Cheese in the Trap Ep 4 Review (and I’m on the wrong ship)

From the look of things, Yoo Jung and Seol are definitely to be out central couple. So why on earth is it that I’m enjoying Inho and Seol’s interactions much more? There are far too many moments in the episode that just don’t sit right, and I’m sure that’s an intentional choice on the writer’s part as we’re meant to see that Yoo Jung has this strange dual nature, for reasons we have 12 more episodes to riddle out. Besides, this couple does have a few storms to weather (include a terrifying, money-hungry shopaholic) in order to full understand each other and grow together. But for now, let’s go over why Yoo Jung and Seol aren’t meshing (in her eyes and ours) well as a couple.1) There’s a strange level of emotional manipulation going on here. I really do like Yoo Jung as strange as he may be, but am puzzled as to why he feels the need to slightly pressure Seol into a ‘yes’. As far as we’ve seen, she’s not immune to him, as any normal girl would be at the sight of someone so good-looking and who, by all accounts and experiences, is such a perfect guy. She’s flattered and uncertain of what to say or do but Yoo Jung chooses to capitalize on that and her somewhat submissive nature in order to get a ‘yes’ from her.

But it’s an answer he’d have gotten even if he’d waited for a bit. Seeing how Seol reacted to his confession there’s little chance that she wouldn’t have said yes if he’d taken a more indirect method, like showing up to work to take her out for lunch and perhaps asking her again in a few weeks. Why the sudden light pressure? Did he really want her to agree to date him that much? Or was it because Baek Inho suddenly came into the picture and Yoo Jung wants Seol by his side sooner rather than later?

2) But as it turns out he didn’t even have to have a ‘yes’ because he treats her like nothing’s happened the next few days and doesn’t even contact her. The most likely explanation is that he’s trying to keep her thinking of him and thus build some level of confusion, curiosity and even yearning. But the same could have been achieved through him giving her space and then asking her out again and getting a more honest ‘yes’. It’s established at this point that Yoo Jung’s wary and well aware of people being around him simply because they want something. Does he want Seol to be around him because she wants him? I always give characters the benefit of the doubt and refuse to believe that Yoo Jung’s behaving this way just because he’s manipulative. There has to be something more and until we delve into more of Yoo Jung it’s difficult to explain why he’s making such strange decisions with his love-life.

Heaven knows, he’s not using Seol because the guy lights up and goes swoony when he’s around her or reading her messages, but the poker death mask is back on the moment anything related to the Baek duo comes up. Or video games. I still can’t decide whether him throwing the phone back was meant to be amusing (Yoo Jung’s a hardcore gamer) or sinister (Yoo Jung sees Seol as a mouse in his trap). I know this duality is what Yoo Jung’s character is about and what keeps people glued to their seats but it does make for a confusing romance because it’s difficult to understand why you should ship him with Seol when there’s Baek Inho.

3) They do not have the same tastes. Yoo Jung’s not a snob and clearly open to trying out cheaper fare (even if only to impress Seol). But for all his attentiveness, he doesn’t notice that Seol’s not having a good time. It’s almost as though he’s enjoying the date so much that his hawk-eyes just aren’t functioning. Okay, that’s cute.

4) Neither of them are willing to ask or saying what’s really on their minds. But this is a given at the start of any relationship, unless you’ve been friends for years.

Now onto the other ship

Reasons why Baek Inho and Seol work so well:

  • He reminds me of Shin Segi and Shin Segi is perfection so He is 100% what you see on the surface. He doesn’t have masks, says exactly what he thinks and is completely comfortable with who he is
  • His tastes match Seol’s. They’re both simple, in the food they eat and the stuff they find amusing.
  • He’s good for Seol and much less stressful for her to be around.
  • Seo Kangjoon is hot

That about sums it up. But there’s one key reason why Yoo Jung and Seol work, and it’s one the show keeps coming back to (in the previous episode as well). They are fundamentally quite similar. Jooyeon experiences the brunt of that this time (and it’s gratifying to see that Yoo Jung really isn’t a psychopath and does care for Seol). The two have a core of inner steel but Seol’s bogged down with expectations and family situations whereas Yoo Jung is in a position to show some of that steel. It’s moment like when Seol (wonderfully) turns the tables on Jooyeon and refuses to accept her shifting blame that show how compatible these two could be if Yoo Jung showed this caring manipulation-free side, and Seol held onto her steely side. It demonstrates that their journey doesn’t just involve finding these sides of each other, but in Seol’s case in particular, finding  within themselves. And I am so on board with watching that.

3 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap Ep 4 Review (and I’m on the wrong ship)

  1. Hello Nobodybutkyu!!!
    I’m thankful for your blog all the time. Thanks for ur drama love.

    And I make a comment here to put some thoughts on ur review point 1, “why Jung kinda pushed Seol for a yes to date him”.

    I just personally like it to happend same as the webtoon (sorry for comparing I’m not sure if you like it). Here’s how it goes… Jung gets the job at TA office for Seol. Of course she does not know. And he comes to the office everyday to see Seol. He takes summer class to come to school everyday… to see Seol. He even helps her works at the office. He chats and gets friendly with Seol. They go out to eat and talk things to mend the gaps of incidents or thoughts they were not really share begore. Then one day, like it is supposed to happen… Jung asks and… Seol agrees.
    I just wish it happens like that… it will be more natural and easy to persuade viewers like us… Thanks for raising a good question for thought. 😄

    1. Just to share… I was not swoony for squeeing when Jung asked Seol out.
      To me… I have more feeling towards Jung when he watches her in the team presentation scene, when he follows her on foot when she’s down, and when he sees her through the glass and pats her head… These are how Jung sees and feels Seol differently… He shows that he does care for her genuinly. I like those scenes a lot and that helps me to continue to ship Jung Seol, regardless of the concern on how the ask-out happens. 😅

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