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KMHM’s 1 year anniversary (and Hwang Jungeum’s marriage)

It’s hard not pass this day by without mentioning KMHM seeing as it was a year ago that what has now grown to be one of the most iconic lines on TV was aired (at 10pm!)
“Remember, January 7th, 10pm, the time I fell for you”
Oh Shin Segi! When will I ever get over you? Another reason this merits discussion (besides KMHM being forever close to my heart) is that the lovely Hwang Jungeum is getting married!

I am absolutely stoked because:
1) I love her
2) she did say she was open to a third collaboration with Ji Sung after getting married.
Not that I think both will team up again immediately. Besides, I would love to see Ji Sung act with some of the (relatively) newer faces in the acting industry. It’s hard believe that he’s been acting since 1998, with that baby face. He’s worked with a good deal of established veterans and stars of the 2000s (Eugene, Kim Min Jung) but Hwang Jungeum (and Park Sodam if you count the vampire short film he was in) is the ‘newest’ actress he’s worked with. Personally I’m so excited for where their careers are going to go. I hope that they find drama scripts that genuinely excite them and that won’t degenerate into farce (as so many shows are wont to do). I hope they’re paired with actors and actresses that build off their excellent acting instead of doing very good impressions of a rock. And hopefully, given their recent success, the pressure on them to succeed won’t be debilitating and they succeed in meeting those expectations.
And finally, here are two videos of Ji Sung, one after the MBC Awards amd one wishing all of us a very happy 2016.

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