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Oh My Venus Ep 16 Finale Recap (and one big happy family)

And here we are at the finale! Youngho slides the ring on her and pulls her close, both over the moon. He drives her to Hyunwoo’s place, while she smooths her hand over the ring over and over again. She mutters that he might call her wicked but he’s waaay more wicked. She can’t believe he hid the ring in the scarf. He corrects that the scarf comes with the ring but she doesn’t see it that way.

She gets off and he gets her suitcase out of the trunk, saying that he’ll have to see all the lingerie within personally later. He wonders why she’s at Hyunwoo’s but she just wants to show off the ring. He’s worried about telling his parents but she tells him to take things step by step.

Jooeun feigns ill at Hyunwoo’s place, saying that her head hurts. Her hand’s in a strategic place and Hyunwoo can’t fail to see the ring. She flips out.

Wooshik nods and Youngho says that that settles it for him and hands over plans for a new rehab center instead of the previous VVIP medical facility that was planned. Wooshik’s aware that the Board of Directors will be against this but Youngho puts him in charge of it and asks him to take his side, saying that people like them who’ve been hurt know just how painful the recovery is. He doesn’t trust Wooshik just yet, but trusts his experiences. In the mother of all stranege reconciliations, Namchul gets a text from Youngoh who tells him that he’d like to see him at the company. Her smiles fades when Jooeun tells her that Grandma wants to see her. She mimics the stereotypical chaebol mother-in-law (“Get away from my son!”) and Jooeun shudders, not wanting to imagine that sort of reception. They act out scenarios where Jooeun meets Grandma and Hyunwoo asks all the usual questions: How old are you? What is your occupation? Your father’s occupation? Jooeun plays meek and dignifiedly responds to all the questions.They try other strategies like finding the world’s ugliest outfit that covers her from head to toe, knowing that old people like that sort of thing but Jooeun sighs that this isn’t it either. Her worry last into work the next day where Joonsung’s mother pays a visit. She gifts Jooeun a pair of gloves.Her husband’s been having treatment and has apologized to her, (ah dramaland, when will you stop tying ends up this way. It isn’t right), her son has a beautiful girlfriend and she’s quite happy. Jooeun smiles. Wooshik frets over a lack of response from Soojin an gets a surprise visit from Youngho, who comments on the various photos of his swimming career (This must feel rather meta for So Jisub who was a professional swimmer before becoming an actor)

Jooeun, who’s wearing that god-awful outfit after all, runs to meet Grandma in the swanky private room she’s booked. She stops the guard from knocking and takes a few deep breaths before entering.

Cue awkwardness. After a long silence, Grandma reaches for her bag. Jooeun thinks that she’s going to offer her a bribe as mother K-drama mother-in-laws do and hurriedly places an envelope before Grandma, telling her to look at her envelope first. Grandma stares at it wordlessly and Jooeun says that it doesn’t contain money but her blood work and physical exam results. She says that as of last month, she’s no longer a a thyroid patient. She won’t make a crazy amount of money but…

Grandma says that people get stubborn as they grow older but…(she reaches into the bag and pulls out a hankerchief) as one grow older, one also has to wipe one’s mouth more often. (She literally qipes her mouth as she does this, but I think it’s a reference to ‘eating your words’)

Jooeun is over the moon and thanks Grandma profusely. Grandma gets faintly teary and says she has but one condition: she wants an extravagant wedding present. Later in the car, Grandma flashes back to coming out of her meeting with Hyeran in the hospital. Turns out that she saw Jooeun crying outside Youngho’s unit and was incredibly moved by it. (And to think I didn’t think anything could move that heart of stone)

Yijin’s won a popularity award and Jiwoong waves it in Joonsung’s face, saying that she thanked a certain JJS in her speech confirm this. He giggles and pokes fun at how far the couple has gone, though us viewers just missed the entire progression of this relationship. The girl in question creeps on Joonsung in the men’s locker room and proceeds to present him with a personalized Samsung watch (Hello there product placement) but he just gruffly accepts it and tells her not to come in anymore. She pouts and asks how long she’s supposed to be a butterfly chasing after a flower (him). He says that and she clutches him in glee. He doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. Joonsung then suddenly goes in for a kiss. And proceeds to make Yijin’s day.

Youngho rushes over upon a message from Jooeun (which explicitly tells him to just come over once he’s done work and not rush over). He’s worried but she’s waiting for him in the bedroom (rawr). She feigns weariness and says that she met Grandma together. Youngho sits next to her looking just as worried.

