Remember: Son's War

Remember : Son’s War Ep 8 Recap (and a Healer-esque Jinwoo)

(This drama is shaping up to be a bit Healer-like isn’t it? That first scene of In Ah finding Jinwoo going incognito threw me straight back to Jung Hoo and Young Shin) [Screencap error fixed, I will never understand photobucket]

In Ah exits the hidden chamber just as Dongho enters the office. He’s mildly amused at findind her here of all places and asks her where Jinwoo is. He’s aware that she cares for Jinwoo and sympathetic to his plight but warns her being here doesn’t looking good, with her being a prosecutor. In Ah disagrees with his assessment, she’s here precisely because she’s a prosectuor, to find those who framed Jinwoo. Dongho has an interest in Jinwoo being found as well seeing as he hasn’t forgotten about his contract. In Ah’s voice turns to steel as she warns Dongho that she isn’t falling for that again.

Meanwhile, Gyuman’s pissed with Detective Park’s handling of the situation, now that Jinwoo’s gotten away. He orders Jinwoo’s immediate capture and preferably, his corpse. The detective acquiesces. Dongho coming in and hears the tale end of the conversation though Gyuman feigns innocence to the whole ordeal he’s put JInwoo through. Dongho demands more details under the cover of the chairman being angry if he hears about this but Gyuman’s not fazed. If things go wrong, al the blame will fall to Seok Joo Il. He laughs that Joo Il rans off to do the dirty deed as soon as Gyuman threatened to involve Dongho. Dongho’s frustration is evident as Gyuman gloats.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo tries to walk incognito through the street but hears him name on every tv screen, and the news stations naturally dig up his father’s case as well. It twists the knife deeper. Dongho confronts Joo Il about killing the witness, and it turns out that it was a hired hitman that went through with the deed but Dongho sighs that they never went this low even when they lived as gangsters. Joo Il knows that Gyuman’s ready to plumb new depth of what ‘low’ is and says that catching Jinwoo is the only option for all of them to escape this alive. A pair of black Oxfords takes Jinwoo back to when he gifted his father with a new pair of shoes. His father proudly vowed that he would wear them to every important moment in Jinwoo’s life and presents his son with a new pair of shoes as well. Jinwoo sighs and walks away just as a policeman catches sight of his face. A chase ensues and Jinwoo barely loses his pursuers by disguising himself as garbage collector (yep this feels like Healer. NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever!). At a hotel, he asks of a room with no windows. The place appears familiar to him as he walks into the room and reminisces of his time spent studying for the bar exam and planning for Gyuman’s fall.

A gloomy violin plays in the background as Yeokyung broods. An elated Gyuman comes over and smirks that the man she was so into is now a wanted man. He correlates the witness’s murder to her having testified unfavourably against Jinwoo’s father and says that he did warn her not to meet him. Yeokyung coldly asks if meeting someone a few times means that they’re romantically involved and Gyuman’s impressed at how fast she dropped Jinwoo. He condescendingly pats her on the head and compliments the scent of her tea before leaving. Yeokyung still looks a bit worried.

Jinwoo’s joined on the rooftop by Lawyer Seo who also knows what room he’s in. She sighs that she was heartbroken to find that he wanted a room with no windows to mimic his father’s prison cell (Oh gosh that’s traumatic, poor Jinwoo). Jinwoo smiles that she knows everything about him. Lawyer Seo recalls a time when she was a general affairs manager with an abusive husband who kept beating her until she gave him her savings. Jinwoo burst in on one of those days and locked the husband out while telling Lawyer Seo that she should file for divorce on grounds of abuse and that he would be more than happy to serve as a witness. In the present, Lawyer Seo sighs that she would have given up on herself had it not been for him. Judge Kang Seokgyu watches Jinwoo and his father’s case being paraded about on the news and stamps the application for retrial.

