘settled’ for Il Ho group and notes the depth and dirtiness of their connection. Director Hong doesn’t care seeing as there’s nothing she can do about it. He tells her starting next week, she’ll be wtf will she be doing?
In Ah’s furious but can’t do anything about it.

Nam Il Ho ends a call with Jinkyung and tells Gyuman that she’ll be taking care of the trial, he needs to focus on the company. Gyuman inquires as to what Yeokyung’s doing and his father silences him, saying that the business of women and men have always been different. Gyuman sports the world’s creepiest smile and tells Ahn Soobum that all they have to do now is take care of the doctor. (I knew he wouldn’t let it go that easily)

Jinwoo and Lawyers Song and Yoon are hard at work trying to predict how Jinkyung’s going to attempt to counter their evidence, so they can counter her responses. They decide to focus on Detective Kwak, seeing as he wrung a confession of out Jaehyuk to begin with. Jinwoo notes that Gyuman’s side will probably also be after him. They pay the cop a visit. Lawyer Song and Jinwoo are mildly amused to discover that he’s now just a traffic cop and snicker over how cold he must be, working outside. Detective Kwak gets pissed off at that but Jinwoo tells him that Gyuman’s side is going to catch up to him soon. Before that…

In Ah hands in her letter of resignation.

She tells him that she knows it isn’t and that’s why she refuses to work in a world without principles. He asks if she thinks she’ll be able to live the way she wants if she just leaves in the middle of battle like this. In Ah says that she has never believed that for a second. With or without her prosecutor robes, she’ll find a way to make him pay. She leaves with the most minimal of bows. People stare at her as she leaves with her things and Jinkyung notes that she’s leaving in the end. In Ah tells her that she has no interest in remaining in a world like this. Jinkyung tells her that there’s no part of the world that doesn’t work this way, and wishes her ‘luck’ before leaving. In Ah’s unfazed and sticks to her guns. She wearily arrives home and works up the courage to tell her parents that she’s resigned (but does not tell him the reason).

But her mother freaks out and asks how she could be so selfish. She echoes Jinkyung’s sentiments in that the world is unfair and that work should just be work. But In Ah doesn’t see it that way (I love her so much!).

Her dad tries to intervene and she rushes into her bedroom in tears and gets a call from Jinwoo, but her mother bursts in and tells her to leave if she’s going to be as selfish as that. In Ah grabs her purse and does just that. Meanwhile, sleazy Gyuman’s in a club and plays a ‘game’ with the girls there asking them to guess who Dongho and Joo Ik are. Dongho is mistaken for an athlete but Joo Ik is instantly classified as a gangster. Nevertheless, he bows to Gyuman and displays such servile behaviour that event Dongho finds it hard to watch. Gyuman leaves the two of them to ‘have fun’. Dongho uses the time to tell Joo Ik abut his father’s car accident, revealing that Jinwoo’s family was the party hit by his father’s car. Joo Ik starts to loo real shifty and pretends to know nothing when Dongho asks him if he knows anything more about the accident. He asks Dongho whether he’s made up his mind as to what side he’s on. Dongho sighs that he’s living this way because of Joo Ik but one thing’s for sure, he will see his debt to Jinwoo repaid during this trial. Jinwoo and In Ah meet in his office.

She confirms that she did and plays it off, saying that she feeling much better. He’s worried that it’s because of him but In Ah says that it isn’t and that she can always start over. She recalls there being a spare room in his law firm and asks if she can bunk over. Cut to her guzzling a can of beer, while Jinwoo gives up after a can. In Ah order him to drink more because she’s just getting started.

(Aww! I’ve needed some cute from this story. I love how dark it is but heaven knows Jinwoo needs some happiness. And that last shot is glorious. She’s all ‘sorry not sorry’) In Ah just goes straight back drinking but does scoot over to the other side of the couch, feeling awkward. Jinwoo looks just as awkward, popping nut sin his mouth.

He apologizes for having wasted that time. She reminds him that it was his father’s trial that put her on this path, in hoping of righting wrongs. Things don’t always work out well,even if you work hard, she said somewhat sadly. He preps a bed for her in the loft of the room and tells her to get some rest.

AWW! Then we cut to Jaehyuk who’s clutching his stomach and screaming in agony, but all the guard simply ignore him. Lawyers Song and Yoon arrive the next day to find Jinwoo snoozing on the sofa. Lawyer Yoon yells at him for not sleeping again and Jinwoo tries to explain when…

SO CUTE SO CUTE!! In Ah sits awkwardly while the other three discuss the case.

She makes up her mind and runs over saying that she would like to be a part of this case, not as a prosecutor but as a lawyer. She’s welcomed with opens arms and the new lawyer quarter take a couple selcas.