She says that Grandma wanted her to- but Youngho’s already prepared to breathe fire on Grandma. Jooeun drags him back down and tells him that Grandma has a wedding present in mind. He’s distracted by the fact that Grandma’s give her approval before the reality of what she wants sinks in. Jooeun tosses him a pair of bears (see Goong, and Fated to Love You for the meaning  behind these cuties) undoes her dressing gown and sticks a rose between her teeth.

Youngho actually tries to run away but Jooeun pulls him down and prepares for fun times. Jooeun says that she has three stripes in judo, he isn’t going to get away from her that easily. Youngho’s all wobbly but manages to regain enough control to say that he’ll wait until she gets four stripes.

And we cut to Youngho tenderly leaning towards Jooeun’s neck…

only to put her in a headlock. Lol, the really awkward-looking judo is back with Joonsung and Jiwoong wondering if this is meant to be an action scene or an erotic scene or both. Jooeun throws one of the bears at Youngho and poses.

But he says wtf he says. Jooeun goes off to pummel ‘You Bastard’ and Youngho literally makes this face in agony.

Jooeun isn’t done though! Youngho’s trying to change out of his clothes in peace when Jooeun pops out behind him, having taking his belt. She’s found a four-stripe belt and doesn’t fool Youngho for one minute as he says he’s doing to chekc up on it. But she’s more focused on the fact that they’re meeting his parents tomorrow and she doesn’t have a wedding gift. He finally gives in and says that they’ll have a warm and erotic night before meeting Grandma then, and she’s all good with that.
Jooeun and Youngho doll up for the meeting, and Chief Min accompanies then in.

However, Youngho and him are quite surprised when Jooeun starts speaking in this quiet, gentle sort of manner, so at odds with how they normally know her to be. Grandma says they should eat first and Youngho waits for them to leave before asking Jooeun…

HAHA. Jooeun’s surprised at how quiet the house is though, especially when Chief Min informs her that it’s actually noisier than usual today. Grandma’s in her own room, as is Dad, and this won’t do for Jooeun. She confirms that she’s received Grandma’s approval before getting a sneaky glint in her eye. Youngho’s already worried.

She calls them in and proceeds to dedicate a song to them that goes like this:
At 60 years old, the grim reaper has come to take me to the underworld.
Tell them I can’t leave because I’m still young.
At 70 years old, the grim reaper has come to take me to the underworld.
Tell them I can’t leave because I still have so much left to do.
At 80 years old, the grim reaper has come to take me to the underworld.
Tell them I can’t leave because I’m still useful.
A horrified Youngho cuts her off at “90 years” but Grandma suddenly starts to laugh, and Youngho freezes in shock. Jooeun’s just happy that the atmosphere is warmer. They decide to take a few selcas. Jooeun asks Youngho’s father to smile while Youngho tells Chief Min the same (He literally says “This isn’t an ID picture”)

Back at her apartment,  Youngho remarks that he has never seen his father and grandmother laugh like that before. He discusses having children with Jooeun and the chances of their kids inheriting his osteosarcoma. He’s aware of how painful it is, and how much it hurts a parent. Jooeun says that she did her research and it isn’t hereditary but Youngho’s worried of how badly even the chance of getting ill could affect a child. Jooeun positively says that they’ll try despite that.
Youngho sighs and says the cutest thing: You drive me crazy, Kang Joo Eun. 
Jooeun: A son who inherits my stocky build.I want to have them. We will watch them grow together. Saying “Look at your dad,” I want to complain about you with them. I want you to hear them call you “Dad.”
They try to decide on how many kids they want.

Jooeun’s certain that she can do that and Youngho decides to get started on that team. Meanwhile Wooshik tries to pay Soojin a visit only to find that she’s changed the passcode on her door. She flashes back to hearing that she couldn’t get pregnant, listening to him trying to come in. He leaves after a try. Meanwhile, Youngho’s father’s cancer has had a relapse, and Youngho visits him in the hospital. The father-son relationship is much less strained. Youngjoon and Hyeran pay a visit and Youngho treats them warmly asking Youngjoon to call him ‘hyung’ and to work out a bit. Youngho’s father asks Youngjoon to study medicine, it would be nice if both his sons worked in a hospital. Youngjoon eagerly agrees and Hyeran smiles. Youngho pays Jooeun’s mother a visit, having noticed that he had carpal tunnel symdrome during his last visit. He shows her how to wrap it when the pain gets severe and sincerely thanks her for letting him date Jooeun. She asks him to take good care of her daughter.