Prosecutor Hong calls Gyuman who is pleased at the turn of events. He cryptically tells Soobum to turn the car around so he can pay a visit to the one person who’d be the most pleased by this bit of news. In Ah hears baout the retrial being denied from Seokgyu himself. She’s devastated and makes her case that Jinwoo being wanted and Jung Ah’s murder have no relation, especially since Jaehyuk is innocent. Seogyu learns that In Ah became a prosecutor because of this case but remains firm. The retrial is denied. Meanwhile Jinwoo’s father is brought from his cell to meet…

Gyuman (oh my gosh, I have never wanted to poison someone so badly). He orders him to sit and proceeds to brutally tear him apart. It’s the most horrifying display of power I’ve ever seen and Jaehyuk’s reaction is shattering. Gyuman laughs that he dares live this well when someone has died. But the worst part is when gyuman mentions Jinwoo and Jaehyuk only knows him as his lawyer. Gyuman’s gleeful that Jaehyuk can’t even remember his own son and says that Jinwoo committed a murder. Just like Jaehyuk did. It either triggers some memory or protective instinct because Jaehyuk doesn’t believe it.

(I hate him. I hate him) He laves with the guard’s assurance that no one will know he was here. Gyuman laughs that wouldn’t have been able to last a day in a place like this. Soobum tries to go along with this good humor and laughs saying that this is why people shouldn’t commit crimes. Gyuman glares at Soobum while he tries to explain that he didn’t meant it that way, and was referring to an innocent person, which only earns him more wrath. In Ah’s mother welcomes her home but quietly warns her over dinner that associating with Jinwoo isn’t the best idea. That doesn’t go well with In Ah.

She storms out of the room. A while later, her dad brings in a pizza. They eat together companionably, with her still pissed at her mother. Her father tells her not to worry about it and to follow her heart.

She gets a phone call right then.

Are you sure you don’t mean Seo Jung Hoo? xD
Chae Young Shin In Ah goes out to meet him. He quickly pulls her into a CCTV blind-spot and informs her that the whole thing was a set-up, the witness was already dead when he got there. He’s frantic about his father’s deteriorating health and how his present situation isn’t helping. In Ah mentions having the case files and asks Jinwoo to explain everything to the police so they can get started on the retrial but Jinwoo knows the legal system and Gyuman a bit too well now and knows that they’ll fabricate evidence to incarcerate him. He leaves saying he’ll contact her later and In Ah’s out of all other options and can only watch him go.

Lawyer Song is worried about Jinwoo and repeatedly begs Lawyer Seo to find him. Seeing her unmoved brings on the realization that she knows where he is. She decides to reveal the truth to him and takes him to Jinwoo’s hidden room. Seing Jinwoo’s diagrams and Gyuman placed squarely at the center of the web, Song Jae Ik is horrified and fervently hopes she’s joking but she asks him what he’s going to do now that he knows the truth. Meanwhile In Ah exits the police station to come face to face with Detective Park who wonders what she’s doing here. In Ah sneers that he’s busy checking up on her instead of doing his job and Detective Park queries if she’s preventing him from doing his job by hiding the criminal he’s hunting. She dares him to say that again and vows to hunt down everyone who put Jinwoo in such a position.

Detective Park immediately calls Prosector Hong to inform him of In Ah’s involvement. Both parties are aware that Gyuman’s done for if she finds evidence but can’t exactly stop her from searching for now. In Ah goes through the police report and finds that the cause of death was strangulation by fishing line. She orders her subordinates to find all cases related to murder in such a manner. Meanwhile, Jinwoo waits on the rooftop for Lawyer Seo and is surprised when Jae Ik turns up as well and proceeds to hug the daylight out of him.

He wonders how Jinwoo could have carried this heavy burden for so long and apologizes for his role in it. Jinwoo smiles. (Bring on the bromance)

They plan out a Healer-like operation. They just need a reporter willing to risk their life for the truth (Ki Ha Myung? Choi In Ha?)  Jinwoo plans on dropping a huge bomb on live news: the contents of the Il Ho group’s slush fund (which he got from VP Kang). Meanwhile, Gyuman’s having dinner with Seokgyu (Soobum tags along as usual). He’s in a good mood because he saw ‘a friendly face’ the previous night. (He means Jaehyuk, doesn’t he? I am so ready for his guy to fall on his ass). He receives a call right then.