The mood is merry until Jinwoo get a call and freezes. He’s just received work of his father’s hospitalization. Secretary Ahn and Joo Ik are at a bathhouse where the latter reveals that something big’s going down at 9 tonight. Lawyer Song overhears the whole thing and reports back. In Ah’s father pays her a surprise visit at Jinwoo’s office. He tells her that her mother’s still trying to get over it.

He knows that it was a difficult decision and tells her to fight with all her might going forward. Turns out the business Joo Ik was taking about was taking care of Detective Kwak. They take him to a junkyard, strap him to a car and prepared to place him in a metal crusher (Whoa, okay there. Joo Ik’s in this up to his knees). Kwak screams for help as the claw nears but it pauses right above him.

Jinwoo (It’s Healer!) jumps into the machine, kicking out the lackey in there, and proceeds to take control, veering the claw towards the other minions.

Lawyer Song pulls up, they stuff Kwak in the car and drive through the gangsters (Did I just watch Healer or Remember?) The cop’s furious that Gyuman pulled this on him (did you really expect anything different from him though?) which brings hope to Jinwoo that he could serve as a witness. Dongho stands over Jaehyuk’s bed and is visibly angry to hear of the neglect Jaehyuk must have suffered for his condition to have deteriorated to this point. He pulls out out wads of money.

He asks Jinwoo’s father to keep fighting, saying that he must see himself declared innocent in court. He runs into Jinwoo on the way out and the latter is furious that he dared step in his father’s room. Dongho’s aware that he has no right to be there but swears once more to repay his debt in court. He stares long at hard at the CD containing the video file that night and makes up his mind. Jinwoo sits by his father’s side and vows to win the trial tomorrow.

Dongho leaves for court the next day. Sang Ho (his minion) tries repeatedly to stop him but Dongho coldly tells him to get out of his way. A conflicted Sangho makes a phone call (OH SHIT OH SHIT). Detective Kwak apologizes to Jinwoo who doesn’t believe it that easily but hopes that he truly means it. Judge Kang Seokgyu strides down a hall looking furious just as In Ah and Jinwoo enter the court, now representing Jaehyuk together. Jinkyung appears mildly taken aback at the sight but soon reverts to her snerky smile once the judge comes in. It’s one handpicked by Il Ho group. Jinwoo and In Ah are dismayed.

Seokgyu heads for his superior’s office and demands to know why he was taken off the case. His superior’s vague response only affirms to him that there’s something very wrong here. Meanwhile, the new judge is busy throwing all rules out of the window, dismissing previous accepted evidence (Kim Hyeon Ok’s video). In Ah tries to reason with him only to be threatened with dismissal from the court. It’s a huge blow to Jaehyuk’s side. Dongho races into the parking lot at the same time but is surrounded by Joo Ik’s thugs, they restrain him while Joo Ik takes the CD. Dongho yells to no avail.

Detective Kwak is brought in as witness. He testifies to Jaehyuk having been framed due to having had no alibi at the time. Jinwoo asks why this was done, every part of him focused on the question. The cop sends In Ah a mocking glance and she freezes.

His next answer: no. Jinwoo freezes.

A flashback reveals that Kwak planned this with Gyuman. He was to act as bait, pretend to be on Jinwoo’s side and then screw up the trial. (NO NO NO!!) Jinwoo’s just frozen at the trial, while a battered Dongho drags himself there. The trial dies from that point onwards. Jinkyung gloats in her summation, framing Jinwoo as the son of a murderer who broke the law to create false evidence and testimonies in order to exonerate his father.

She dares to bring in Oh Jungah’s name into the summation, charging the judge to see ‘justice’ done. Jinwoo rises shakily for his summation and tells the court that his father suffered from Alzheimer’s behind prison bars for four years without even knowing he had Alzheimer’s. He lived in fear for years and Jinwoo says that he remember’s every moment of it, and vowed to see justice done.

His father couldn’t even come out to the trial today, he says. Lawyer Song bows his head. Dongho look weary. Jinwoo pauses when his phone vibrates with a call from Lawyer Yoon. She’s in tears and barely manages to get out that his father passed away a few moments ago. (OH MY GOODNESS, NO!) In Ah gets the gist of what happened and stumbles to her feet to finish the summation when the judge calls for Jinwoo to continue, but JInwoo shakily insists that he do it. He has to do it.

Jinwoo: Those with power come out easily. But those who are powerless can’t even get the treatment they need. My father’s health wasn’t even taken care of and he died a lonely death. The truth is his only hope of appeasement.