Soojin and Wooshik have an extended flashback on how far their relationship has gone (I seriously can’t even with this relationship. *sigh*) She wanders about on a rather picturesque bridge only for Wooshik to pop up out of nowhere and put his jacket around here. He apologizes once again for only thinking of himself and says that he loves her and they should get married. Moved, she hugs him.

Jooeun and Youngho go on a run the day before their wedding photoshoot. She complains that she just didn’t want to look bloated but he’s pulled out all stops with hardcore training. Youngho just espouses the cosmetic virtues of exercise. It’s photoshoot time the next day with Jiwoong, Joonsung, Youngho and Chief Min all spruced up.

Youngho wonders if brides aren’t supposed to wear white, but Jooeun says there’s no such rule and happily poses for pictures.

They tickle Chief Min hopes of a laugh and are briefly rewarded.

[Summer of 2016] Jooeun’s gorgeous Youngho flew to a disaster zone to aid in relief work and has just returned to Korea. We only see Jooeun from behind as she greets Jiwoong (now in the army, whether he finally made it into the Marines is uncertain). Youngho arrives. She turns around, and Youngho’s smile falters only…
Jiwoong and Joonsung are elated that they’re going to be uncles. 
She’s gained 26 kilos though and Youngho’s eyes fairly bug out of his head. She says it’s for the babies and Youngho takes a second to register this.

Youngho stressed that he’s overjoyed, but…

Jooeun says that it was all for the kids but Youngho’s a doctor and well aware that their twins weigh less than a 100 grams right now. He wonders how on earth she’s supposed to fit into her wedding dress. She says she’ll just wear the wedding dress as is but he won’t hear of it. She could have trouble giving birth. He’s happy to see her though.

Youngho puts his arms around all three of his new family plus the two new additions and they leave the airport. Jooeun: There are five hundred thousand men with the last name Kim in Korea. Among them, the name Young Ho is common.It seems very ordinary. For all coaches who exist, especially you…
Youngho: For the wicked and risky Venuses in this world…
Together: Now boarding to outer space. Get ready for departure

An unspecified amount of time ago (probably about 22 years), a boy in a wheelchair stares sadly at his leg propped in front of him. A girl who speaks in the Daegu dialect, on her way home from school, sees him and asks if his leg hurts. He nods. She puts a bandaid on it telling him to trust her and that it won’t hurt anymore. He asks how she knows that. She smiles and says “If you believe it, then you can do it” (Gee, I wonder who these two kids are). They both smile. We see a montage of Youngho and Jooeun’s relationship, from meeting on a plane to in the rain and to finally reuniting after a year. The end.

But keep watching because there’s a minute and a half of bloopers and So Jisub is adsf;sdlkfjk;l. Thank you everyone who’s been following this show and my recaps thus far! See you over on Cheese in the Trap! Or Madame Antoine or One More Happy Ending, which I’ll all be recapping! 😀


6 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 16 Finale Recap (and one big happy family)

  1. Thank you for the recap! Love you love you. Such a warmth and lovely ending. I sort of figure out grandma would eventually accept JE (while hoping for nothing similar to Secret Garden ending). But to understand the reason of her approval was JE’s sincerely speech at the hospital is just priceless.I thought nothing would change grandma’s heart (I’m sorry for calling you evil, granny, huhuhu), but JE manage to do that — with the scene that move many of us. Good job there, writer nim. It would be prefect if we get to see the back story of JS and YJ relationship (I want to know how the champion finally gives i to the queen of CF!), as well as how JS’s stepfather supposedly change out of the blue. Having a champion as a stepson don’t just change people. Oh well. I guess JE and YH is already a big universe to focus on.
    Going to have a very stubborn OMV withdrawal syndrome.
    Dear Nobodybutkyu, Thank you for your awesome recap and screencaps. You’re the best! Will continue to follow on your next recap.

  2. Oh. One more thing. I had a great laugh seeing JE singing in front of YH’s family. It was so hilarious, with YH cringing, Chief Min enduring in his usual self, and both elders looking confused. Hahahaha. Sorry YH, I understand your feeling, but I am going to abandon you and laugh. Grandma can laugh! Uri JE, she can move the world as long as she put her mind into it.

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your recap. I couldn’t watch after episode 6 because of my workload so reading your recap is the next best thing to watching the show.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. love the episode so much!!! love all the tingling moments watching them.. thank you so much for the recap,… am all over the moon!

  5. Such a good drama!! One of the best so far i’ve watched. I wish they will extend it by 2 more episodes showing the relationship of YJ and JS and also like a few years later of all specially JE and YH and and ends everybody getting together for a group picture, all the family and friends.
    Adieu Oh My Venus!!

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