(Well that takes balls.) In an even more ballsy move, Jinwoo’s actually at the very restaurant Gyuman’s at and is only a few paces away. Gyuman amused that Jinwoo could die without anyone knowing the truth but Jinwoo considers himself as having died the moment his father was dragged away. He gives Gyuman an ultimatum. Either Gyuman turns in the real criminal (for the crime Jinwoo’s being framed for) or he reveals the slush fund to the world. Gyuman freezes in shock but then orders him to go ahead, he’ll just grind JInwoo and his father up. But there’s no use in threatening a man who has nothing to lose, Jinwoo reminds him of that before giving him until 3 pm. A severely rattled Gyuman runs straight to Park Dongho. Dongho calms him down saying that Jinwoo probably used a prepaid phone which he can track down. Gyuman pins all responsibility on him before storming out.

Dongho wastes no time going to an old friend who owes him one to hunt down the phone number. Gyuman’s busy being praised by his father for handling the aftermath of VP Kang’s case well. Gyuman freezes in shock when the news announcer suddenly broadcasts that information on the Il Ho group’s slush fund will be released the next day. His father turns to him and Gyuman vows to take care of it. In Ah’s gotten Jinwoo’s number from Lawyer Seo and calls him after seeing the news report, knowing that he’s the informant. Jinwoo retorts that this is the only method he has left and hangs up on her.

Prosecutor Hong orders Detective Park to find the reporter who agreed to broadcast the report (Reporter Jang Hyun Soo) and to capture Jinwoo. Meanwhile said reporter sets up a room to interview Jinwoo, who’s on his way there. Unfortunately, so is Dongho. His subordinate, Kang Ho, is amazed that Jinwoo’s willing to go to such lengths but Dongho isn’t. He tells him that fights are won by those with nothing to lose and Jinwoo’s prepared to go all the way. It’s time for broadcast and Gyuman hasn’t moved a muscle so Jinwoo gives him a call.

Detective Park and his henchmen race all the way there as well and burst into the room we’ve seen the reporters preparing all this time. They find Jinwoo alright but not where he was supposed to be.

AW YES. In a separate room, Jinwoo speaks into a camera as Lawyer Song, Jae Ik and In Ah watch nervously. He prepares to reveal everything when Dongho and his thugs swarm in. NO! In Ah freezes when the camera shuts off. Dongho takes the evidence, gags Jinwoo and tosses him into the car. A worried In Ah calls him but Dongho tosses the cellphone out of the car. However, he tells Jinwoo that he’s taking himto his farm and to lay low for a while. Detective Park reports to Gyuman that someone else got to Jinwoo first and Gyuman seems to be aware of what Dongho’s up to because he calls him immediately.

Dongho actually has the gall to tell Jinwoo to submit to Gyuman this once (I know he’s supposed to be a grey character but I can’t take his manner of ambiguity. You naturally need to have more wins than losses for the bad guys to trust you. But I have yet to see him give Jinwoo any leeway.) Jinwoo’s taken to a warehouse where Gyuman promptly drive him. He takes the hard copy and USB and burns them and proceeds to beat the crap out of Jinwoo, making these faces.

Jinwoo’s chair falls back. He hits his head and passes out.

Gyuman asks his underlings to wake him up for another round. We take a brief tour around Jaehyuk’s prison cell where he’s labelled everything he uses. Taped to the wall are several picture of Jinwoo.

He stares at them, then suddenly remember bits and pieces of the past. Him and Jinwoo before the murder case, JInwoo showing off his laywer pin. It’s a painful scene to watch. In that sole moment of lucidity, he struggles to leave a message for his son ‘I didn’t commit murder’. 

A tap to the face wakes Jinwoo up. Gyuman smirks that Jinwoo had said their next meeting would be in court. So much for that. He tells Jinwoo that his father was here too, when Detective Park and him got well acquainted (ugh you bastard). Jinwoo’s furious. Gyuman’s elated especially when he mentions his prison visit. Dongho stoically watches the whole thing go down. But Gyuman’s curious about one last thing: does a father who doesn’t remember his son have the right to be called a father?

He gleefully crows that he’ll ensure Jinwoo gets a room right next to his father and leaves, telling Detective Park to take care of the rest. Jinwoo screams his name but Detective Park unties his bonds and tells him to leave. Jinwoo doesn’t understand what’s going on but gets up to go after a nod from Gyuman. Only Detective Park whips out his trusty gun and prepares to commit murder, again. Gyuman just drives off after hearing the sound of a shot. Oh crap.