The judge could not give a crap. His decision doesn’t change and he upholds the previous rule. Jaehyuk remains guilty. Jinwoo can’t take anymore and rushes out of court and to the hospital. He races to his father’s room where a white sheet is pulled over his father’s body with In Ah and Layer Song and Yoon not far behind. He says ‘Dad?’ in disbelief before breaking down completely.

(This is so hard to watch). Gyuman hears of Jaehyuk’s death on the news and grins at the favourable timing. He’s on his way to Il Ho group’s celebration of their successful merger with another chaebol enterprise. Nam Il Ho has the gall to say that though Il Ho Group can’t make the world a better place they can make it a tad happier (I am so ready to kill this man). Gyuman’s made the new CEO, much to his surprise. His father announces it approvingly though and Gyuman’s shock changes to cruel pleasure as he surveys his empire. Director Hong and Prosecutor Bitchface are in attendance. Dongho is conspicuously absent. Joo Ik calls Sang HO who vows that he doesn’t know where Dongho is, when Dongho’s right next to him. Looks like Dongho’s setting out on his own path now. He tells Sang Ho that he’s taking care of his own back from now on. His absence doesn’t go unnoticed by Gyuman who gives Joo Ik a thinly veiled warning that he won’t accept such behaviour anymore.

In Ah, Lawyer Yoon and Song and Jinwoo pay their respects to his father. All are in tears. When Dongho shows up, Jinwoo attacks him, holding him accountable for his father’s death. He’s so broken at this point, it’s painful to watch.
Gyuman, his father, Director Hong and Jinkyung (the Gruesome Foursome) bask in their good fortune and toast to the success of Il Ho group. A gorgeous symbolic shot is taken from above, as though hinting that things will come crashing down.

Jinwoo numbly steps over the threshold of his old home and goes through his father’s personal effects.

Among the many pictures of him is a letter. The one we saw him write back in episode 8.

Jaehyuk: To the son I miss dearly, Jinwoo-yah. You’re eating well, right? You’re wearing the shoes I gave you and taking care of them, right?  There are so many things I want to ask. To the kind son, always next to me and smiling, I want to say this. Jinwoo, even if I’m unable to retrieve my memories, you will forever in my heart and with me. Dear son, become someone with more happy memories than sad ones. 
Leaning against the wall, Jinwoo sobs. 
He looks up after a moment and his eyes darken. 
Bring on the revenge.

A few thoughts:

This was a seriously painful episode to watch. I wasn’t expecting his father to die, and I can’t help but wonder how the remaining episodes are going to be. Yeokyung’s role has yet to be revealed but the last thing I want is for Jinwoo to go insane and start shamelessly using her. But I think she’s too smart for that, and Gyuman would have a fit so it doesn’t seem like a likely plot point. I’m very curious as to where the show’s going to go from here and how Jinwoo’s own memory problems are going to be handled but I hope it won’t devolve into company politics and what not because we’ve seen some great work here. Yoo Seungho tore my heart out this episode and as far as I’m concerned, he can keep it. Props to Jung Kwang Ryul for such a brilliant portrayal of Jaehyuk. He was such a solid, wonderful character. Simple at heart and unchanging despite how much he suffered. They had such a wonderful loving relationship that it hurt all the more to see them so happy together just earlier this episode and then watch Jinwoo break down at his bedside. Farewell, Seo Jaehyuk, you will be missed.

On another note, this will probably be my last recap for Remember. I’m sure some of you are wondering why on earth I’m suddenly so inconsistent with recaps, but today’s episode has solidified that this is a show I find difficult to write about, because I get so deeply drawn into the world that it’s a little numbing to write about it afterwards. Sort of like KMHM. I could never imagine recapping that show, because it’s something I want to watch with my soul as opposed to stopping along the way and recapping and screencapping! That’s super fun for rom-coms but appears not to work for serious fare. Besides, One More Happy Ending is premiering the coming week and so is Madam Antoine and writing double recaps on a university student’s schedule is a bit brutal xD So I’ll do my best to get out a recap of Remember but if I don’t please  still check out the  new recaps on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat for Madam Antoine and One More Happy Ending! ❤

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  1. NOOOOOOO please i love your recaps….please do it for people like me.who have no access to internet to stream the videos and can only read recaps from people like you …….a

  2. Oh what a pity that you won’t be recapping this drama anymore! I stumbled upon this page just yesterday when I was looking for the recaps. I enjoyed reading your recap and that’s why I’m back.

    I didn’t expect JW’s memory loss and his dad’s demise to be this soon.

  3. Awww I’m so sad that you will no longer be recapping this show ㅠ ㅠ but I understand that your schedule makes it hard for you to do so. I will still be looking out for your recaps tho, Remember is how I discovered your recaps and I’m hooked since then! Thank you for your hard work! 💕

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