Dongho suddenly steps in, not having been aware of this plan. Turns out he blocked the shot. He tells Jinwoo to run, which the confused fellow does. Detective Park incredulously asks if Dongho expects to live after having let Jinwoo go. Dongho tells him that he’s supposed to do the dirty work. Detective Park shouldn’t forget that he’s a detective. Jinwoo runs out to the only place he can go.

He wordlessly stares at In Ah as she brings out all the similar cases her team pulled together.

Jinwoo searches through his memory after listening to the case details and figures out that the killer passed him by on his way tot the witness’s house. The main suspects in each of the unsolved cases In Ah’s pulled up are all the same person in disguise. They get a fix on the killer’s location: Serim-dong. Gyuman’s getting congratulated by Daddy on taking care of the slush fund incident when Dongho interrupts asking to speak with him. He asks Gyuman if he plans on killing everyone in his way. Gyuman doesn’t care so long as it’s all covered up but Dongho pretends that it’s to his benefit not to get his hands dirty. He tells Gyuman he should be grateful that Jinwoo escaped but Gyuman coldly says that he decides who dies or lives and there is no decision better than his.

In Ah goes over the facts once more only to find that Jinwoo’s fallen asleep.

She flashes 4 years back when she washed graffiti away from Jinwoo’s family home

She gently covers him and stares at his gorgeous sleeping face.

Her surprised parents wake her up the next day, having believed she’d spent the night in the office. In Ah noticed a note from Jinwoo saying that he’d borrowed her cellphone and panics. She calls the cops, asking them to come to Serim-dong immediately. Dongho goes there at the same time, trying to find the hitman that could implicate his hyung-nim (Joo-Il) and prevent Jinwoo from getting in too depth. In Ah rides with the police giving Jinwoo’s description of the suspect and his scorpion tattoo to them. They spread out to search. And In Ah has the awful luck of running into the fellow at the first convenience store she enters. She follows the suspect as he leaves and none too covertly. She calls someone to inform them that she’s found him but just as she makes to tell them his location he suddenly vanishes. She looks for him only to get brained with a pavement block.

Turns out Jinwoo was on the other end of the line and freezes when the call ends. Behind him, Dongho gets out of his car.

2 thoughts on “Remember : Son’s War Ep 8 Recap (and a Healer-esque Jinwoo)

  1. Did we not all gasped when Junghoo, huh I meant Jinwoo appeared as fugitive, and sought Youngshin helps and trust.. Huh did I say youngshin… I meant also Inah… Yes. We all willingly mislead ourselves to time travel back to Healerya era. By now, we are convinced that this noona romance OTP works perfect. Does love really needs any age limit? JW was someone that make her heart ached, loved that moment, she reflect on the past, that single day of bliss when anticipating JW’s dad release from jail… Did we not dream that we are Inah in that moment, and imagine that we can pampered and comfort and kiss that forlorn boy… Oh, did I mentioned kiss…. Haha. Yes, that scene was so mesmerizing and swoon me to my core… that was really a nice memory between them. I loved it that this scene will be one of those awesome memories that Jinwoo gave Inah during his post Alz period, when IA needs this memories to hang on to hope that he know and appreicated her love. When she woke again, she was covered with the same blanket she used to cover JW. It isn’t new that KDland loves noona’s Rom, given that IA is far from being a far fetching noona beside the youthful Jinwoo. Com’on, PMY is just 29, and we have plenty of noonas’ romances that’s having the female lead as old as 35+, and the male lead about 26+… PMY is far from looking much older than YSH. YSH deserved pairing with some seasoned skilled actress to paired with, instead of simply paired him with some young pretty things from girl band group….jaebal! Even in true life around us, we can easily find some very young guy barely above twenties but very matured in thinking, which sync well with some ladies in their early thirties. Age doesn’t affect when the guy is mature and the girl doesn’t look shabby and old. Look around us, we can easily find some noonas among our family members, friends, colleague that do NOT mind younger but mature guys. Loved scene where JW fallen asleep beside her, her tender gazes was so endearing, initial sympathy can developed into affections, and what’s so wrong about loving a younger guy that tuck at your heartstring, and churn your heart into pieces. They are compatible in looks, intelligence, maturity, natures…
    Age gap? What is that?

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